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Tips and Notes

Make sure you've grabbed the joining form from the Joining forum.
  • Your Character Name should match your forum account name. If you need your account name changed, post to the Maintenance Thread -- please do not register a new account.
  • Your Character Birthdate should be relative to game time -- for example, if your character is two years old and the current year is 2011, your character would have been born in 2009. For an age and maturity chart, refer to the RP Guide. Note that characters 7 months old or younger must join a pack unless the character was born on-board to a Loner parent(s).
  • Your Character Species should make sense -- for example, if you're playing a Russian coyote, you should explain how a North American species got to Russia. We provide a detailed Species Guide, complete with maps and information about individual species.
  • You must state whether or not your character is a Luperci; note that your character can join as a non-Luperci and become one later. This does not apply to non-Canis species.
  • State whether or not you want to join a Pack. If you can't immediately come to a decision, that's fine! Join the game as a Loner first, and choose your pack later.
  • If you're interested in joining a pack, remember: there are two methods to do so. You may opt to join the pack as a part of your game application or you can join the pack In Character.
  • Depending on whether you've opted for Profile Joining or Example Joining, either fill out your character profile or provide three examples of roleplay. Remember, you do not need both.

Filling Out Your Profile

  1. You can edit your profile through your User Control Panel (UCP), located just below the forum header to the left. The required fields for joining are:
    1. Age
    2. Birthdate
    3. Luperci
    4. Appearance, Biography, and Personality. These sections should be well-written with an adequate amount of information about your character -- three or four sentences probably doesn't give enough information about your character. Do make sure to pay attention to detail and description when writing these parts of your profile.
  2. Character Help:
    1. See the Characters section on the RP Guide for ideas and assistance.
    2. For more hands-on help, you can also post in the Questions and Help forum.

Roleplaying Examples

  1. If you wish to provide links to prior roleplay examples, please link to or post three separate roleplaying posts. The characters involved needn't be canine; however, do insure that the roleplay examples fit our roleplaying style: third-person (he, she; not I), in the past tense (walked, howled; not walks, howls), and that EACH is at least 200 words (2 paragraphs) of descriptive, detailed information. Use 'Souls Counter if you need a counter.
  2. If you don't have previous RP samples and you can't figure out what to write, you may consider using the following prompts:
    1. Your character is approaching a pack border, looking to join. The border itself seems built along the remnants of an ancient human stone wall, dilapidated and in a state of poor repair. Beyond the visual marker, however, the scent boundaries of the pack are clear, declaring the fence and the territory beyond it as belonging to the pack. Although the land surrounding the fence seems to primarily consist of rolling meadows, in the distance your character can see the beginnings of a deciduous forest, bright and alive with summer greenery.

    2. Your character is exploring the ruins of a human town in search of something. The once-modern buildings stand in utter disrepair; their windows have been blown out by glass and many of their structures are only half-standing. What your character can see of the buildings' innards through their opened windows suggests complete destruction on the inside; even the asphalt of the street has begun to crack and wither, splitting open to allow plants and grass to sprout up from the soil beneath.

    3. Your character is following after a herd of sheep and has been trailing them for some weeks. The sheep move slowly through an open field; rising on either edge of the field is a tall, piney forest, dotted with the autumn oranges and yellows of deciduous trees amongst the evergreens. The snowy caps of tall, jagged mountains are visible behind the forest, and the sun is setting. In the distance, your character spots a competing predator, obviously thinking about attacking the sheep and making an easy meal of them.

    4. Your character is walking through open wilderness -- the remains of a dirt road, vastly overgrown and sans maintenance, carve a path through the forest. Overhead, thick clouds begin to brew, signaling an incoming storm. Thunder rumbles and lightning flashes -- the hot summer afternoon threatens imminent downpour. Moments later, the weather follows through as promised and opens a torrent of rain from the clouds. The remaining light drains from the sky, the world suddenly becoming bleak and dark as falling dusk.

    5. Your character has lost someone or something rather important to them, and they are looking for them or it. Your character is deep within the ruins of an old human city -- although beginning to become overgrown in places, the cement and metal buildings constructed by the humans still stand and dominate the landscape, looming tall and desolate all around. Some of the buildings are intact, and others appear so rickety and worn that treading inside of them could be extremely dangerous.

    6. Your character received a gift earlier in the day from a packmate, friend, or family member, and your character is now sitting down now in the evening to play with or make use of the gift for the first time. Your character is sitting in their primary place of residence, decorated or restored however they'd most likely do such a thing.

Joining Behavior

  • You don't have to worry about much joining behavior, as you won't actually be interacting with anyone In Character. It is alright to assume that your character has met the accepting leader of the pack and knows their name; you can look to the archived joining threads for a script of how things might have gone down.

Joining Application Example

1. Character Name: Eris Eternity
2. Character Birthdate (including year): 30 July 2007
3. Whether s/he is a regular wolf or a Luperci: Luperci Ortus
4. Species: Wolf-coyote-dog hybrid
5. Sex: Female
6. Currently played characters: Kaena Lykoi
7. How you found 'Souls: Googled "werewolf RPG" and found 'Souls among the list~
8. Are you joining a pack?: Yes, Krokar.
9. If joining a pack, are you joining IC or OOC?: I'd like to be OOCly accepted.
10. Writing examples:


Welcome to 'Souls!


You've been accepted into the craziest bunch of roleplayers on the vast Internet! We encourage you to keep checking out our information; you can find a wealth of it on the RP Guide. Don't feel pressured to read it all at once -- the guide is a huge resource and is meant to be used as a reference.

If You've Joined the Game As a...

  • ... Loner, do begin considering which of the packs you'd like to join. Survival as a Loner is less realistic -- wolves and other canines are generally social creatures, preferring to live in a pack structure!
  • ... IC pack joiner, you can now begin posting -- you may start your IC pack joining thread whenever you're ready. Make sure you check the pack information to see if the leadership requires anything extra from you!
  • ... OOC pack joiner, the leader still has to respond here before you can start roleplaying -- don't worry, though; if you're rejected from the pack you'll be titled as a Loner, and you're free to pursue other packs or the same one later.

Post-Joining Process

  • Make an In Character post within five days. Post a thread request to get started, or consider starting or replying to an open thread.
  • Make an Out of Character account, if you haven't already. OOC accounts allow for a clear and separate player identity alongside various character identities and serves as a single point of contact for players. You can easily link IC accounts to your OOC account!
  • Keep reading! While there's only a minimum of three topics you have to read to join the game, we provide a wealth of information for a reason -- we expect players to read and reference this material often while they roleplay at 'Souls.
  • If you're leaving us, please try to let us know in the Player Updates forum. It helps keep our stats tidy! There's no penalty for leaving; you're free to re-join at any time later. No hard feelings!

Still Need a Bit of Help?

Post any questions you may have in the Questions and Help forum. Check the FAQ first, though! Failing all else, contact a staff member.

If you need help getting adjusted to your pack, you should talk to your pack leader! They can help you to understand the pack's rank system and how to get a better rank, as well as direct you to plots, potential thread partners, and active members of the pack who may be interested in engaging you.



  1. At this point, now that the administration has accepted you and the pack leader has accepted you, you'll be free to begin posting In Character. If you did not opt to join a pack OOCly, after the administration accepts you to the game you may begin posting immediately (this applies to both those wishing to remain Loners or ICly join the pack). If you'd like to join the pack OOCly, you must wait for the leader to accept you as well until you begin posting.

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