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Azalea crept through the square, grinning with pleasure at the sight of the tall pile of leaves in the corner. With a quick glance around that told her that nobody was around to see her, she crouched and dove into the pile. The leaves were a tiny bit scratchy, but once she was settled in, she didn't even notice. At first, she really didn't mind the weight of the leaves as she shook and settled in. Her whole body quivered with excitement as she waited for someone to enter the square so she could scare them.  But, time passed and she began to grow bored. As she sat there, her eyes began to drift closed, and her muscles grew weak with weariness. Sleep pulled at her, and before she knew it, she'd falled asleep.

She awoke with a start, jumping up and sneezing violently. The leaves fell all around her, and she stood up, sneezing some more. She shook herself, looking around the square, and scaring herself when she noticed that someone else was there, watching her with a surprised expression.

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She had spent the morning reorganizing her room. She was not afforded much in the way of space, but over her time in Salsola the tiny square at the back of Elphaba’s throne room had become something of a home to her. There were strange little collectibles hidden upon crooked shelves – broken teacups that had been scavenged from the ancient village and twisted sticks that reminded her of the shadow cast by the seabirds at the coast. There were feathers and pieces of sea glass, and strangely shaped stones that felt good against the palm of her hand.

They were her most treasured possessions. It was hard to believe that she had come from a place far from here that had been lavish and full of silks and silver chains.

The ground had become too hard to dig in, though Odalis had been sure to carefully collect the tubers that would need to be replanted in the spring. She had collected seeds to be dried and preserved and found herself often daydreaming about her grandmother’s garden. Thalia had been known for the opulent roses she had cultivated, and as with all things the Matriarch had never been one to settle for less than perfection. Her horses had been much the same.

Odalis hummed softly to herself as she arranged a sad-looking scarf about her throat, her patchy sweater pulled on around her thin shoulders.

The frigid air had taken her from the practices she had begun in the Arena. With Khael gone there was little to take her back there, and without the shrewd jackal around she found herself abandoning the pursuit.

”Oy!” The voice had her flattening her ears as the burly man came upon her, the shock of his messy mane pulled into a haphazard bun between his bear like ears, ”I haven’t seen’ye in awhile.” His accent rose lyrically and she spun to blink at him curiously, ”Haven’t you been busy babysitting for the Director?”

”Ha! Y’don’t know what you’re on about lass.” He shook his head, ”I have free reign to do as I please.”

Odalis couldn’t help the sudden grin that leapt to her features, a strange show of emotion that was not usually so apparent.

”Me too.”

She saw him glance at the collar, but the chuckle that left him was like rumbling thunder. ”Do you miss that girl you were always pining over? The pentiti?”

”Ah, y’mean Symre?” He glanced around as he said the name, as if he were about to be smited. His face darkened, ”What’s done is done. Can’t change nuffing now.” He touched his arm, the scar hidden beneath the leather of his vambrace from where the hedgewitch had slashed him. ”If she shows her face t’Shield will rip’er limb from limb.”

She wondered if he remembered their night in the snow, their bodies cast in flickering firelight.

Odalis nodded as if his response was the only answer she had expected.

”The weathers about to change-“

”Seems we should gather fer warmth'r somethin'.”

He remembered. He had to.

Odalis glanced at him sharply and was surprised by how sincere his expression appeared. It was hard to tell after so long in the Kingdom when anyone was showing the truth. ”I think I’ll be quite alright.”

He threw back his head and laughed, ”Whatever y’say little firefly.”

”C’mon, I’ll escort y’wherever yer goin’.”

The servant rolled her eyes but grumbled her acceptance.

They marched quietly along the path that lead the to the Village, the occasional witty remark from Torin snapping on the crisp autumnal air.

A smatter of leaves blew across their path, and a moment later a small figure sneezed in a nearby pile – a piebald cub with eyes as green as spring. Odalis blinked with surprise as the child stared at them, their dark nose beaded with moisture. ”What are you doing out here?” Odalis thought she recognized the childs markings but wasn’t sure, ”It’s cold, are you alright?”

Torin quirked his brows, ”Aren’t y’one of Grievous’ kids?”
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Azalea looked at the two canines in front of her, still a tiny bit shell shocked, and took their features in. First was a woman, one eye milky and the other bright, with short hair and an expression almost as shocked as Azalea's own. The man beside her looked amused, blue eyes twinkling. Azalea shook herself, she was bitterly cold and a tiny bit damp (had it sprinkled and she not woken up?), and another bout of sneezes overtook her. Finally, she stopped long enough to answer their questions. "I'm fine! I just. . . I was going to jump out and scare the next person to walk by. . . but I fell asleep instead." She explained with another shake, eyes narrowing as she looked them over. "What? I didn't know how long it was going to be until someone passed. If I'd known that, I'd have chosen another spot to hide in. And, yes, Grievous is my dad. Do you know him? Are you friends?"

She galloped over to them, skidding to a halt in front of Odalis and hurriedly scratching at her ear with her hind legs. "Those leaves are itchy! I think I've got something in my ear, it's all wet and scratchy." She said while scratching, eventually falling over and rolling around on her back to relieve the itching. She stood with a stretch and yawned, making all kinds of silly noises while doing so. Finally, she sat down and looked up at her company properly, having relieved herself of all her primal urges. Her one ear was pinned back against her head, so that the skin showed pink against her grey and orange and white face, but she didn't mind. When you were a puppy, things like that simply didn't bother you the way it did when you were an adult. "What are you doing here? I was out scaring, but it looks like you weren't doing anything fun at all. Were you doing something fun? Can I come with if you are? If you aren't, then I think I'll just go home and warm up. But if you are doing something fun, can I please come with?"

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The only children that she had fleetingly interacted with were Khael’s daughters. Even then she had always been at arm’s length, for the dark jackal had not trusted the servant to come too close. The other children of Salsola had their parents to watch over them, and servants assigned to watch when there needed to be more eyes. Elphaba was childless, her throne room barren.

Azalea chattered eagerly once she was awakened, the flash of her vibrant eyes catching the woman’s attention. ”Slow down wee one,” Torin began, placing a hand on Odalis’ shoulder that she promptly shook off, ”Everyone knows him, he’s the Equinist.” The childs parents each held lofty positions in their faction, and as such sat in prominent seats during the Last Suppers.

Torin was nothing more than a Confidant, though he had proven himself as a capable soldier.

”I just wanted to make sure you’re alright.” Odalis started, before the cub was off again – her eager babble causing both adults ears to prick forward. ”I mean-“ The girls ear flipped, and Odalis resisted the urge to reach out and right it.

The de le Poer jumped in easily, ”Of course we were! Fun is my middle name.” He wrinkled his nose at Odalis, ”You know what fun is, right?”

”… Sure.”

Odalis responded warily, sneaking a glance back to Azalea.

”Where’s a place you’ve always wanted to go?” Torin grinned at the cub, ”Odalis and I will take y’there – and then deliver y’home to yer Pappy.”

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