[NEWS] December 2020

Spotlights for December 2020

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
The final Spotlight Soul for 2020 is Tattersall Valentine! Puppies are often tough to write, but little Tate involved in some shenanigans in Salsola that have made for great reads!

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
And our Community Spotlight is Howlykin! He's a regular presence in NC's Discord and does wonderful research into healing knowledge for both of his Songthorn brothers. He's always brainstorming ideas and has been helpful in assisting with plotting and engagement!

[Image: nc.png] Featured Pack Adoptable
Lossë is the son of Saga D'Angelo and Arran Fir-Chlis, born alongside his brother Meril in early December of 2020. While his existence was not planned nor discussed, he was never the less welcomed into both sides of his family with open arms. The young boy is playable in early February and is a blank slate with plenty of ideas to be expanded upon! Will he be a stoic, headstrong diplomat like his mother? Or a down to earth farm-boy like his father? Or maybe even his scholarly eldest brother will have some influence on him?

News & Updates

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Winter arrives in 'Souls solidly this month, with snowfall occurring more regularly as the temperatures drop. After the dramatic disappearance of Death Mountain, the land seems to be quiet...for now. As prey animals begin to face the hardship of the months ahead, hunting season begins in earnest for predators.

[Image: gXQAYiZ.gif]

bNPC Updates

Last month's new arrivals have settled in Ethereal Eclipse, felling trees and constructing shelters to protect them (and their goods) from the coming winter. Their nearly-finished dock seems to be a masterful feat, but these southerners are still new to the area and may not be as prepared for the season as they think.

You may have noticed that these characters are having some adventures in LASKY! While we still encourage players to use the bNPCs as NPCs, there are new opportunities for players seeking more interactive options – threading with the bNPCs themselves! Check out what current prompts and options are available in the bNPC topic.

Birthday Contests

What a great birthday week! Tangible raffle prizes have been shipped!


We've already gotten a ton of responses for the census, but both will remain open for a few weeks yet, so hop on it if you haven't already! See: Character Census (2020 characters and NPCs only) & Player Census (all active and former players).

Birthday Quiz

We hope everyone who took the Quiz had fun testing their knowledge of the game! With so much going on both in and out of game, it's a lot to remember – but our Procedures, RP Guide, and Wiki are always available to reference.

Winner: Shade (Custom Title OR Custom Icon)

Wiki Week

Our Wiki Wiki was very successful and saw plenty of pages getting updates. Thank you to all who participated!

Wiki Raffle Winners:
Custom Title: Myst
Custom Icon: Gen
Custom Avatar by Mandi: veldt
Custom Player Avatar OR Character Avatar by Gen: Tammi
Custom Simple Optime Art by Songbird: Dark

Reghowl Reghowl Reghowl Please claim your prizes, either in Maintenace for titles/icons, or by PMing the specified artist, by December 7th! Reghowl Reghowl Reghowl

As our largest and most in-depth archive of information, the Wiki can always use your help to ensure the unique characters and plots that play out in 'Souls aren't forgotten! Our Wiki Forum and Discord channel are great ways to get involved or ask for help in getting pages set up.

AU Contest

The AU Contest comes to an end on December 7th! Make sure to get your required posts in to qualify!

Secret Santa

Let's get some loot! Let the spirit of gift-giving flow through you and sign up for our annual Secret Santa exchange!


We made it! Now that the year is drawing to a close, it's time to start filling up our Yearbook! You can submit your entries and suggest superlatives over here! (Note: The Yearbook forum is only visible to the OOC accounts of active and former players.)


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