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Thankfully the trek had not been difficult and Del Cenere’s hospitality had been just as warm as before. They seemed to have set up a grand trading post for themselves, even allowing loners and all sorts to cross the borders to find food and drink at the aptly named Ugly Coyote saloon, or even quarters if need be.

Aldora was impressed, as she had been before, at the pack’s trust and ingenuity; they were the first to have such social advancements in comparison with all the other major players in Nova Scotia, and she appreciated their boldness.

They had been given what she assumed was the highest level of accommodations at the Trailside Inn and she had slept comfortably the night before, sharing a room with Winnie Wardley while Howland and Darius shared a room beside them. Aldora felt perfectly safe among the coyote-dominant clan despite her recent rise to leadership. She made a note to meet with Nazario during her time here.

But mingling with the one-eyed coyote was not their main purpose for having traveled here. No, instead the Ashen were hosting a trading event, and Casa di Cavalieri was happy to arrive to participate and show off their wealth. The following morning Aldora along with the rest of her kinsmen had made their way to Charmingtown, the main hub of activity in the pack. Even early in the morning it was already bustling, and the Cavaliers made quick to set up shop.

Of course, there was the usual fare; goat cheese, chicken eggs, wool, bones, preserved meat and fish; the staples that their land had to offer. But along the regular goods Aldora had also seen fit to bring higher valued goods.

They had shepherded animals here; two ewe-lambs for slaughter or breeding, a sow pig for the same, a peregrine falcon that had once belonged to Luca, and a foal of her own named Finale. Even now she stroked the colt’s neck; he was green and of little use to her, despite his sentimental value. Perhaps this band of horsemen would know what to do with him, and she could gain some profit from his sale.

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Azade made her way down the path along the meadow, taking a break only once to lean against the fence and stretch her poor back. Azwer seemed incredibly unimpressed with her and her lack of stamina these days, and just huffed at her and ate some grass along the edge of the hard-beaten path. On his back was the saddle that she'd poured her soul into the past few months, with Nando's help, of course. With some bartering and some hard labor, she'd obtained the hard materials required to actually make the saddle, and then it was just blood, sweat, and tears from there on out. She wasn't that experienced in dying leather, so she'd messed it up a bunch of times before finally coming out with a product she was happy with. She was glad that the summer was an easy one, with plenty of prey, and lots of travelers who were glad to trade for less than essential goods, and had loose purse strings.

She pushed herself off the fence and pulled Azwer's reins up away from the grass, gently at first, then harder when he desperately tried to get to the last bit of some grass. "Greedy. We feed you plenty, I don't know why you're going about acting like you're starving." The heavily pregnant woman said, patting the stallion's neck softly when he fell into step just behind and to the side of her. She couldn't help but gaze at the saddle, her eyes drawn to it. It was a strange mix of her own saddle and the saddles more commonly seen here, and she hoped that its new owner would like it. Red and gold and oranges and brown, it was striking to see, even without its strange shape. 

The hustle and bustle of the town was even more chaotic than usual with the canines from all over the place coming to participate in the stock show, just like she was. She hadn't been anticipating the show when she started working on the saddle, she hadn't known it was happening, or that it was even in the works, rather, this saddle was a joint effort between her and Nando. Just to see if they could do it. And do it they could! Though she hoped that the next saddle she makes won't take quite so long as this one did. Here was where she separated with the big stallion. He could hold his own against any thieves, she wished them luck trying to snag the feisty golden horse. Tying him up to the fence, she quickly took his tack and lifted it onto her shoulder, then made her way into the throng, peering about the stands. There were all kinds of canines here, but she was used to that. She met all kinds on her travels. No, it wasn't the canines that made her stop, it was the falcon. She halted and smiled, taking in the intelligent looking bird. Then her eyes drifted to the striking horse, young, somewhat scrawny, but beautiful. She smiled at the woman manning the booth, thinking. "How old is the colt there?"
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Aldora found a seat for herself and began to watch those coming and going, lavender eyes sharp as those of the falcon beside her. There was a warmth in her heart seeing the good natured trade happening before her; how far they had all come.

A very exotic looking woman, her abdomen swollen with child, took pause in front of the Cavaleri’s where she caught sight of the falcon, but then her golden eyes swept to Finale. Aldora stood to address her more properly when she asked of the colt’s age.

"A year and a half now. He was hand raised by myself and others, his dam died after she gave birth. A little weak in the legs, but fast; his mother could fly…" her eyes went glassy for a moment as she recalled how it felt being on Cinzia’s back, that freedom and rush.

Aldora then saw the beautiful saddle on the woman’s shoulder and was astonished at it. Clearly it was Luperci made, nothing human had survived in that condition. The craftsmanship was exquisite, "Did you make that saddle?" She asked, the astonishment clear in her voice.
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Azade smiled at the woman, turning away from the young horse to listen. She could sympathize with her story, livestock and horses died often in the winter where she came from. The harsh weather just made birthing so much harder on, well, everyone, not just the horses. She could feel the black cloud settle over her for a moment, but she shook it off, glancing again at the falcon to admire it. This one was beautiful, she could see that there was not a feather out of place, and it looked well fed. That was more than she could say for most of the exotic birds she'd seen being sold by merchants or caravanners. This alone put the woman in her good graces, after all, falcons and eagles flew in the realms of gods.

And when she turned her eye to the saddle on Azade's shoulder, well, this woman was about to be her new best friend. Azade smiled and hefted it off of her shoulder, setting it on an empty spot on the table and letting out a sigh of relief. "I hope you don't mind! My name is Azade Feriqi, it's nice to meet you! And yes, I did make this saddle. It's a bit of work, but worth it in the end. Where I come from, all of our saddles are very similar to this, I made some adjustments to better suit western riding." Azade stretched her shoulders out, sighing in relief once more when the tension in her back left her. She reached out a hand to shake then, realizing suddenly that this woman was the same size as she was, a rarity in this coyote-blood pack. Even her own partner over a foot shorter than her, though he was a dog, not a coyote.
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