[P] Stumbling through a new wasteland divided
Remy listened as he moved towards the pair, Yuma following quietly along behind.  The young male had no doubt that his horse’s ears were perked up and eyes looked about her.  Remy had begun to realise that a general curiosity was something that indicated high intelligence.  Once they were close enough, Remy dropped the rein, trusting Yuma to stay still, and it was only as he greeted his sister’s horse he realised the action might have looked like a boast.

”Sorry.” he said turning to his sister, giving her a friendly lick on the nose and an apologetic tail wag.  Remy was never happier than when he was around horses or surrounded by family, and after the events that had happened with uncle John, and then the subsequent lack of visiting, Remy relied on his family and friends more so than before, o he was happy to help his sister.

Turning to Ama he tickled the mare’s nose ”Hiya beautiful, are you not standing still.” he said, his tone relaxed and conversational ”I know how you feel, it’s boring, nothing to do and always other interesting things to see, but we promise it’s important.”

As Remy spoke, he ran his hand up the mare’s face and slowly rubbed at her cheek, his smile was pleasant and he may not have even realised his serene expression.  After a moment though, he turned back to his older sister.

”ah’m happy t’ help sis.  I’ll take the rein, and we’ll see what happens with her.  I guess the important thing is, if it doesn’t work, and may not first time, we don’ get disheartened or cross.  Stupid thing is us and them live t’gether, but neither o’ us talk the same language, so sometimes it’s hard to understand.  O’course, if y’ feelin’ brave, could jus’ swing up on her back and give ‘er a start.  Not sayin’ it’s the best thing t’ be doin’ but ah’m not sayin’ ah ain’ done it before.” he grinned, and took the rein from his sister.

”Y’ been okay otherwise?  Ah’ve been workin’ a lot an’ not really been back home much so ain’ spoken to y’ in a while.”

As he asked his question, Remy took hold of the rein and kept on stroking Ama.  The conversation was directed at his sister, but he could see, out of the corner of his eye, that the mare was listening.  He enjoyed talking to his siblings, but it was also a useful tool to signal that everything was normal.

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