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Specifically, this thread is marked mature because of: Talk of giving birth and young puppies.

Azade smiled happily, the hormones pumping through making her feel at peace with the world and blocking out all the pain of the day. Nando was lounging on the bed next to her, silent as he gazed down at the two puppies currently breast feeding between her and her partner. She felt remarkably at peace, just lying down and relaxing with Nando and their puppies. The bed was warm and soft, lulling her to sleep. Teke was curled up at their feet. The soft, curious cat with aggressively curly fur had been very interested in the two pups (after hiding when Azade was giving birth), and she and Nando had had to keep on pushing her away. She'd given up eventually and sat down at Azade's feet and watched them indignantly. 

Azade picked up the boy and brought him up to her face, licking him vigorously, cleaning him as best she could. She didn't know why, but it was her instinct, it was natural. He looked just like her, bright red and white, though he had much more red to him. He looked like her grandfather. He was very handsome, she had told Nando when she'd finally birthed him, hours after his elder sister. Where he was handsome, she was beautiful. Azade hadn't really looked at her at first, had just brought her straight to her teat and focused on riding out the pain of her next contraction. But once she got a break. . . . The girl had her father's coloring exactly, with bright blue merle and tan points. She couldn't help but wonder what color her eyes would be. 

"Mahigul." Azade said, looking up at her partner with a soft smile on her face. He quirked a brow at her. "What?" He asked, reaching over and brushing Azade's hair, which was out of it's braid for once, behind her ear. "Mahigul. Her name. She's as beautiful as a flower, and bright as the moon. Lunar Flower. That's what the name means." He smiled, picking up Mahigul and licking her clean as well. "I like it. It's beautiful." He added, grabbing Azade's hand and squeezing it. "Any ideas for the boy?" Nando shook his head slowly, staring down at his son, whose fur was sticking up from Azade's ministrations. "None. I can't think right now." He replied, never looking away from the two tiny bundles as he brought them back to Azade's breasts after hearing a couple pathetic squeaks in protest. 

"I want to teach them how to ride. I want to teach him how to fight. How about Kylychbek? It means sturdy saber. I want him to grow up strong, healthy, and I want him to be able to protect those he loves. Like me. He even looks like me. Well, he looks just like my grandfather, since he's got so much red on him. But he also looks like me." She said softly, leaning back to give her puppies better access. "I like it. He'll grow up strong and steady. I'll teach em to carve wood. You'll teach em to ride and to play music. They'll grow up happy and loved. They'll have everything they need and want. We'll build em yurts so they can live close to home. You'd better start hunting and tanning. We'll trade for some fabric, get started on the tent. I'll start building the frames."

"I'll start making their clothes right away, get them ready by the time they shift. I'll need to buy some gold embroidery thread. I'll need to take Altani out to hunt rabbits, I'm afraid I won't be able to ride for quite some time." She said with a laugh, shifting her weight a bit to alleviate the pain in her, well, everything. Nando laughed softly, eyes crinkled with happiness. He hadn't looked this happy in a long time, what with the stress of the past few months and the added stress of watching over a very pregnant partner, wondering how they were going to raise puppies. She'd told him endlessly that everything would work out fine, that they could do anything they set their mind to, and that he would be a great dad. Even so, there was nothing she could say to put him at ease. She supposed he just needed to see them and make sure they were healthy to be put at ease. "And we'll need to build bows for each of them. They'll need them. If either of them are interested in learning to sword fight, then we can travel to Portland and find a good sword. We'll find a good teacher, teach them to fight in the Western fashion. I'll teach them to card wool, to embroider, to weave. They'll be amazing. And if they aren't interested in that, then we'll find teachers to teach them the things they are interested in." 

Azade smiled at her partner, smiling lazily. He seemed a bit overcome with emotion and had his hand over his heart, eyes filled with tears. "Be my mate. Let's make it official. Let's get mated in the spring, after winter is over and the flowers bloom again." She said, a tiny bit of anxiety ripping through her belly as she watched his expression. "Yes. Yes. Ah was actually goin' to ask you after ya felt better. Hold on." He stood up after giving her snout a tiny lick, digging through his pile of wood working tools and returning with a necklace. "I know it ain't much, but I remembered you telling me 'bout your pack's culture, about how the men gave their partners jewelry. Well, I can't make jewelry, but I thought that this would be perfect fer you." Azade took the necklace, it was made of a shiny dark silver metal and had bright bits of opalescent shells (abalone?) hanging from it. Set in the necklace was a bright purple, spikey, stone. "Do yah. . . do yah like it?" He asked, with a rare note of uncertainty in his voice. She grinned and pulled him close to her, burying her face in his fur and biting his neck softly. "I love it. Now come here, let's gaze endlessly at the wonder that is puppies. Especially our puppies." 

(1081) | NPCs: Fernando (cNPC), Kylychbek Feriqi (yNPC), Mahigul Feriqi (yNPC)
Dated to the 12th of November
Mahigul and Kylychbek are both up for adoption and will be playable on January 12th! DM me either here or on discord if you're interested!

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