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Huffing out a sigh, the Witch slowed her pace for a moment and came to a stop, gazing with pastel eyes around the docks with critical eyes. Clutched in her willowy paws was a container of sour berry wine, and her tongue snaked out to lick the bright crimson droplets from her muzzle. Hmm.. I thought I heard something. Morrigan raised her eyebrows and walked closer to the edge of the docks, glancing up and down for the whine and spirited swearing she heard out this direction. Frowning, she shrugged her shoulders and began to walk away, currently carting medical supplies her and Vera had been gathering over the last few days back and forth. Bones for needles, sinew for stitches, materials for poultices and bandages. It was a lot of work they were taking to prepare, but it was necessary to ensure adequate supplies were available in the coming months.

Of course they had assistance from most others, but she had enjoyed meeting with and conversing with the older woman. She was sweet, and different from the usual fare around here. Turning on her heel, she began up some steps when once more, swearing pierced the late afternoon air, hazy and smelling of wildflowers. Rolling her eyes, Morrigan backtracked and searched for the voice that reminded her of someone. “ Hello? “ The Witch called, concern edging her voice. The smell of fish and blood was in the air, and she sniffed delicately before finally picking out the mottled coat against the beige planks and barrels. “ Oh, it’s you. “ Unsurprisingly, he grinned up at her and her eyes softened. “ Are you hurt? What are you swearing about, fish bait? “ The hybrid teased, tapping her foot against the wooden planks as she awaited his answer.
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Cac! He swore in his mother's tongue, having picked up only a small amount of Gaelic and all of it being expletives. He didn't grow up hearing much of the Irish language, but as his father hardly let a foul worth leave his maw, it happened that most of his curses were inherited by his Ma.
He winced, looking down at his hand that had been recently sliced open. Shit! He spat again in English, Fuckin' shit!

The boy had been sitting by the dock again, mending a few holes that had formed in his net. He'd brought along a length of rope stowed away from home and an old knife that his father had given him when he first shifted.
As he was cutting free the longer end of a knot, something in the water had caught his attention.

Gold eyes followed the undecipherable darkness in the water, the shape giving no hint to what the thing was. Curious, Sean kept watch, but had remained with his knife in his hand and net in the other. Idly, he was trying to cut through the excess while simultaneously glancing at the mysterious creature nearing the shore now.

It neared closer and closer, and the Butler male began feeling both excited and nervous, as fish didn't usually approach land so quickly. Obviously it was nothing that was bound to the water, but he still had no idea of what it really was.
He looked back to his project for just a moment, a brief second to make sure he was still making progress in his cut, and suddenly a sizable and grotesque blob had landed right next to the Unkindled male with a sicking squelch.

He'd let out a surprised yelp, and at the same time jerked forward with his blade, digging into the palm of his hand.
Calls of shock turned into a cry of pain as the Portland native leapt up and began howling, holding his injured hand tightly with his other. Tears started to well up in his eyes from the sudden pain, and as soon as he was able to see clearly again, he just had to get a look at the culprit behind all of this mess.

The throbbing in his hand turned dull and his expression shifted from troubled to uncontrollably irritated. He wrinkled his nose, taking in a deep breath as he tensed his body and let out all his frustration with a yell of, A God damned frog?

Sean cried out again, trying to reach out for the large, algae-covered bullfrog that quickly bounced back into the safety of the murky lake.
Gah! Ya damned nuisance! The aspiring fisherman huffed, holding his hand again as it started to sting. He stood now, swearing and watching as blood began to trickle from the slice and down his arm.

If he didn't get help, it could very easily get infected. Unfortunately, he knew nothing about healing and even less about who around this place did.
His brief panic was interrupted my a familiar voice, and Sean felt a wave a relief go over him.
He grinned to the girl and tried to laugh off the embarrassment of being caught swearing and hollering over a foolish mistake.

Jus' uh... Sean thought for a moment, trying to come up with a story wilder and less his fault that what had actually happened.
He was drawing a blank, and by the looks of his gushing palm, didn't have much time to think too much on it.
The mongrel groaned and held his hand out for her to see, My knife slipped.
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Though quick to greet her with a grin, the Irish hybrid held out an injured palm that appeared to be profusely bleeding and her eyes widened slightly. “ Did it ever! “ She admonished, reaching out with gentle fingers to take his hand into hers, very quickly adopting a mature and assessing expression. Easing the stuffed bag off her shoulder, it dropped to the ground with a sizeable thunk and the Witch spent the next few moments rummaging through it before she withdrew some soft material and pressed it into his palm, holding it firmly in place. 

