[AW] While collecting the stars, I connected the dots
OOC: Yuki on a little night adventure 

There had been a change in the pattern of Yuki's sleeping habits. They still controlled a lot of his time, but it seemed to less and less involved with night. Which was a tad annoying; night was when everyone else slept and it felt frustrating that whilst Yuki couldn't stay awake to play or quest during the day, he could run miles during the night when everyone else was sleepy. It's like he was trapped in this odd isolated bubble of strange sleeping habits. His shift seemed to make it occur, or at least it had started happening ever since Yuki changed. Finding a solution would mean troubling someone else, so Yuki decided to just deal with it on his own. He could push himself into staying awake more in the day, unless he got hit with a big wave of drowziness, so Yuki tried not to worry about it. 

For now, rather than lie down and hope for sleep that wasn't coming, the boy left the house and his snoozing family to just enjoy the night. He remained in his four legged form, finding it more comfortable when he tried to sleep, and also warmer since the weather right now was so nippy and cold. The young Tanaka waded through until reaching the meadows, where trees didn't hide the night sky from Yuki's gazing eyes. 

Finding a good spot amongst the tall and damp grass, Yuki sat and looked up, his icy eyes looking towards each speck of light above him. Vaguely, he recalled sights like this in his dreams, where the boy would get to explore a land of wonder and whimsy, escaped from real life. A place Yuki could only see snippets of in his memory when he woke up. Oh well. Yuki didn't need to remember everything, he could make up something new right now with the stars above him, he could count them all until sleep hopefully came to him.

Yuki Tanaka

hello brother, my ally in our war against the sisters
Dorian had no real issues sleeping, especially when the girls calmed down and left him alone to sleep properly. He knew that Yuki had troubles with sleeping right, but no one really seemed too worried about the boy's sleeping habits. Dorian didn't worry either, wishing that his brother was more awake when he was really needed. He needed Yuki when the girls got antsy and insisted on tormenting someone. As the youngest and the wakeful brother, Dorian had found himself as the choice target.

It sucked. It sucked a lot.

One night, the six of them had gone down for bed and their parents were scarce. They were either awake and not home, or asleep and very much home. Either way, Dorian had been happy to sleep in that family pile of limbs. In his half-asleep state, he nearly didn't realize that a body was suddenly missing from the mass of siblings.

A sudden kick to his middle from an oversized foot jerked him awake. He blinked around the darkness and realized that there was one pale sibling missing. Valkyrie, who had kicked him awake, rested her hind feet on Dorian's back. Carefully, the youngest Savoy slipped from under Valkyrie's feet and quietly slipped away from the sisters snoring.

The sharp wind that hit his face when he slipped out the door made him wince. Why would Yuki go out on such a night? It was cold and unpleasantly windy. It took a moment but when he adjusted to the shift in temperature and brightness, Dorian took off in the direction of his only full-blooded brother.

Yuki was wide awake and hidden in the grass from what Dorian could tell. Man, his sleep was really screwed up if he was wandering full of energy in the middle of the night.

"Yuki, couldn't sleep?" he asked groggily. He stifled a yawn, coming up beside the elder boy.
One shining star. Yuki had to wonder if there really was any way for him to stop this annoying sleeping pattern thing. Surely he could get healed for it or something, but then was that implying he was even injured? Plus it would be putting pressure on someone else to help and really, Yuki didn't want to bother someone like that. 

Two shining stars. Besides, the boy was fine really, sure he missed out on a lot of the fun but when he was awake he truly enjoyed the time he got to spend with family. Playing with the others, trying his hardest to have Dorian's back when the brothers felt a battle of the siblings coming along. Yuki certainly wasn't miserable. And yet.

Three shining stars. It would be nice to do something in order to be involved some more, and not just a sleepy version of Yuki that couldn't always remember what was going on. Maybe it did have something to do with sleeping at night. 

Four shining stars. Maybe if Yuki could find a good way to make himself sleep in the cuddle pile with his siblings, he wouldn't be napping all day long and miss out on all the adventures. 

