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It was a rare occasion for Wither Rose to not be completely shitfaced as soon as the sun set — and even though it was certainly not by choice (a booze run was in order, as her stock was dangerously low), she almost felt a bit proud of herself, as if she wasn't a complete screw-up and she had every intentions of going straight edge.

Of course, the more she thought about it and stewed over it, it just made her want a drink even more, so she tried to clear her head with a little walk. It didn't help the jitters much, but they weren't so bad if she didn't pay attention to them.

By some miracle, Cinder had come out with her, but she doubted his motives — why would a cat that was lazier than all hell decide to follow his owner that he barely tolerated out in the cold? He was probably hungry, Wither figured, and would leave her behind to go hunt, but eh, that didn't bother her too much. It was nice to see him outside of the house for once, if nothing else, because he'd barely left since the incident.

While it amused her to no end that he had knocked up Fennore's cat somehow, it was a bit disappointing that he'd turned out to be a deadbeat dad. Maybe one of those little kittens would very conveniently plop into their path, but Wither wasn't expecting two acts of god in one night.

Occasionally she would look down at him, jutting her foot out in his path to try and trip him, but Cin would only roll those ugly swamp green eyes up at her and mrrrow, clearly not fooled. "Yeah, well, was worth a shot," she finally sighed, and they continued on silently until she inevitably would try again.

To no avail, of course. Dumb as he looked, Cinder was a surprisingly smart cat. Not that it required a lot of brain power to see through her ruse anyway.

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The night wasn't so bad a company, Yuki supposed. He could spend hours rolling around the sleeping pile of his siblings, trying to catch sleep that wasn't there, or he could bare through the cold and explore the Caledonian lands when there weren't many others around. Boring at times, but Yuki had a good enough imagination to keep himself going. It wouldn't beat having his actual siblings around him, squabbling about this and that, asking Yuki for opinions which the polite boy would often reply with a joke or quick comment. Though perhaps simply imagining some friends to hang out with would do for now, no one was around to call Yuki silly for wanting to think up someone to talk to. 

He had a cast of imaginary friends to call upon, though he hadn't settled down on one long enough to give them names yet. Usually the boy's mind could muster up the likes of a little bird, perhaps another canine or even a cat. Just some sort of creature that only Yuki could see which the boy could talk at whilst he wandered around to let out his energy. But tonight maybe Yuki didn't need to rely on that. He walked into town, not expecting to see anyone, planning to find an empty house to explore, only to hear a voice coming from ahead. 

There was a lady, and a cat! Not an imaginary one either like the ones that Yuki would think up, but an actual fluffy one. The boy smiled a little, their company might be a nice addition to the night, provided they wanted to entertain a young night-dwelling kid. "Hello miss!" Yuki began, waving a hand over to them. "Before you ask, don't worry, I'm not trying to sneak away from my parents or something, I just like to wander around at night." Not that Yuki figured his parents would even mind, Yuki had no intention of going too far away yet during his little night adventures.
Yuki Tanaka
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Several things in the new few seconds caught her off-guard. For starters, this mysterious (and very specifically pitched and cracking) voice was calling her, a lost cause and wildling as far as her mentor was concerned, a "Miss," and that just felt all sorts of wrong. Then there was the fact that it was well beyond dusk and there was a kid out here in the first place. Were his parents not around or something?

But when she turned to glance at him, the look of surprise and a bit of indignation twisted on her muzzle, Wither began to realize who this kid was. Sort of. He was familiar, at least, even if it was the thinnest of recognitions and nothing concrete. At her feet, Cinder let loose another low, rumbling mrrrow, one that the mutt promptly ignored.

"Uh... Okay," she said slowly, turning around to face him fully, her pale eyes looking him up and down. He had all of those awkward proportions of a kid that just learned how to shift, still not completely filling out their skin, and she cocked her head at him.

"Do they know you like to do that? Seems kinda suspicious." Did kids this age normally wander around at night? Did she do that? It felt as though she was this young centuries ago, even though it really hadn't been all that long ago, all things considered.

Still, she cracked a little smile at him, not looking to spook him. Wither wasn't a teetotaler, nor was she imposing like the other adults here — this kid was lucky he ran into her instead of some other folks, lest they shoo him back to his house with nary an argument.

"Can't sleep or something? Or do you just like to stargaze?" Probably not the latter, because the Square wasn't the best spot for such; he'd be much better off on the cliffs, at the very least.

