[P] Stumbling through a new wasteland divided
Location: Broke-Leg Marsh || NPCs: Amadahy || Form: Optime

They went through all the important steps and Rafaela was impressed with the mare. She flexed and softened like a champ, allowing Rafa to guide her head from shoulder to shoulder and lowering it with the applied pressure, and she seemed pleased to be lead and was more than happy to oblige the young woman when asked to go in a circle.

But for a horse with Amadahy's active spirit, standing still was terribly difficult.

"C'mon, girl, you know this," Rafaela murmured, giving the lead rope a gentle shake. "Back up." Amadahy seemed to consider this for a moment, either not understanding what was being asked of her or unwilling to comply, but before the Tejada could give the lead rope a firmer shake, the mare moved back until the rope was slack again. "Good girl," Rafa praised, giving her tail a wag to convey her pleasure.

The trouble with Amadahy's seeming difficulty in grasping this exercise was that, without the horse's compliance, putting a saddle on her and mounting her to ride would be nearly impossible for Rafaela. The mare needed to learn to stand still when she was being asked to, or else all of the other groundwork that they'd been practicing would be pointless.

Standing there, facing the mare's dark face, Rafaela silently willed her to remain still. But when the sounds of an approaching horse drew their attention, all of Ama's concentration melted away like the sun-kissed hoarfrost.

Rafaela blew out a breath and turned to find Remy, his smile as bright as his eyes. She clicked her tongue against her teeth. "Ain't never gonna ride 'er if she don't learn how t' stand still, neither," she replied sullenly, twisting her lips at Ama.

Amadahy stretched her neck towards Yuma and gave her tail a gentle flick.

"Actually," Rafa began at Remy's offer. "She been doin' better today. If you ain't doin' nothin', I wanna get a saddle on 'er. You think you can hold her lead rope an' keep her standin' still while I do a little work t' get her used to one?" She had already done a little desensitization with Amadahy, but getting a saddle on her and getting her used to the weight of a rider was still her primary goal today.

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