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Azade smiled and waved at the retreating figure of Rafaela, then turned to the puppy gazing up at her. "Ready to have fun? Let's walk up to the yurt." She led the way up the beaten dirt path winding along the edge of the forest, the puppy trotting along behind her. It was wild, looking at how tiny the thing was, and knowing that soon enough they'd be big and strong. She'd never been able to experience that feeling. Births were rare in her old pack, and puppies that survived to adulthood were even rarer. Her own puppies died when they were a month old. She weaved through the weeds that sprouted up around the edges of the path, sometimes popping up in the middle. Occasionally she bent down and pulled out the larger weeds, tossing them off the path. The yurt popped into their view quickly, Nando sitting outside and carving a block of wood intently. He hardly acknowledged them as they approached, he was so focused. She grinned at that, turning to check on the horses. Rojin was behind the giant tent grazing and Azwer was trotting up to them to see what was going on. Turning to the puppy, Azade stared down at her sternly. 

"Listen up, now. Stay away from the horses and the eagle. You'll see her when we go inside, her name is Altani and she's vicious. She's got a hood on right now, so she's calm, but don't hurt her or annoy her, because she can kill you. Ah, look, here comes Teke." Azade smiled, letting her serious face slide away as the thickly coated, curly furred cat trotted up and purred at her and Jimena. Azade bent down to scratch the cat behind the ears and laugh at her silliness. "Teke is very nice, however, so you can play with her all you want! Alright, let's go inside, I've got some food ready if you want any."

She opened up the tent door, tying it up so that it would stay open, and gestured for the tiny pup to follow her. There was cooked meat on a woven straw plate next to the fire pit, which she offered to the pup. Teke pounced about, excited at the arrival of a new playmate. Altani shifted about from her perch, listening intently despite the hood on her head. Snatching a piece of meat, Azade sat down next to the saddle she'd been working on for the past month, picking up her needle and continuing her embroidery. The leather was dyed darkly and mostly untouched leather. But, there were flaps that she had spent the past two weeks covering in embroidered charms and patterns. She was very partial to flowers. She snapped out of her reverie to look at her house guest. "You are welcome to do whatever you like as long as you stay away from the horses, the eagle, and our weapons. I can't give you back to your parents all scratched up, now can I?"

WC: 515 words
Feel free to have Jimena ask about her accent or the instruments to start the conversation about where Azade is from!

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