"I dunno if I can condone you wandering around by yourself, but, uh... I won't tell your parents, if that's what you're worried about." That would've been her first worry if she'd been in his position, her mom raising hell over something so innocuous and stupid like taking a night stroll. Might as well dispel that fear before it took shape, if it were the case.

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Perhaps it was natural that at least one of the six siblings would come out as mellow and polite, Yuki strived to be the nicest he could be to everyone he met. He could joke and jest just fine, so long as they didn't harm anyone, but he found no reason why he shouldn't act as amicable as possible all the time. This pack was his home, and that made the others in the pack also a part of that home. Yuki didn't care if he didn't know them well, he still thought everyone in here deserved him trying his best to be nice to them. The boy had yet to really meet anyone he thought didn't derserve politeness, though he imagined he'd at the very least try to treat them the same. If they were really unkind then well... Yuki had never fought before but something deep down in his gut told him that he definitely had a breaking point in his tolerance. 

Introductions to others he didn't know were typically made with some polite titles, things Yuki has picked up from listening in to others conversations during more formal events. Yuki chuckled as he stood, leaning on one foot and then the other, lost to the irony that he could barely move around during the day and yet at night Yuki could hardly stop. "They sort of know... I'm sure they'd like it if I stayed at home but I can't." Yuki explained, scratching the back of his neck. 

"It's actually both. Can't sleep at night so I look at the stars, or just wander around like I'm doing now, whatever stops me from being bored." The kid replied, glancing towards the cat near the lady's feet then back to her. "I know it isn't great to be on my own in the dark, but most of the time I don't really have a choice." Yuki added, quickly replacing his expression with a smile to ensure he definitely wasn't moping. "It's better than dragging one of my sleepy siblings around anyway. But thanks... I really hope I don't worry them even if they do know."

The boy was pacing a bit, stepping into bits of snow then turning around to investigate the prints left behind, all whilst still engaging in conversation. "I'm Yuki by the way, my parents are Kalypso and Torabera. I don't know your name though... but I'm not around much during the day."

Yuki Tanaka
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She put a hand on her hip, leaning into it and regarding him with an upturned nose and a long "hmmmm."

It felt awful weird to be on the other side of a conversation like this. Oftentimes it was Wither doing questionable things at night and other people looking down on her and silently judging. Immediately she didn't like the feeling anymore and loosened her little power stance with a chuckle, showing it was a joke. "Don't worry, I'm not the fun police or anything."

"As long as you aren't hurting anybody, or yourself, I reckon it's okay," she agreed with a little shrug. "I guess if you're gonna be wandering anywhere, City Square's the best place for it, bein' lit up at night and right in the middle of everything 'n all." Not so much for stargazing, but still. There were certainly worse things to be getting up to at night, after all.

When Yuki revealed his identity, everything seemed to fall into place, and she blinked a few times at him, tilting her head this way and that as she got a better look at him. "Oooooh, no wonder you look so damn familiar. You're Tora's boy." Made sense. He seemed a pretty good blend of both of his parents, she guessed. It was still kind of weird for her to think about Tora having kids at all — she never would've taken him for dad material — but things kind of just happened sometimes, didn't they? He'd grow into it, probably.

"I'm Wither Rose. Just Wither is fine." She sniffed, rubbing her nose. "I'm surprised I haven't seen you, either. I'm out and about at night, sometimes, but I guess you're also, what, just into your first shift, right? So, makes sense." Unless he just had a really young face. But his kids weren't that old yet, right?

"Oh, and, uh, this sourpuss here is Cinder." Nudging the Maine Coon with her foot, the one in question took it upon himself to sit on the ground, right over her toes, and summarily ignore the pair of them. "You might can pet him, but he's kind of an asshole. Don't want you losing a finger." She winked at him.

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Yuki didn't really worry about being told off. Many pups would constantly fear the wrath of their parents, after all it was what taught a child right from wrong, what to do and what not to do. But Yuki for the most part, didn't do a lot wrong. He wasn't around during the day to get in trouble, and during the night there was no one to watch out for him. But the boy didn't exploit that; he tried to remain as safe as possible during the night, just because he'd hate to make his family worry. They already seemed concerned for all his sleeping, so Yuki didn't want to give them anything else to think about. Still, Wither pretending to be a judgemental adult got a giggle out of Yuki, the boy too easy-going to feel nervous under her stare. 

