[P] on this road you will fade
The wandering. Always with the wandering. Odalis had abandoned the cozy village for the ambling countryside – though somehow, she found herself following after a pair of heavy set tracks that lead her through the wood. There were all sorts of warnings that tingled through her, pricking at the corners of her senses and compelling her to turn for home.

Odalis had never been one to settle for a life of perfect obedience, and so it was that she flared her nostrils at the patch of dark hair that dotted her path.

It was an omen. One filled with lilac and ochre.

She paused only once to adjust the bandage around her palm, leaning against a tree for balance as she did so.

When she sprang upon the clearing, she was surprised to find it empty, the trail too complex for the servant to follow behind. It had taken her just beyond where the border ended. It felt as if the air lightened, the shadows receding from where she picked her way along the trail. When she paused it was to light a cigarette, one that would clearly announce her presence.

The smoke curled between her teeth and she blew a tenuous curl and split it with a well timed twist of her fingers.

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In the days after the large dinner and long night that followed, O'Riley and his partner solidified their idea. The addition of Krios had been one O'Riley wasn't certain he was fond of, but tactically, this was the preferred organization. If two Shield members accompanied the Erilaz, it left two more to defend the Boss and the packlands in their absence.

They were smaller than they had been in the early summer, but Portland had been home to many of these people longer than the Kingdom proper. O'Riley himself did not see the appeal in such close-quarters living. He preferred his privacy and room to breathe, to ramble, to hunt and sneak about as he pleased.

He hadn't meant to find her, but the smell of smoke was like a beacon. O'Riley wasn't sure if Elphaba allowed the woman these little vices in order to keep her in line or because it made her easy to find – if the wolf could smell her, the fox was most certainly capable of the same. Eyes were employed throughout the Kingdom, messengers and spies whose existence was allowed hand-in-hand as long as both parties profited from the unspoken agreement.

I could kill you, was the warning.

It's better if you don't, was the bargain.

Not all animals got to live, of course. Even now, as they cared for and brought up livestock, the end was always the same. It wasn't cruelty which led to slaughter, but a necessary culling.

O'Riley understood this part of things acutely.

When he found her in the foothills of the mountain, O'Riley approached without making attempts to mask his presence. He could have spied on her if he chose, followed her silently for hours, but she never did make any attempt to run. How could she, when fate had delivered her here?

“Where are you going?” The wolfdog asked.
Ordinary morality is only for ordinary people.

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