[RO] Journey to a New Start
Wordtober: Skull]]
It couldn't be helped. Ezra had to take the long way around, but the trip was made more steadfast with Arrow at his hip and four horses at the helm. The jingling of metal and rattling of wood was the symphony they released into the neutral zones, they're cart nearly empty save for the leftover hay that dappled the road behind them when it fell. They were two sheep freer, and without the weight, they were really moving.

Arrow could feel his brain bouncing around his skull as the cart jostled about on a smoother part of road, their trip nearing them to the northern area of Amherst, “Slow down'eh! I'mma be sick,” Pale in the thin parts of his pale face, he put his fingers against his mouth as a burp bubbled up from his stomach.

Ezra grinned and laughed a bit, pulling back on the reigns to slow the beasts, “My apologies,” The words were genuine, even though there was a smile on his face, “I am simply eager to return to Fiora, Fiorenza and Orin,” He spoke his worries and Arrow nodded in agreement. They'd have to slow down through the streets anyways, since there were always crowds abound, and maybe give the horses a break once they found some fresh water, “I can't help but think that we could have avoided all of this,” He spoke, starting a conversation amid them, “Had we joined the Cavaliers sooner, this whole mess would never have happened.”

Confided in, Arrow shook his head and patted Ezra on the shoulder. There was no way of knowing, of course, “We got learn'd lots. It wuz'good,” The collie man chuckled, then moved his hand to adjust the sash that covered his ugly eye, “'Sides, I'm 'cited. All sorts new things, hmm? It good fer'us.”

Ezra bobbed his head in tandem. Arrow had a lot taken from him in his life and he still managed to look toward the good. With a swift nod, he took the lesson that the younger male wasn't purposefully giving, “You are right, my friend. You are right,” All that was left for the day was navigating the maze that was Amherst, and moving back west beyond to the Cavalier's home for their new start.


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