[CONTEST] An Alternate Universe

An Alternate Universe

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Ok nerds, let's see whatcha got.

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What's happening now?

Tired of the post-apocalyptic world? Want to write about high school for some reason? A fantasy world, perhaps? Magic and dragons? Hogwarts? A coffee shop? Maybe your characters are human(oids) now or maybe they're still Luperci, but they're definitely still in an alternate universe? Well, this time, we're going to reward some of those special, creative juices!
  • Start: 18th November 2020
  • End: 7th December 2020
    • NOTE: All thread submissions must be turned in by 7 December by 11:59PM (EST). Thread submissions and posts made after this cutoff will not be counted.
  • The public voting polls will close on December 11th.
  • The contest winners will be announced on December 12th.

How to Participate

To qualify, threads need at least five (5) total posts before 7 December at 11:59PM (EST). You are permitted 1 partner with 1 thread with 1 contest entry. In other words, you should only have one chance at possibly winning!
  • Step One: Find a partner! Just one!!

  • Step Two: Pick one AU from the list!
    • Mundane Life AU (e.g. Coffee Shop, Florist, Tattooist)
    • Specific Media AU (e.g. Hogwarts, Daemon, Hunger Games, Pacific Rim, etc.)
    • High School or College AU
    • High Fantasy AU
    • Historical AU (e.g. Regency, Western, Victorian, etc.)

  • Step Three: Pick a prompt!
    • Your characters meet in a ______, when something strange occurs!
    • Your characters are _______, when an argument gets out of hand!
    • Your characters are trying to _______, when something goes horribly wrong!
    • Your characters face a terrible dilemma, but at least there's _______!
    • Your characters don't want to _______, but there's an offer they can't refuse!

  • Step Four: Start your thread in NON-CANON LASKY and mark it with [AU] in the thread title! Please include your AU and prompt in the OOC section of the first post!
    • Note: You are more than welcome to have multiple AU threads for funsies, however, only ONE can be submitted as an entry to the contest. Be sure to choose your AU and prompt wisely, and be sure to mark your entry thread with the [AU] identifier!

  • Step Five: Reply to this thread with your marked thread entry!

Voting for Winners

At the end of the contest period, we will put each thread into a public poll to determine winners! The categories are thus:
  • Most Dramatic
  • Most Adorable
  • Best Love-Hate
  • Most AU AU


All winners will receive a custom title and this very cool galaxy icon! [Image: alternateuniverse.png]
You can't stop me from writing HP AU garbage forever.
it was me. i broke it.
commission info | twitter | instagram | fb
When you love slow burns, but are a shipper at heart and need things to satisfy the shipper in you. Have a human, mundane life AU.
Operation Wither & Tora Take Over the West is a go

Western human AU !! ;D
Hello here is a fool and a fraud about to get into trouble!
In your headddd, in your heeaddddddd


Lets party, Walking Dead/Zombie style: boom
What happens when you cross HP and mystery solving? Well you get this thread.
College AU a couple of kids up to no good!

Fredrick Knight

I want to take shelter but I'm ready, ready to fight.
Somewhere in the middle I feel a little paralyzed.
[M] High Fantasy AU - There's not mushroom in the forest for the two of them! - Partner: Jace
Presenting a Vida & Howly production. Ierian Songthorn and Saga D'Angelo starring in a detective plot loosely inspired by The X-Files. How will their investigation of mysterious incriminating photos turning up at the Messenger Tree in New Caledonia go?

AU Contest Winners!

[Image: alternateuniverse.png] [Image: alternateuniverse.png] [Image: alternateuniverse.png] [Image: alternateuniverse.png] [Image: alternateuniverse.png] [Image: alternateuniverse.png]

Without any ado, here are our winners!

Most Dramatic -- [M] King's Verdant Curse
Most Adorable -- Not Just Horsing Around Anymore
Best Love-Hate -- Maybe this world's an infinite dream
Most AU AU -- The Wolf Files

Congrats to Jace & Dark, Draiko & Jazzy, Songbird & Gen, and Howly & Vida! Your icons have awarded! Please claim your custom titles via Maintenance before the end of the month!

And many thanks to everyone's participation in and enthusiasm for this contest! It was lovely to see everyone write in a different setting than usual! Perhaps we shall revisit this again... ;)

[Image: alternateuniverse.png] [Image: alternateuniverse.png] [Image: alternateuniverse.png] [Image: alternateuniverse.png] [Image: alternateuniverse.png] [Image: alternateuniverse.png]

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