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For Lieselotte and Morrigan. NPCing Morrigan with Ems' permission. For the Irving Gardens Pack Project promt: "Figuring out water source (nearby well), watering situation".


Skeleton appreciated organization and efficiency, but something had to be said about being too organized, right? It could also be said that Skeleton had a long history of being intimidated by powerful women or even simply: women who were articulate or well-spoken or just... tough. Case in point: Zsorthia, right? Either way, Skeleton felt as though he had a very clear understanding of what and how he needed to complete his task. He had already scouted the area for the depressed areas surrounding the greenhouse and had a few ideas on where a water source might be located.

Morrigan had paired him up with another member of the gang, a newer recruit who had only joined in the summer right smack dab in the middle of the entire conflict that had so defined the past few months of his life. As he'd told Hosea, somewhat accidentally, he tended to throw himself into grunt work to distract himself rather than processing traumatic events. So, here he was: he would do his best to be helpful, not be underfoot, but not stand out too much lest someone notice and ask him the one question he couldn't bear: 'how are you, really?'

He was pleased with his assigned task because, ultimately, it was just scouting with a clearly-defined purpose. He hoped that he wouldn't manage to fuck it up, and although he didn't think he could, he always -- no, often -- managed to find a way. If he couldn't deal with his emotions in a healthy way, the least he could do was force some positivity on himself, whether he wanted it or not.

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