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Spotlights for November 2020

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
This month's Spotlight Soul is Woodsmoke. Originally a loner, Woodsmoke traveled throughout the wilds of 'Souls territory for some time. While her experience and feral ways kept her going, the birth of her daughter and threat of a harsh winter led to Woodsmoke joining New Caledonia. Her skills as a hunter have made her a valuable addition to the pack, and her face is becoming a familiar one.

Will Woodsmoke be able to keep to her old ways while raising her daughter and adapting to life in a pack? We're excited to see how this character continues to evolve!

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
There is no Community Soul this month.

[Image: dcg.png] Featured Pack Adoptable
A lover, a poet, a charmer, and an utter dandy - Trelawney Courtright is a much more polished rendition of his two rough-cut brothers, making him somewhat of a black sheep of the family. He's somehow notably unlucky, and insists that it's got nothing to do with his penchant for poor decision making and flitting, fickle interests. Saddled with family expectations, and faced with the daunting reality of setting down roots far from his comfort zone, will his mercurial mindsets make him a wallflower in Hosea's long stretching shadow, or race out swinging as promising up and comer? The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and it's only a wonder as to the route Trelawney will take!

Contact the Del Cenere Gang if you are interested in adopting Trelawney!

News & Updates

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With winter fast approaching, the Luperci in 'Souls begin feeling the temperatures drop and the first snowfalls begin. Frost and ice are much more common in the mornings, making for slickĀ  (and sometimes dangerous) conditions. The land seems quiet once again, but the destruction of Death Mountain does not seem to be the end of terrain loss in the northeast -- pieces of the coast seem to disappear almost overnight. However, travelers will notice that the Fundy Land Bridge no longer seems as shaky as it once was, and the more solid ground underfoot makes crossing easier on days when the weather is favorable.

[Image: DearPartialChamois-small.gif]

New bNPCs

What's this? A boatful of colorful new bNPCs has arrived in Ethereal Eclipse. They've got some things for trade, but they're also gathering wood to build shelter for the winter. Could it be they intend to stay a while?

Wordtober Challenge!

Whoa, this contest was awesome! We had ten (10) winners in total! Congratulations veldt, Pabs, Myst, Scott, Gen, Dark, Mel, Salena, Mandi, and Cheshire! Make sure to post in our Maintenance Thread to claim your custom title! Remember, this is for your OOC account.

We noticed a lot of players making daily posts a few minutes to an hour after midnight Eastern Time. While all 'Souls official contests are run in Eastern Time (and have for a while!), since so many of these instances were really close, we've decided to go ahead and honor them. When we do this type of event again, we'll probably extend the timeframe for "day-of" posts to 48 hours throughout the event to help accommodate west coasters and overseas members.

It seemed like a lot of you really had fun with this, so maybe this will be annual thing?? Remember, you can participate in our perpetual ongoing Word of the Day game to earn titles and icons for your characters, too!

Wiki Responsiveness

In case you missed it, it's now possible to use responsive divs on the wiki so that pages rearrange themselves appropriately for mobile. Mandi did some experimenting and has updated several pages to use the responsive divs if you need examples!

Responsive divs aren't required, but they sure do make your pages look better on mobile. :)

Birthday Celebrations

'Souls is turning nineteen this year, can you believe it? Look forward to some fun shenanigans on the 18th!


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