Nothing Is As It Seems
Anya Southpaw

Last Updated: 05/13/2021


1. [P] (Fredrick) Stop Right There-DCG
2. [P] [DND] (Rhodes) It's only this moment -DCG
3. [J] [DND] (Wayne) Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies -DCG
4. [P] (Zetsubou) Visitor From The South -DCG
5. {M}[P] (Helena/Zsorthia) Burn It To The Ground -LASKY
6. {M}[P] (Freddy, Sean, Zsorthia) A Little Hard Labor -DCG
7. [P] (Rhodes, Morrigan) If It Walks Like It, Talks Like It -DCG
8. [P] (Peony) Floop The Pig! -Northern Tides


1. {M}[P] (Helena) I warned myself, I shouldn't play with fire -DCG
2. [RO] To Become Truly Known -DCG
3. [RO] (Nazario) Special Delivery (Stop #1) -DCG
4. [RO] (Helena) Special Delivery (Stop#2) -DCG
5. [RO] (Zsorthia) Special Delivery (Stop#3) -DCG
6. [P] (Sugabear) I Set Fire to a Way of Living -DCG
7. {M}[P] (Peony) I make it up as I go-DCG
8. (AW, Notch) Make It Like New (Outfitter Occupation) -DCG
9. {M}[P] (Harlan) Pyrate II (Even Now) -DCG
10. [DND] {M}[P] (Wayne) Some were verses, others were songs -DCG
11.[P] [DND] (Fredrick) Setting Up Shop -DCG
12. [P] (Cent) Hello Neighbor! -DCG


Occupations: Outfitter, Machetero, Rustler, Wayfinder, Quartermaster?
Mini Plot Ideas:
  • Unravel Secret Past
  • Explore DCG Territory
  • Wayne <3
  • Rescue a Fox
  • Oopsie Addicted Again?
  • Past Catches Up Eventually... (Raj & Nazjure)
  • Sleepwalking/Night Terrors



See Anya's Spotify Playlist here!

1. Vices by Mothica
2. Setting Sun by Miracle of Sound (RDR2)
3.  Coattails by Broods
4.  Glitter and Gold by Barns Courtney
5.  Fire Burnin' by Dead Posey
6. Miracle by Chvrches
7. Conscious by Broods
8.  Getaway by Tritonal ft. Angel Taylor
9. Come Along by Vicci Martinez ft. Cee Lo Green
10. Diamond Hard by Kerli
11. Salt And The Sea by The Lumineers
12. Curbstomp by Meg Meyers
13. Running From My Shadow by Mike Shinoda ft. Grandson
14. Monsters by Shinedown

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