Five shing stars. Someone was coming over to greet the boy. His eyes remained glued to the dark sky and the counting of the sparkling stars, but Yuki's ears heard footprints moving slowly closer. With a familiar voice, the boy pulled his eyes away from the lights above him to see Dorian standing there, looking comically drowzy. With all the energy of an early morning bird, Yuki got up to meet his brother. "I wanted to count all the stars, it feel more important than sleeping." Yuki tried as an excuse, before giggling. "Though yeah... maybe I also couldn't sleep."

Sitting down once close enough, practically leaning into Dorian, Yuki sighed. "What about you?"

Yuki Tanaka

Yuki had to have been his favorite littermate, mostly because he did not torment Dorian or try to be a pain at every moment in the day. Yuki didn't take every chance he got to poke and press and mock and tease. He had to say he loved his only full brother to bits since Yuki was just not like the girls. Every one of them were full of energy and oftentimes malicious as siblings were want to be. Their tumultuous unit of six seemed so drastically different than their half-sibling trio with their calm and very unified affection.

Why couldn't they have gotten nice sisters?

"You're going to be doing that until your eyes go cross-eyed," he warned halfheartedly. It seemed like a much better idea than becoming a chew toy for a half-asleep sister.

As much as it should have concerned him Yuki wasn't getting enough sleep, the idea was still too far from his mind. They were so young still that the consequences and concerns were fleeting concepts in his mind. He disregarded the nagging feeling that it wasn't good and let Yuki lean on him, leaning right back at him. Four legs was the most familiar thing, even if thumbs gave them the whole world on a plate.

"I was sleeping until Valkyrie rammed her big feet right into my ribs." Dorian raised a paw to his chest, the gesture somewhat more awkward than it would have been if he had been shifted. "Better her feet than her teeth, though," he added with a sigh.

Dorian let out a yawn that split his mouth wide. Yuki seemed so much more awake.

"Whatchu think all the stars mean?" he asked, fighting the sweet calling of sleep that lurked nearby.
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Yuki cherished the energy of all his siblings, though even he could admit that sometimes their sisters were annoying. Typically Yuki managed to get out of the line of fire by being asleep when the action happened, but when he was awake to take on their torment with Dorian, he was quick to take his brother's side. But it still came without much animosity to the sisters. 

Yuki glanced back up the stars again, shamed to see that he'd already lost the place he was counting from, but chuckled to Dorian. "That or maybe I'll start seeing stars everywhere, even during the day." Yuki posed. He didn't see much wrong with that though; the boy did enjoy star-gazing. It felt special to him, something to keep Yuki busy during the nights, something comforting to look up and stare at. One day when he was better at using his hands, Yuki would take some papar and charcoal outside to draw some of the stars, it would help him count them all and remember where they all were.

Discovering what had Dorian wake up, Yuki had to snort a little. "Hah, sorry it's just... they never stop do they? Even in their sleep they don't leave you alone." Yuki commented, holding back his chuckles behind a smirk. Avoiding the sleep-kicking sisters must be another merit to Yuki staying awake through the night. The boy had to keep a tally for all the perks of being nocturnal; otherwise it would feel like a problem.

"I think they're another place... like when you look into a puddle and see yourself... maybe all the stars are like that, just tiny, sparkling copies of us." Yuki suggested, a quick dip into the boy's vast imagination and one of the many theories as to what the dancing sky of stars could be. The smaller brother took note of Dorian's yawns and chuckled. "If you fall asleep I'll carry you back... it'll be a lot easier now we can shift."

Yuki Tanaka

You have to fight for what's in your heart
Dorian made a face.

Would seeing the stars during the day really be a good thing? That sounded kind of like it would be a sign of insanity. But was it actually such a bad thing, really? Dorian looked up at the sky, the stars speckled across it in vivid dots and tints of mixing light. What if there was a place with this sight all the time? Did such a place truly exist? Could they even find the place where it was always dark, always night, and always beautifully starry? He doubted, but he knew that it would be a wonderful place for Yuki.

