[NEWS] October 2020

Spotlights for October 2020

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
This month's Spotlight Soul is Hosea Courtright, who has been phenomenally busy getting tangled up on all sorts of juicy drama both inside and outside the ongoing pack plot in Del Cenere Gang. Will his romantic entanglement lead to further trouble? :O

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
This month, San is our Community Soul! Between the launch of Estrella Roja, organizing and hosting a fun bingo event, and engaging members with her characters in both The Troupe and multiple packs, she's been a busy bee moth around the board!

[Image: cdc.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable
Daughter to the recently appointed Lune of Casa, Soledad Stryder has many adventures to seek in Casa di Cavalieri. Through her turbulent youth watching her pack struggle without truly understanding why, she has grown kind and compassionate for her young age, and has a drive to grow up fast and find her place among the Cavaliers.

With her father and family as role-models, what path will Soledad follow? If you're interested in adopting Soledad, please contact Jazzy!

News & Updates

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October is here! Things are cooling down in Nova Scotia, and wet, overcast days come more regular. While it's a few months off until winter, summer has certainly been left behind. Time to get spooky!

Wiki updates

In case you missed it, the Wiki has reverted to a communal password for edits. You can find the password under "Start here!" on the Wiki index. Old phpBB account login information will no longer work.

The goal is to eventually be able to use the (current/new) forum's login credentials on the Wiki, but it may take some time for this to get sorted, unfortunately.

On a related note, the Wiki will be in read-only mode for unrelated maintenance starting Saturday, October 3rd, around 11am ET. Downtime should only be for an hour or so.

Wordtober Challenge!

In the spirit of our Word of the Day challenge, its more dramatic cousin Wordtober! 31 Days of Spooky Words premiers! Challenge yourself with our fun word-use challenge and win some profile swag.

Board NPCs

Have you had a chance to thread with or reference our current board NPCs? They'll be around for a little while longer if you'd like your character(s) to get news of Death Mountain's demise, but most of them will be gone by the end of the month. Gemini and Forest look like they're just gonna hang out in Ethereal Eclipse for a while though...

Can this item be obtained and used?

We've whipped together a handy, dandy flowchart to help determine if various items can be obtained and used by Luperci!

In particular, it's worth noting just how many human artifacts would be severely damaged by exposure to water, including matches, anything paper (books, newspapers, posters), most fabrics (clothes, couches, stuffed toys), not to mention of course, electronics, things with small parts, etc.

Most smaller human structures like houses and cabins have collapsed or damaged roofs, while larger ones have shattered windows, collapsed floors, severe wind and quake damage, etc. Especially in our playable territories, there aren't many (any??) places that have been safe from disaster of one sort or another over the last few decades.

What's allowable as a Luperci-made item often requires some degree of research. For the most part, simple tools and items with a limited number of separate parts are fine. Skilled artisans are relatively rare. When in doubt, we recommend erring on the side of simplicity, but you can always ask us specifically!

Luperci-made items tend to be less durable, especially if the item has traveled long and far.


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