[P] Stumbling through a new wasteland divided
Remy listened to his sister as she talked, and he didn’t hold the mare so tightly she couldn’t turn her head to watch if she liked.  Ama wasn’t a prisoner or in trouble, and forcing her into this may well mean the loss of trust and weeks if not months of trying to win it back again.  So instead, Remy held the rein firmly, letting the mare know he was there and in charge, but not pinning her.

”Yeah! Some o’ them are real pieces o’ work, and sittin’ on ‘em and playin’ buckin’ bronco till they tire ‘emselves out and then get ‘em t’ listen, but nah, y’re right, ain’t the right thing for Ama.”

As he spoke, he watched his sister put the saddle on the mare and begin to sinch the girth straps.  Ama was too distracted by Remy’s voice that she forgot to hold her breath and so they didn’t have to give her side a wallop, which was probably for the best.  She really wasn’t as stubborn as a load of the others that they had taken care of before, besides, they’d both had some damn good teachers.

”Jus’ normal chores.” he said, a little sheepishly, and then, almost embarrassed ”An’ a little personal project.  If y’ must know, I’ve been thinkin’ about trying to think which stallion would be good to cover different mares.  Ah really wanna have a Gang horse.  We could breed ‘em strong, faster and better than ever’one else.  Means we could help the pack trade horses and the better we bred ‘em, the more stuff we could get for them and the safer and better off the pack’ll be.”

While the Del Mar might have been repelled, Remy still felt the shadow of the richer relations and was determined to ensure that the gang never was beholden to anyone again.

”What y’ think?  Y’ wanna help?”

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