[P] so how did this come to be, arrived so early?

377 Grimwell Caverns, Optime form.

Vesper is by Nat!

Things were quiet and settled in Inferni again, and Vesper wondered whether or not this was a good thing. She was glad for peace and some time to think, but her muscles and mind urged her to keep doing something to keep busy. Too much rest for the former wanderer meant inertia and ennui, and she was sure that many members of the clan were the same, requiring different outfits now that the repairs were just about finished and there were no immediate threats lurking around Inferni.

Or were there? Her mind flickered back to what Kiara had told her about the missing New Dawn member. She was certain that the wolf hadn’t been killed by one of the clan coyotes, though, knowing how much trouble that would mean. Her paranoid mind entertained the idea that another pack might have kidnapped Deuce, but she quashed that idea knowing that she shouldn’t really care unless it was unfairly pinned on Inferni. She guessed that the old wolf might’ve gotten confused and wandered off, too—though that was strange, considering how sharp-minded even ancient Kaena Lykoi was.

Vesper smirked gently at the thought of her lover’s grandmother, and the grandmother of half the members of the clan. She snapped back into reality, having walked from the Great Village to her old den in the caverns, curious to know if the water had receded after the storm. She stooped in her Optime form, too lazy to shift despite her preferences, and knowing the hands would be useful if she could salvage her belongings. As she snuck awkwardly through the long tunnel until the room opened up, though, her paws hit water and she realized that the water was still there. It wasn’t so much of a bother with her two-legged height, at least.

The coywolf growled, though she wasn’t sure what she’d been expecting; she wasn’t about to move out of the schoolhouse anytime soon. She crouched down and reached through the water, curling her lip as her hand sloshed through the wetness until it found something equally disgusting. She lifted the sodden cloak out of the water and sniffed it, nose wrinkled, before moving back through the tunnel and laying the wet thing spread out on the dry grass.

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