[P] Stumbling through a new wasteland divided
Location: Broke-Leg Marsh || NPCs: Amadahy || Form: Optime

She looked up briefly when he mentioned that chores had been what was keeping him away, an expression of skepticism plain on her face. Tightening the last of the straps, Rafaela straightened again and looked at her adopted brother with some scrutiny. Was this a real project, or just something he was making up on the fly to make his absences more believable? She watched him for several beats, her expression shifting subtly to one of cautious optimism.

"'Course I wanna help, but..." she trailed off, lifting a hand to scratch an itch along her cheekbone. "Well, seems an awful lot of work for jest us two, 'less you got other folk in mind. I reckon Pa would be right interested, maybe Holly an' Boots, too."

In full brainstorm mode now, Rafa pressed the pad of her index finger against her lips and glanced upwards into the sky, thought forming a crease between her brows. Compared to what she had learned about training and riding horses, she knew next to nothing about breeding them. But she knew that puppies took after their parents, like how she had her daddy's verdant eyes and her mama's small stature, so it stood to reason that horse ought to be the same.

"Fast an' surefooted," she said distantly, coming out of her thoughts. "Like Ama here." She gave the mare's shoulder a pat and grinned at Remy. "You talked to the Rey Salvaje yet 'bout any of this?" As the Gang's leader, Nazario would need to be kept abreast of anything to do with the communal horses. He would also ultimately have the last word, she thought silently. What would he envision a Del Ceneren horse to be like?

"Hold her there, would ya? I'm gonna try an' mount 'er."

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