“ You are lucky I happened to be passing by Sean, I’m one of the resident healers around here. My house is in that direction if you ever need me. “ Morrigan said to him, releasing one hand to point out the direction of her dwelling. Perhaps she would speak to the Falconers of the pack to arrange some sort of messenger bird that would be able to come find her should someone need aid, it would be better then an injured party walking all the way to her shack for treatment. The word healer tasted odd on her tongue, but after a summer of tutelage when time permitted it, Briarblack had taken the younger female under her wing and taught her all she could know and retain in the short time they had to teach her.

Practice made perfect after all, and she waited for a few minutes until she felt it would have been appropriate for his wound to clot and as she removed the cloth from his palm as gently as possible, Morrigan sighed through her nose at the sight of continued bleeding. “ I’m going to have to give you some stitches, it’s not going to feel good. Your cut isn’t clotting yet, so it probably won’t, and that’s when we have to stitch. “ The Witch explained patiently, moving each of his fingers to ensure it was just deep and hadn’t sliced any important tendons. “ You can feel me doing that, right? “ Her pastel gaze flicked to hold his, and the hybrid female smiled reassuringly.

“ Here, hold this here for me, will you? “ Placing his free hand ontop of the scraps of bandage, Morrigan ensured he was holding it in place with the proper pressure to keep the bleeding minimal. Withdrawing from the bag some liquid contained in a jar, she soaked another pad of cloth in the strong smelling tincture and replaced the bloody cloth in Sean’s palm with that one, guiding him to put pressure on it again. “ That will probably sting, by the way. “ Morrigan said quickly, realizing as she spoke that maybe it would have been prudent to warn him of the pain first. “ It’s alcohol infused with a few different herbs that help flush the wound and keep it clean. “ Falling quiet now, Morrigan sought his gaze once more.

“ It’s a miracle you didn’t bash your head when I pulled you in, being this clumsy. “ Batting her eyelashes, the Witch grinned and attempted to smooth her features into something a little more.. professional.
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From my ROTTING BODY, flowers shall G R O W, and I am THEM & that is E T E R N I T Y.

The way that she so suddenly went from her typical, teasing way, to something uncharacteristically more serious (to him, at least) was a little unsettling. He had expected her to joke back or tease him about it, but not to grab hold of his hand with a look of concern on her face.
Perhaps his injury was worse than he'd initially thought?

It was bleeding... A lot. As more crimson stained his fur, the Butler youth grew even more uneasy.
Lucky? Maybe he was. She had no issue with pointing out the direction of her residence to an individual she hardly knew, and even then only had been acquainted through less than serious encounters.

Sean winced at the mention of stitches. He'd never had any, but his rambunctious sister had and he had witnessed the process with a lump in his throat. Shit. Oi guess oi really got it t'en. He said with a forced smile.
The Portland native wasn't necessarily frightened by the thought of stitches, he messed with hooks almost every day of his life so it would be silly of him to fear a needle.
But his palm was sensitive, and swelling already, so when Morrigan said it wasn't going to feel good, he knew she'd meant it.

When she moved his fingers, he bit at his lower lip before he gave his affirmative answer. Yes, he could feel them. Could it have been possible that he wouldn't? The thought of losing any sort of movement in his hands was a fear of his; he needed those appendages to fish, after all.

And drink.

And boy was he going to need a drink after this.

With a defeated sigh, Sean did as the healer asked, holding the bandage in place while she dug through her supplies, Ya... Ya always carryin' t'at stuff on ya? There was a soft laugh in there somewhere, but his attention turned to the mysterious object she had now.
He let out a sharp hiss and nearly yanked his hand away, before firing a glare at Morrigan, Ya don't say? The mongrel huffed, understanding that while a warning would have been a little nice, this was something that was going to make sure his hand didn't get infected.

Oh, yeah yeah.... Jus' go on 'bout t'en, why not? Sean groaned, rolling his golden eyes.
Though, if he had to admit it, her jesting made him just a little more comfortable about the entire situation.
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