[P] The eye of Fenris is watching

He had been wondering for far too long, and he could feel the tensions in the land starting to settle, but one souls still called out to him. The soul was nervous, uncertain, and faltering, a worrying thing since Jazper had since concluded that the owner of this soul was non other than one of the leaders, the Lune. He watched the man from the shadows, tagging along as he spoke apologetically to members, his voice soft and weak when compared to the Sola who now reined.

There had been much discourse in Casa, some males from his parents birthpack had come snooping around and causing trouble, shaking Casa to its core and stripping part of its identity. Yet, that was in the past and this young alpha could not seem to move forward. How did he expect the pack to recover when one of the leaders refused to rise from the ashes and take back command?

As he continued to watch over the Lune, Jazper learned that this man, Cedric, was Luca’s son, and his own descendant at that. He appeared strong in body but his mind and heart were in chaos. It was hard for Jazper to find the right time, the right place, to appear to the man, but as darkness spread through Casa land, and the silvery male climbed to the top of Knight Peak, he knew it meant to be.

“You are lost my son.” The words came, a deep voice whispering in the wind as his dark figure began to materialized before the Moon Prince. “You have lost your way, along with the others, and because of it the spirits of Casa can not rest.” Of course, Jazper did not blame the boy for his unrest, he simply wanted to help, but he had to speak the truth.

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Through This Magnifying Glass - I See A Thousand Fingerprints - On The Surface Of Who I Am 

Dated late October

The trip to New Caledonia had every right to be an enlightening experience for the young Lune. The chance to be a leader, to speak to other packs, embrace the diplomacy that Casa always strived for. Between seeing Teagan and the leaders of the Caledonians, Cedric only felt more stuck. Fennore and Iomair were incredible leaders. Between their grace, their control and wisdom, Cedric felt in awe. They seemed to know so much and find a balance for everything that kept their people at peace. As a leader what had Cedric done, other than drive his pack apart and put the heart of his pack in the hands of a traitor. 

On a usual day, the torments of Cedric's mind would be extinguished by the voices of those who had cheered for his position or promised their faith and loyalty to him. But on some days, there would be silence in the young man's mind. A silence that couldn't quell the voices of anxiety that told Cedric just how little he truly deserved. Such a day was today, and it left the Lune feeling lost and alone, even amongst a family so full of life and love. The man didn't feel worthy of talking to anyone of his troubles, they didn't need to hear the internal woes of their weak leader. So Cedric spent time alone, travelling out of the Fort, to the heights of Casa that existed at Knight's Peak. Up there, feeling the cold winds, Cedric sat down and slumped into himself. 

He expected the company of only silence for his mournful day, not the deep voice of something detatched. Cedric's ears spun around, a hand subconsciously going for his sword, wondering if the somewhat familiar voice belonged to the spirit of his uncle. What vision Cedric saw instead was not Lorenzo, but a hulking shadow of a man, face marked by an aspect of the sun. The Stryder knew his hertitage well, well enough to know the face of the first king of Casa when he saw him. Which up until now, Cedric only assumed he would see Jazper when he joined his family in the stars. 

But the boy was very much alive, which could only mean one thing for the current state of the spirit Sole; that he was here for a reason. A reason explained to Cedric, as his face dropped into a painfilled frown. Lost, a good way of describing the young Lune. 

"Lost and weak." Cedric mumbled back, raising one knee to hold onto with his arms. "I'm nothing compared to the likes of you, or my father... or any leader of Casa. Everything I do for this pack just seems to come from my own mistakes or weakness. I can't help but wonder if things would be better off without me." If not for the fact that today had been so infectiously gloomy for Cedric, he might had held his tongue in the presence of Jazper. But right now he couldn't muster the energy to filter his inner thoughts, and part of Cedric knew Jazper, the spirit of Casa itself, would know a lie if he heard one.


A Knight Carries His Shield For The Sake Of The Entire Line

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