His face settled back into sleepy calm, before sighing in mild indignation.

"Sometimes they do. Most of the time, not really. I'm the youngest. I'm the easiest to pick on," he said without much emotion and a whole lot of resignation to his reality. It was the lot in life of the youngest in the absence of a true blue runt to take the beating of the multitude. He had confidence that the day would come when he would be too big and the sport of too little interest that his sisters would no longer find fun in pestering him. It wasn't coming fast enough, but it was at least coming.

His eyes lifted from the grass of the now to the stars of the beyond. "Many copies? That's a neat idea. What if they're not copies? But also like us?" he rambled, furrowing brows as the concept grew too big to hold in his head very well. It made no sense to him but yet did at the same time. It was baffling.

"I'll walk, thanks," he replied with a look of indignation. That would be the last straw on any chance at dignity he could have had if Yuki carried him in. "Do you think I'd ever live that down if they saw? I'd rather not give them any more ideas." He huffed, taking little steps with his front paws until he was laying down on his belly.

"I heard the stars are souls. All the many who were before but aren't now." It sounded odd coming from his mouth but it also seemed right - as right as the other ideas they had. How could they know the truth? "I think I'd like being a star." Even if he wasn't around anymore.

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Yuki never questioned all of the thoughts of imaginary places that came into his mind. A mix of his childish ignorance of the real world and a well-shaped imagination meant it was easy for the boy to think of a new extraordinary thing and latch onto it. From the dreams he could remember of whimsical worlds of colour and stars, to thinking of how the real world could become something magical too. It would probably never happen, but it was nice to think about, wasn't it? He probably lost his brother on that one though, if Dorian's sigh was anything to go by. Yuki chuckled warmly to his brother before listening further. 

There was a little hit of regret in Yuki's stomach to know that Dorian still got picked on by the others. Yuki loved his sisters, but even he knew they could be too much, and four against one was never fair. Whenever Yuki was around he could find ways to keep the peace but well... he wasn't often around. Sighing, Yuki flicked his eyes and glanced up to Dorian. "Sorry I'm hardly around to stop them... I just... struggle during the day. Once I stop though we can totally team up on them, maybe when we're even bigger and stronger." The boy replied.

Not going to remain feeling down, Yuki quickly giggled to Dorian's remarks on being carried and booped the top of his brother's head with his nose as Dorian lay down. "Fine, but I'm sure I could think of some really cool reason... maybe you'd saved me from a monster or something but got tired, so I carried you back like a hero." Yuki offered, though was happy to drop the idea now that he'd gotten some fun out of it. 

Stars being souls, Yuki could imagine that pretty well. He looked up to the dancing lights and hummed. "Me too, we could fly wherever we wanted to then." Yuki added.

Yuki Tanaka

You have to fight for what's in your heart
Dorian gave a half shoulder shrug at his brother's apologies. They were heartfelt at the core, surely, but the youngest sibling knew there was little to apologize for. "Not your fault they're butt-faces. You didn't make 'em that way." Yuki was probably the last one to ever be blamed for making the girls the way they were. It would be quite a problem if he had. Dorian knew that there was no way around it that their sisters were simple the way they were meant to be. Though, it still annoyed the ever loving daylights out of him.

He huffed out the sides of his mouth, grumbling over the way that Yuki bopped the top of his head. It felt somewhat like being teased, but it wasn't malicious like some of the other types of teasing he had been a victim of in the past. He didn't shake it away or try to brush Yuki away. It was nice to see his brother so awake, even if he himself was rather dozy. The stars were slowly starting to blur whenever he had too long of a blink. Sleep was threatening his decidedly good time with his brother, something that he had known it was limited while Yuki suffered his bizarre affliction.

Dorian's entire mouth stretched wide into that huge, wide yawn that showed his teeth and made his head look tiny in comparison. He licked at his lips when it was done, smacking a little. He wouldn't be caught by sleep so easily. He shook his head and his ears made a slight flopping sound as he did his damnedest to wake himself up.

