Yearbook 2020

Souls Yearbook 2020

It's time again to remember your characters and your year!

What's this about?

We will be gathering character and player information, pictures, and other things to be immortalized in a yearbook website at the end of the year. You can see our previous yearbooks here!

We'll also be taking suggestions for superlatives in a separate thread. The staff will select the best of the superlatives and take nominations for each title. When the nomination period is over, voting will begin and at the end of the voting, everything chosen and submitted will be made into the Yearbook! Remember that all Superlative winners are also eligible for a Catacombs skull~.  Reghappy

How do I sign up?

Head over to the submission page and get crackin'.

Regthumbsup SUBMIT HERE Regthumbsup

REMEMBER -- you won't be able to make edits after submitting your information. Please, please, please make SURE your character and player yearbook entries are FINISHED and CORRECT when you submit them!

If you have any questions about the submission forms, ask here!

Timeline & Deadlines

  • 1st December: Character & player submissions begin! Superlative suggestions begin!
  • 14th December: Superlative suggestions end.
  • 16th December: Superlative nominations begin!
  • 25th December: Superlative nominations end, voting begins!
  • 28th December: Character & player submissions end.
  • 30th December: Superlative voting ends.
  • 1st January: Yearbook is live!


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