Missed you guys :,)
I am straight up not even sure how many people might remember me.  I know it's been a while, but anyone who wants to reconnect would be welcomed. I had been thinking a lot about 'Souls when I lost my job due to covid, then I decided tonight that I needed to get it together and just rejoin instead of lurking ;p

Missed you all very much and very very happy to be back.:).  Naturally I had to play a Naniko Grandchild ;)

welcome back welcome back!!!!
James! I remember you! Missed you and so glad to have you back!!! <333
Definitely did a double take when you posted your Joining thread last night, haha. Welcome back! It's been so long! Has a lot changed? :o Now's a great time to come back though since you get to partake in all our birthday events!

(PS, make an OOC account! :D)
it was me. i broke it.
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AAA welcome back!
Hello there! :D
“History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” ― Mark Twain
Hi James! I don't believe we've ever met, but your name is definitely known to me via all the wiki rabbit holes I've tumbled down! :D Welcome back!
I will do so tomorrow xD gosh. I'm just blown away rn. Mel?!?!? Kiri lol :) I missed you too, salena Jace, Vida. Dang. And thank you for the welcome back, mandi :) gosh lol. I keep coming online then I need to settle myself down to post. Lol. Will do so tomorrow and make my ooc account.:) also mandi, I'm fully equipped with a mn accent as well as I've been living here for a few years now :O

And to kiri : A lot has changed. I know I have always been known as "James." Here which is my preferred name. I don't want to go into a ton of it but I transitioned well with hormones from female to male as I was/am transgender. Did not have reassignment surgery right away and essentially..I got pregnant, and kind of had to throw all of my hormone stuff to the dust. and now am living life as a 'mother' of two. When all of that happened..probably six years ago or so, I left souls due to all of the hormones and health issues and identity issues.

And now 2 c-sections later I'm doing a lot better. James is still fine to call me by. Missed you all so very very much. Also my children are very adorable and intelligent and irritating, lol. Never ever thought I would have kids in in a million years. But here we are xD.

Also also, I'm posting everything from my phone. So forgive me on minor grammar / etc
Damn James, welcome back! That is a rollercoaster of a background story but I'm glad you and the kidlets are doing well!!
Hey there Gen :) thank you very much. It's been six years of very hard work but we are all happy and healthy :)

Thank you guys for listening and for your understanding. Having the kiddos completely flipped my world upside down and I'm honestly doing better than I ever was. Just being able to be myself and being OK with myself has been a life-long struggle. This has always been a very loving and accepting community to me. I'm so glad Souls is still around!!

And frack, I'll make that ooc account now. XD
Dang, dude, sounds like there were some rough years in there. Transitioning is rough in general and unexpected kids getting thrown in must've been really hard. I'm really glad to hear you and the kids are doing well though and that you're settled enough to come back here. ♥
it was me. i broke it.
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James!!! Welcome back missed you!!!!
Welcome back James! Glad to see u around again <3
Then why do I feel so immensely alone
This can't be the end of my story
Onward I go once again
Fighting my way to my F I N A L   B R E A T H
JAMEEEESS!! :D Welcome back :D!!
Wow James, glad to see you back! Always happy to see OG's return to 'Souls after a long absence!

Hopefully we can thread, I remember playing with Naniko when Lillith was just a babe. She dead now.
James, welcome back! Sounds like you've had quite the roller coaster of life! Glad to see you back at 'Souls. :D
OMG HI JAMES! I'm so happy to see you here! I played Kansas! I'm playing Athalie, his great-grandbabby. We should have a thread sometime for SURE.

Ahhh I hope you've been well <3

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