Wake up! Idiot! Wake up! How often was he going to get a quiet moment with Yuki without annoying interference?

"I'd fly to the moon first. What do you think's on the moon? Or would it be boring when we could go anywhere else? What if there was a place out there that was just made of slimy seaweed and honey drippings on bread..," he trailed off a little, his head dropping down onto his forelegs before jerking straight back up. "Or, uh, uhm.. like a big castle in the sky?" he added, pretending like he totally hadn't almost fallen asleep with the thought of food on his mind. "Or maybe somewhere with butterflies the size of Myra?" Yup, totally didn't fall asleep.

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Scoffing at the comment, Yuki tried to take it to heart. He constantly felt bad for his siblings to be absent all the time but so long as they were still alright with it then Yuki wouldn't push to apologise all the time. He could tell he worried them all on occasions but that was the last thing Yuki wanted from anyone. He just wanted to see them smile, and maybe share a smile or two here and there. The girls weren't too bad anyway, annoying for sure but it was clear all six of the siblings were close. Yuki couldn't think of any others he'd like to spend his time with after all, so how bad could they all be? 

Again Dorian fought against sleep in the same ways Yuki battled it during the day, so the Tanaka boy was quick to pick up on it and smirk. He was honoured that Dorian was fighting so hard just to stay awake and spend time with him, but Yuki knew personally that it was exhausting to keep pushing drowziness away. 

But hearing the words out of Dorian's mouth was priceless, and it made Yuki forget any feelings of regret for keeping his brother awake just to listen to them. 

Slimy seaweed, honey-dripping on bread, casltes in the sky, giant butterflies... Dorian was speaking Yuki's language. "Or a land of floating islands with water instead of the sky and trees made of clouds." Yuki suggested, "Where the fish are flying and the birds are swimming." All imaginatary thoughts taken from Yuki's vague memories of his dreams. Sensing the drifting state of his brother, Yuki booped him again with his nose, keeping close to Dorian's ear as he spoke. "You can go visit those places right now you know, in your dreams." Yuki explained, then chuckled, "Which will probably happen soon, sleepy head." Getting up and nudging Dorian's side, Yuki smirked and wagged his tail. 

"Come on, let's go home, I'll stay inside with you to make sure Valkkyrie doesn't kick you again." Yuki suggested, hoping Dorian could make it home before sleep completely swept him away.

Yuki Tanaka

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Trees made of clouds sounded fluffy, even if climbing them sounded like an excessive challenge. In a place where it existed, it would have been possible. He figured that they would have been made to handle such a thing, ludicrous as it seemed to them. Maybe they would have had wings to fly and leap from island to island, gliding through puffy trees that waved an made little leaves of fluff waft into the wind. Oh, that sounded really pretty, even as his brain scrambled to move on to the next imagine. It was hardly operating at peak efficiency.

"If fish are flying, they're not fish are they? And if birds are swimming, they're not birds. They'd be fish birds and bird fish. Or.. whichever. Swimming birds? Flying Fish? No, that's silly," he rambled off, squinting up at the blurring sky as he tried to imagine a bird with a fish tail and a fish with scaly bird-like wings. It was not a good picture he painted for himself, mostly smashing the two together into a scaly, feathered monstrosity that suddenly had a massive single goat eye in the center of its face.

Dorian shuddered. Okay, he was tired.

But why was Yuki talking to him like he was a baby? Dorian gave a gruff grunt of indignation. He wasn't a child, even if he was relatively sleepy. "Relatively" being a very loose term for "very". Grumbling, the Savoy boy rose from his too comfortable position and stretched out his legs to try and get some wakefulness back in them. 

"You're not my babysitter, Yuki," he complained as he turned himself around toward the house. "But that also really sounds nice. I don't like waking up with mysterious bruises in the morning." He yawned wide, tracking down toward their house with a bleary-eyed focus.

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