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1. Character Name: Quilo
2. Character Birthdate (including year): 27 November 2019
3. Whether s/he is a regular wolf or a Luperci: Regular ol wolfy butt
4. Species: Grey Wolf
5. Sex: Male
6. Currently played characters: None
7. How you found 'Souls: Was a member years ago, coming back after several years hiatus
8. Are you joining a pack?: Maybe. I was offered to join one but not sure yet. Idk how Quilo would react yet.
9. If joining a pack, are you joining IC or OOC?: I'll be discussing that with one of the pack members :3
10. Writing examples:
Once Meade had picked up the last of the welfare for the night, he had decided to make one last stop before turning in. Skerry's truck rumbled along Great Ocean after stopping at the flower shop, all the way up until the familiar forest came into view once again. He parked the truck at the sawmill and gingerly made his way up the hill to stand at that fateful spot.

Carefully, he knelt down in the same spot he had been crouched at before everything went black that night. Try as he might, he couldn't recall anything, just crouching there, and then nothing. He looked around at the old scorched grass and bushes, pieces of singed fabric, but for the most part, there was almost no evidence left of the explosion or the man who had caused so much terror. Too much time had passed to see anything significant. He stood and stared for only a few moments.

"We got you, you fucker. You tried to be the joker, but you ended up being a joke."

A fleeting smirk passed for the few moments he took to walk over to where Teddy had been murdered, the last place she saw before she died. He waited for the train to pass, trying not to wonder if that was the train that had killed her.

He gently crouched down again and sat in the grass, staring at the spot. The flowers hung absentmindedly in his hand. "Teddy, you didn't deserve what happened to you. I don't know what happens after death, but I hope you are happy and comfortable, wherever you are. You had so much ahead of you. I'm sorry that we couldn't save you. I hope that the bastard's death, right there, right next to your death, gave you some kind of peace."

Silence for a few moments.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the SAFR hat, embroidered with KING on the back of it. He gently placed the hat down beside the tracks before placing the flowers on top of it. Minutes ticked by, only the sounds of the leaves and the cars going by. Train after train. Thumping of the sawmill.

It was honestly a fairly peaceful place to rest forever.

Several more minutes passed before Meade stood with a groan. "But not for me. Not today. Not for Dan. Not today. Not the others. Not today." He chuckled and groaned, took one last look around, then headed back to the truck. The last thought he had at the sawmill was how incredible the sheer number of footprints there were.

Skerry's truck once again rumbled along Great Ocean. He definitely needed to get home now, otherwise Kate was going to murder him for being out of bed, if she was awake.
The murky swamp continued pulling him down.

He had almost been out the door after he had been told about Kate's accident a few days ago, but it took him almost passing out in the doorway to stay behind this time and let the others handle it. He had been texting all of them, but the responses had died out by the end of that day.

His phone beeped its low battery warning. For several hours he had been going over the texts that always used to cheer him up in the past, but they weren't helping him this time.

Meade groaned as he groggily lifted himself from the couch. He remembered the weeks he spent recovering from the vehicle crash and hip replacement, much worse than the many gunshots. Back then, the pain wasn't as bad, but it had seemed now with so much more damage, it was only getting worse. Every movement ached, every sneeze was agony, coughing made him see stars. He could feel himself healing each day, but he was still grimacing, no matter how many of those damned pills he took. He didn't want to take the dopey pills, so he was left with the ones that did nothing for him.

A hot and cold shower helped, but it was only a temporary boost to his mood. His wounds were checked, cleansed, and he replaced all his bandages.

He looked in the mirror as he made it to the sink to brush his teeth. His stubble had grown to a short but thicker beard, his hair longer, wilder, and the purple dye was gone. As he rinsed off his toothbrush, he ran his fingers along the healing scars on his face.

Meade slowly walked back into the living room, back to the couch. His hands shook as he popped open the bottle to swallow four more pills after chewing them up, washing it down with the last of the glass of tequila.

After defeatedly flopping on the couch, plugging in his phone, Meade sighed into the silence. His thoughts filled with darkness before closing his eyes and drifting off into an unfulfilling sleep.
Meade groaned and stretched as he climbed off the couch. He chuckled as he noticed Lola had climbed up to snuggle beside him while he slept, giving her little cheek a scratch. His shirt went back on, trailing over the many scars he now held and the fresh tattoos, each telling a story, so many stories, some obvious, some not so.

The conversation with her was still fresh in his mind, even though he couldn't remember exactly when it happened. Maybe it was a few days ago? Maybe last night? He wasn't sure. It would stay there until it wasn't, nothing he could do about it.

Seeing Kate and Dan so happy together last night was bittersweet. The conversations they had about the texts, that night, literally the same night Kate and Meade had been hashing things out on the pier, and she ran off to say "I want to be alone." But in reality all she had wanted was to be with Dan. He had known at the time, first thing upon waking up at the hospital after the explosion, but it was still a tough pill to swallow. He had been and would be happy for them and he loved them dearly, but of course deep down there was still a level of envy there. It would never really go away. He was fine though. They were worth more to him.

Despite how he felt about recent events, it was time to start focusing on more important things now. SAFR was always going to be his mission, his family would continue coming first, even at his own sacrifice, and he was perfectly fine with that.

Maybe some day things would be different in his personal life, but until then, he was happy to pour it all into SAFR.

Meade set his helmet back on his head, said goodbye to Lola and left a pot of coffee brewing for Kate and Dan with a note saying he was heading into work.

The nightblade kicked into life before he turned up the bluetooth speakers in his helmet and rode out into the morning, allowing himself to escape into the ride. He would always be a biker, he didn't need a club for that.
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