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Nomos didn't know how long it had been since he had been here. He wasn't even entirely sure where here was, but he was painfully aware that he was alone right now. The silence was almost deafening. The only sounds that occasionally broke the silence were from his stomach, reminding him that he might want to eat.

He noticed some food had been set aside for him, but could not bring himself to eat it. He could not bring himself to do anything. Some part of him was trying to will movement in the limbs that limply lay beside the body he knew to be his, but no amount of effort he could bring up, would change their positions and he was aware. For the last few days, he had been aware of himself, but it didn't seem like it was him. It was af he was looking at himself from a distance, like his mind wasn't attached to the same reality that his physical body resided in.

He noticed sounds of footsteps coming close to him. He instantly recognized the voice as his sister, and his eyes wandered around until they found her face. He wanted to open his mouth and talk to her. Every fibre of his being wanted to tell her that he would be okay, that he would be able to take care of her again soon enough. He did not remember ever wanting anything more. His mouth even opened slightly, but he could not bring himself to produce a sound. Pleading eyes searched for hers. Hoping that somehow she would understand all the things he wanted to say.
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Seira hadn't seen Nomos for a couple of days; though she had heard snippets of what had happened in the days prior, she was determined to hear it from her brother before anyone else.  If something truly awful had happened, she figured giving her litter mate space would be the best thing to do for him.  Though each night she cooked, she would leave his portion waiting for him.  For the first couple of days, she waited to see if it had been touched or moved.  Seira waited, but after a day she would take away the food to eat herself, saving on the small stores she and Nomos had saved up for the coming days.

With Nomos gone, she had been left all of his duties when it came to running a household.  She knew how much Nomos had taken onto his shoulders, but she had never realized how much he still babied her.  Nomos had left her the easier chores, ensuring there would be no risk to her breathing.  Seira had spent most of the early morning gathering kindling to store for the winter.  Nomos would be cross with her if she tried to chop down another tree by herself, but gathering twigs and smaller branches didn't cause her troubles.

The sickly Greyfire doll walked carefully, an armful of sticks, twigs and leaves blocking her vision enough to make her warry of where she placed her feet.  It was slow going for a while, but she picked up her pace once her home came into sight.  Lively footfalls carried her onward, leading her up the familiar path to the house she loved so dearly.  Amethyst eyes quickly took in the lovely sight of her home before turning her attention to the door.  Curiosity struck her as she saw the door left open just a crack.  She could have sworn that she had closed it.  Seira was almost positive that she had closed the door when she left.

Her heart raced in her chest, thudding in her ears as she cautiously pushed the door open.  Light flooded into her home, revealing the snowy shape of her litter mate. "Nomos?" she asked in a soft tone.  Amethyst gems gave Nomos a quick once over; slowly, her mind started to process how rugged he looked.  Dark-rimmed ears pulled back to rest on her crown as she looked at him.  Something was wrong, deeply wrong within him.  Though her brother made a move to speak, he barely moved.  Such an awful sight before her, to know that something had broken her brother so thoroughly.

Seira didn't know what to say or do to make the pain he clearly felt go away, but without knowing what had happened, she couldn't be of much help to her litter mate.  Seira held her tongue, not daring enough to risk saying the wrong thing.  Just the look of her brother sent her nerves on edge as if he could shatter into a million pieces with one wrong word.  Seira silently crossed the room, setting her armful of sticks, twigs, and leaves into a small pile near the fireplace.

Seira's pace was nearly a crawl, placing her feet deliberately with each step as she crossed the room back to face her brother.  She couldn't help but feel a deep chill run down her spine as his golden eyes met hers.  Even the life of his eyes looked different, no longer happy but shattered.  Seira's tongue peaked out from her muzzle, just barely licking her lips as she thought of what to say first.  She took in a shaky breath as she looked to the shell of a wolf that sat before her.  "Everyone is talking..." she said in a shaky voice.  Amethyst gaze fell to the floor, pale hands pulling at small tufts of her fur nervously.  "I know something happened, but I don't want to hear it from anyone but you." she said, a small whimper escaping her.

"With all the talk going on, everyone is proud of you, but I can't understand why with the little I've heard.  I don't want Mama or Papa to tell me what happened, so that means you have to tell me." she demanded this time.  She wasn't going to let her brother get away without saying a single word to her, especially since he had been gone for some time.  She set her jaw, blocking the door, determined to keep him from avoiding her questions.  Saddened eyes looked to her brother, the one person she could count on her entire life was now keeping secrets and shattered on the inside.  Without Nomos, who would she confide in?  These reasons were selfish, but deep down, she was petrified she was losing her brother to whatever had happened in the forest.

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