[NEWS] Happy 19th Birthday!

Welcome to the Party!

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What's a birthday without a party?! In celebration of our 19th (nineteenth!!) birthday, we're offering a slew of shenanigans for 'Soulsters to partake in! So stretch those fingers, put on your thinking cap, and get ready for a chance to win some delightful prizes! Not including event icons, we're giving out TWENTY-FOUR (24) prizes this year! Join in this year's birthday fun to have a chance at earning one of these in our many raffles!

If you were expecting a new board skin, unfortunately, there won't be one at this time! With many quality-of-life and other forum issues that still need fixing/updating/re-adding with our forum change-over, focus is being made to prioritize those items first before throwing on a new skin (and possibly creating more issues). We apologize for the disappointment this might cause, but, thank you for your understanding

New Kiritars & Site Index

There are new template avatars by Kiri though!

Wait, how has it been eight years since the last batch of Template Kiritars???

[Image: Kiritar2020_DogHybrid-small.png] [Image: Kiritar2020_DogHybrid2-small.png] [Image: Kiritar2020_Hybrid-small.png] [Image: Kiritar2020_Hybrid2-small.png] [Image: Kiritar2020_Hybrid3-small.png]

Also, the index page of soulsRPG.com got an overhaul! This doesn't really affect any of you, but maybe it'll help convince some friends to join! ;)

Update The Wiki Week!

In honor of 19 years of family dramas, juicy plots, and geographical transformations, we are having another update the wiki contest! Participation is simple: make a substantial edit to any existing Wiki page, and you'll be entered in a raffle for a prize! The more pages you edit, the more raffle entries you'll have.

  • Ends: 25th November 2020
  • The raffle winners will be announced with our December newspost!
  • Event Icon [Image: savefile2.png]
  • Raffle Prizes: Custom Title, Custom Icon, Custom Avatar by Mandi, Custom Player OR Character Avatar by Gen, Custom Simple Optime Art by Songbird

AU Contest

There is a lot happening in the world right now, and while the 'Soulsverse has been a fantastic distraction for a lot of us, sometimes, what we really need is to escape for a little while into a truly alternate universe. So we're going to do something a little bit different this year, and are hosting an AU Contest! Curious to learn more? Want to win some awesome prizes?

  • Ends: 7th December 2020
  • The contest winners will be announced on December 12th!
  • Event Icon [Image: alternateuniverse.png]
  • Custom title

Character & Player Census 2020

Have you ever wondered what portion of 'Souls' characters are wolves, coyotes, dogs, or a mix of them all? Maybe how many of 'Souls' players are Canadians, Europeans, Americans, Australians, or otherwise? Help us gather information for these cool and neat-o "did you know" statistics to add to this year's Yearbook!

We have two different questionnaires, one for characters (including canine cNPCs!) that were active in 2020, and another for their players (us, lol). Please only fill out one questionnaire per character that you had active this year.

'Souls Quiz

[Image: regeyes1.png] - Hey, did you study for the quiz today?
[Image: rego_O.png] - Quiz?! What quiz???
[Image: reglaugh.png] - Hah! Gotcha! This isn't a serious quiz (but, psst, what did you get for answer 4?)

YOU THINK YOU KNOW OUR BILLIONTY AND ONE RULES?! Put your knowledge to the test!

Take our quiz about oft-missed or misunderstood rules, procedures, and policies, as well as facts about Luperci, and common realism issues! Refresh on the basics and see how well your memory serves you! :) Don't cheat!! ;D

Regardless of your results, all participants who take the 'Souls Quiz will be entered into a raffle to win either a custom title or custom icon! So, be sure to sign your name to your quiz!

  • Ends: 25th November 2020
  • The raffle winner will be announced with our December newspost!
  • Raffle Prize: Custom Title OR Custom Icon

Birthday Raffle

And, because it has become something of a tradition at this point, we're also running our birthday post raffle(s)! This year, we'll be raffling off random stickers to ten (10) lucky 'Soulsters!

  • Raffle 1: 18-19 November
  • Raffle 2: 20 November
  • Raffle 3: 21 November
  • Raffle 4: 22 November
  • Raffle 5: 23-24 November


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