Quatre Argenta (Casa Di Cavaleri) (IC)

  1. Character Name: Quatre Argenta

  2. Character Birthdate: 03-20-2018

  3. Sex: Female

  4. Species: Grey Wolf

  5. Is your character a Luperci?: Yes

  6. Other 'Souls Characters: N/A

  7. How you found 'Souls?: Returning

  8. Are you joining a pack?: Casa Di Cavaleri

  9. If joining a pack, are you joining IC or OOC?: IC

  10. Profile or three writing examples:
1. Quatre whimpered, the rough ropes of the Coyote Luperci tugging at her ruined throat and at her ankles. The air was thick with the scent of desperation, fear, and fury. Every sense was tinted with blood. She could smell it in the background of the air, and her eyes saw everything bordered by a slight reddish-brown haze. Her fur was matted by it, she knew. The Luperci never allowed them baths in a stream, and the ropes prevented her from reaching key parts of her body, so she couldn’t even lick herself clean in places. Her left ear stung and dripped blood, and she could hear the drops plopping against the stone ground. Her ears flicked around as she heard a new sound: something was clicking sharply against the floor, almost like claws, but heavier… She whined as she recognized the sound. It was the Luperci with the strange black-and-white fur over his body, the one known as ‘Clicking Death’ by the other canines. They said that whenever Clicking Death appeared, he took one of them away, never to be seen again. Quatre’s ears roared with sound, a rushing sound that was accompanied by a deep pulsing, which was getting quicker and quicker as time passed on. She realized with a jolt that the sound was of her own heartbeat. The footsteps got closer and closer until a shadow came over her body. She glanced up with her eyes, unable to move from her exhausted slump. Clicking Death stood over her, glaring with deep black eyes. He opened his mouth, and then a loud screech echoed in Quatre’s ears.

She jolted awake, her heart pounding and a strangled cry escaping her throat, scraping against her damaged vocal chords. Her head shot up and her jaws nipped at the screeching thing on her back. They snapped shut on a couple of feathers as the carrion-eater flew away as quickly as it could. Quatre leapt to her feet, growling at the retreating bird. She glared up at it for a moment longer before dropping her gaze and sitting, a sigh heaving from deep within her. In truth, she was glad the bird had awoken her before the dream had gone any further. She winced. She did not want to think on what had happened next in her memories. Instead, she fixed her eyes on the snow-capped mountain before her. She knew that there was a pack near, she had smelled the scent of many foreign wolves on the wind that blew down the mountain, and she had scented stray individual scents here and there from wolves who had strayed away from the border or wolves who had joined or been turned away by the pack. She only hoped that she could finally find a pack to settle down in. She’d be happy with any position, even an Omega. She just wanted to rest from fighting. She wanted to have a gentler life, one of teaching and watching pups grow. She heaved a sigh, and forced herself to her feet. ‘Just a little longer,’ She thought.

2. Phantom staggered away from the battle, head spinning like he had just taken Fizzy Mouth again. While he would have loved to have seen his friend Charlemagne right now and have all of this been a crazy, fucked-up hell of a drug trip, he knew it wasn't. The agonizing pain from his side and fiery burn from his neck, as well as the searing headache told him that he was very much awake and aware of what was going on around him.

He stumbled as he ran deeper into Aiseiri territory, heading for the Basin. Maybe he could hide there and wait until the Rogues left before sneaking away! Yeah, that sounded like a great idea... Phantom suddenly stopped, his stomach heaving as he lost his last meal all over the forest floor. It was flecked with blood. That couldn't be good for him.
Phantom peered around bleerily. Maybe he could make a stop at his den, pick up some herbs for himself... He was no Sanatore, but he knew some things for himself...

[size=small]Phantom's head was still spinning. Perhaps that was why it took a moment for him to recognize Charlemagne when he came creeping warily towards him. “Ph….Phatnum…? Are you ok, best friend?” It sounded distorted and far-away, but Charlemagne was right in front of him! Phantom stared at the other wolf incomprehensibly for a moment before shaking his head. “You don’t look so good. Where is everyone…? What… what’s happening, Phatty? Are you like… really sick or something?”[/size]

Phantom realized then, that he hadn't seen Charlemagne at Cadvan's... execution, he supposed there was no other word for it, and he certainly hadn't been at the battle he had just left. Where had Charlemagne been all this time? Had he been sleeping through all of it? Or been in a drug trip? That seemed likely, considering who he was talking to. He sighed.
[size=small]"It- it's aw-awful, Ch-charley," he stuttered, his old speech impediment coming back in his moment of grief and pain. "C-c-cadvan's d-dead... S-s-storm's m-missing! A-and... Aiseiri's b-being in-invaded! I t-tried t-to defend the b-border f-from this big b-black wolf, a-and he n-nearly killed me!" Phantom was shuddering and sobbing, and if he could have cried, tears would have been rolling down his cheeks.[/size]

3.[size=medium]Orion felt a smile split across his face as a tri-colored yearling ran up to him, challenging him. This was what he was waiting for. No turning back now. Alexa, I will show you that I am not a wolf worth saving! he thought viciously.[/size]

"I am superior! You were foolish to challenge me, little rabbit!" Orion taunted the yearling as he drew closer, Orion standing still and letting the pup come to him. He knew he struck a fearsome figure, his superior size and strength; his fearsome skull mask that was the skull of his own best friend.
[size=medium]He allowed the yearling to leap onto his shoulders, rolling with the motion and throwing himself and the pup to the ground, attempting to crush the pup underneath his superior weight. If the pup didn't jump away in time, he would be pinned underneath Orion's crushing weight, ready for Orion to roll over him and pin him to the ground beneath him, fangs at his throat.

Orion grinned with triumph as the yearling yelped as his paw was crushed beneath Orion's weight. It wasn't as good as having the entirety of the wolf pinned beneath him, but he was sure to have at least sprained, if not outright broken the paw with his weight. He winced a little as the pup scraped him in the side as he scrambled away from him, but it was of barely any consequence. Orion had taken much worse from his father in his younger days.[/size]

When the boy leapt at him again, Orion sneered and moved so that the boy's claws scraped down the side of his bone mask, creating a horrid sound, and rattling his skull inside the mask, causing him to bite down on his tongue at the tip. He growled.

His torn ears pricked as the yearling spoke to him, and his mouth moved into a sneer at the pup's cocky words. "That's a lovely skull you got there. Let me guess, you're actually my father and that's the remaining piece of my missing brother or someone?"

"How very ignorant," Orion hissed, blue-green eyes narrowing in the skull mask. "You're a fool, pup. This skull... heh. I tore it from my best friend's skull after I was through killing her!" Red was starting to fill his vision. "Do you really think that you stand a chance, where she did not?"
[size=medium]He stalked forward and made his first official attack of the fight, bearing down on Monet and aiming his bite to dig straight into the boy's neck, to force him down into the ground, showing no mercy.[/size]

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