[P] Stumbling through a new wasteland divided
Remy started as Yuma stamped her foot.  The youth was sat in the saddle and clearly his mind had wandered.  He’d been up since before dawn, feeding, brushing and mucking out.  None of it was glamourous, but it all had to be done, and Remy found he slept little at the moment.  He’d not spoken about it, or really made reference to it, but he’d been avoiding his uncle John for a while now, not actively, but he no longer made time for the older male.  Instead he had filled his days with work, horses and a new friend.  The diminutive jackal who did not speak had been teaching the golden eyed youth how to sign, it was slow going and frustrating, but he stuck at it, and the smaller male seemed to be opening up, and eager to share his language with someone else, at least that’s how it seemed to Remy.

Yuma to had been a labour of love.  When Remy had first inherited her, she was nervous and high maintenance, but he’d kept at it, and now her beauty, speed and growing stamina, were available to him.  He treated his mare with respect, patience, but also a quiet, implacable firmness.  Remy wasn’t sure he’d trust her with another rider, but for him, she was placid and everyone was able to see how beautiful she was, both in appearance and in personality.  She was also clearly getting to know him, because while he had been daydreaming, she’d walked them to the marshes, and in the growing light, he saw a familiar figure, one that brought a smile to his face.

Dismounting easily, and picking up the lead rein, Remy covered the rest of the distance on foot, feeling the cold ground against his pads.  As he drew nearer, his smile broadened.

”Y’ playin’ ‘round with y’ horse again?  Y’ know, not gonna e’er be ridin’ if y’ keep dancin’ round.” He teased good naturedly. ”Y’ need a hand?”

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