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A black cloak created on chocolate shoulders, it went onto her head and the hood created an eerie demeanor around the Aston Massacre hybrid. Her lineage still hidden but she was destined to seek out her mother and put an end to all things unnatural. Or rather all things natural. 

First and foremost she needed to seek out the Emissary. Kamari. 

A tough gal from the sounds of it. Having never formally met. O'riley told her to seek out the Emissary. Told her to alert Kamari to her intentions. Of course, Aani simply nodded her head and said okay- and continued building with her leader. An interesting character- that was for sure. O'riley intrigued her. Just as many within the Thistle Kingdom did. 

Ah, what a beautiful evening. The sun was beginning to set and the cool air sting her fur, and she relished in it. 

Following a trail that lead to the Emissary's place of residence, her nose lifted and sniffed a bit. The smells were strong, meaning she was just here or still was.  Pink orbs glanced around as she gently called out towards the open spaces. Emissary Kamari? Her voice didn't waver and the strength behind it stood out, a hint of submission behind the words.
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The young foal would be a pretty thing when it grew older, Kamari surmised as she brushed the filly’s mane as it ate beside its mother. Velimir had even commented that it might make for a good, easy horse given the personality it had demonstrated thus far. Already though, Kamari knew she would likely never ride it, or, at least, not for covert missions beyond the Kingdom. The filly’s markings stood out more than Cedar’s did, which meant it’d be more recognizable than Kamari’s mustang or mule. With any luck, the little thing would grow closer in size to its aging mother, and Krios would be able to retire his grandmother’s mare once the filly was full-grown.

Regardless of its future, Kamari was happy to bond with the little thing in the meantime.

A warning caw alerted the Shadow of an approaching Luperci coming down the main path to the homestead. Having not expected company, Kamari’s brows furrowed and her ears flickered to attention. Her name and rank were called out soon after, and Kamari padded around to the front of the house. Her sharp eyes came upon the visitor; an ambitious, young, coyote-bred woman of chocolate and cream hues. Her curvaceous figure; thick, straw-colored hair, and pink eyes marked her as someone Kamari recalled being named “Aani.”

“Tradesman,” she greeted neutrally, vaulting over the fence of the paddock so that they stood on the same side. She moved within proper conversational distance of the other woman, letting her eyes sweep her for any clues as to the reason for Aani’s unexpected visit to her home. “What can I help you with?”

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Staring for a few seconds longer than she should have, Aani set a hand down to rest near her stomach. Oddly enough her pack-mate seemed a little more chipped than anyone else. O'Riley had told her to seek her out, and while they hadn't interacted before- Aani remembered her from the striking blue eyes.

As the Emissary vaulted herself over the fence, Aani stood back a few inches and then gave her a gentle smile. Admiring the female that stood before her eyes swiftly taking in her figure. A paler color than the chocolate and cream female- with turquoise eyes. Salmon eyes net them, a crinkle at the corners as she gave a coyote grin.

Right. Why was she here? What could the Emissary help her with. Nodding her head she flicked a hand up towards her wheat hair and pushed it out of her face behind the tall ears upon her cranium. I have interest in becoming a spy. I have spoken with O'Riley and he suggested I seek her out. Recalling their previous conversations- and that with Khalifa- she added; The New Caledonians, I visited them and their kingdom has acquired a new second in command. The original one ran off. Did she pique her interest yet?

Pink eyes looked towards the fence behind Kamari before returning to her face. Fennore is what they call her. What else might she offer up? Nothing that may give away her own little secrets. Pale and chocolate hands folded in front of her as she stood.

A spy? Kamari tilted her chin up, expressing wordless interest when the Tradesman cut straight to the point. Aani was the first to ever express such a thing to Kamari. For the longest time, it had seemed that the secretive field of prying information from others would be traveled only by the Erilaz and she. Most Salsolans, nowadays, ventured more down the path of trade and merchantry, or yearned greatly to interact with the otherworldly and magic.

From Aani’s words, it seemed O’Riley had, once again, directed someone down the path of espionage.

Not giving the Emissary the time to deflect her brazen statement, Aani went on further, perhaps feeling that she needed to prove that she already had some talents in the field, and wasn’t simply coming to Kamari to demand that she impart her knowledge and skills onto her. It worked in Aani’s favor, particularly with what she used as part of her resumé to keep Kamari’s interest.

New Caledonia was a newer pack in the region, one that Salsola had been trying to feel out in a world that they found themselves with fewer allies and more enemies surrounding them. The Queen had generously gifted the fledgling pack goods and livestock—to include horses—to help them during their first winter in the realm. The pack had harbored Casa di Cavalieri’s Warlord, Teagan Stryder, then, which, given the situation, had put the Erilaz on edge. Kamari hadn’t heard or dealt much with the pack since. So, it was a surprise to hear that the Caledonians had already lost one of their leaders before a year’s time, though, the name of the new one that Aani mentioned was not familiar to Kamari.

“And how did you come about this information?” The Shadow quizzed, curious while also trying to gauge the level of talent—and methods—in the woman before her. Aani was untitled, jobless, and Kamari knew far less of whatever personal achievements she might have done for the Thistle Kingdom. She knew the coyote hybrid to not have yet eclipsed a year pledged to the Crown, however, Aani’s rank as Tradesman proved that she was loyal and had done something to catch the Mafiosi’s eye to promote her to the high end of the Central Ring.

Simply stating that she had an interest in the field that Kamari excelled in though wouldn’t get the Aston-D’Noires much further than where she currently stood with the Emissary. She needed to prove herself.

Kamari’s eyes were sharp as they watched Aani, searched her for any sign that the Tradesman might be lying to her about her talents.

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