"I've only fallen over a few times, with all the snow it doesn't really hurt or anything though." Yuki explained. "I tend to stick close to home, but sometimes it's fun to run around in the dark, anything to keep from being bored." And the boy really did get bored a lot, but that's what he got for spending all day sleeping then almost getting suffocated by a mass of youthful energy all night long. The use of his dad's nickname made Yuki smile, now assuming Wither had to be a friend if she knew the boy's father on good terms. "Yeah, that's right. And it's not been long since we all shifted. My whole 'wandering around all night' thing only started happening since we shifted." He explained, filling in the gap as to why he'd not really formally met Wither until now. 

"Hi Cinder, I'll leave you be, but you're a handsome fella." Yuki answered to the cat, crouching down to the big fluffy beast's level with smile at him before swiftly getting back up. "Well Miss Wither, what brings you out at night?" Yuki asked, "Do I need to tell anyone you're out here?" The kid winked, feeling  relaxed enough to joke around someone he could only assume was a family friend.

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It was a good thing that Yuki, from first appearances, seemed to take more after his dad than his mom. Truthfully, Wither knew very little about Kalypso, but for whatever reason she always had gotten Fennore vibes — whether or not that was accurate was yet to be seen, but she wasn't too caught-up in finding out for herself. It probably boiled down to Kaly being a High Lady, and that title had already been ruined for Wither when Fennore first came home parading around her promotion like it was something to be proud of.

And maybe it was, and maybe Kalypso wasn't like her at all. But there were bigger fish to fry, and Wither was content in just quietly avoiding those she had an irrational fear of.

She felt with his sentiment of growing bored. Except for Wither, an easy way to cure boredom was through... questionable means, mainly her cache of paint-thinner vodka and the occasional joint she traded for along and along. Yuki was a bit too young for adult things like that. At least the latter. Right? How old had she been when she first found her mother's whiskey? God, that had been the whooping of the century.

"Oh, you know," as if he did know and as if her own nightly wanderings were obvious, "Guess I'm just trying to clear my head. It's easy to think about how damn freezing my feet are and not worry about anything else, y'know?" She laughed, finding his easy-going demeanor endlessly refreshing.

At least Cinder was helping stave off the cold, but his dense fur could only do so much. "Tell you what," she started. "I still got a fire going back at my house, it'd be easy to throw a couple logs on and bring it back to life. You wanna get out of this cold for a bit? It's just back that way, and before you ask, no, I'm not some axe murderer or anything. Tora would skin me alive if I even looked at you the wrong way, I'm sure."

He was kind of scary in the right light with all of his scars and his swords.

"Or you can stay out here, if you want. Ball's in your court." She slipped her foot out from under the cat, and Cin groaned, reluctantly moving to stand up.

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When Yuki had first started his venturing outside during the night, to avoid the boredom of watching all his siblings snore away for hours whilst he himself just couldn't close his eyes, he'd hoped to see others. The boy had thought that maybe, just maybe, if he saw enough Caledonians out and about at night then that might help clear up at least some of his worries about being up all night. Sure, he doubted anyone in the pack slept throughout the day like he did in such an uncontrollable manner, but if there were adults who roamed the night then perhaps Yuki wouldn't feel so weird and different. 

Partly the case. Yuki didn't see many out at night, but just enough to keep the boy gleaming whenever he saw them and instantly desiring their company. He didn't care if his night-time friend was only awake due to a bad night or busy schedule, their presence was enough for Yuki's spirits to be lifted. He did feel bad though, when he met pack-mates who were befriending the night to avoid the horrors in their sleep or mind. It was something Yuki couldn't really help fix, other than just offer out his warm smiles and hopefully good company for a little bit. 

"Oh yeah absolutely!" Yuki agreed, pressing his feet into some crunchy snow for empathsis. "When it's all dark and quiet, there's nothing else around to distract you and you can just listen to sounds of the snow and stuff like that." For a moment Yuki wondered if Wither's desire to distract her mind with cold snow meant she also wanted to left alone, but she countered those thoughts with an invitation into her home. 

Yuki's face lit up and the boy giggled. "I'm sure you're not an axe murderer... but yeah best not to mess with my dad, he's real strong." Yuki replied. He had vague, really vague memories of seeing his dad come home injured, which although stressful was also a sign to Yuki that the man was very tough. "But a warm house sounds nice!"

Yuki Tanaka
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Wither Rose was not much of a thinker. Not because she didn't have any of her own thoughts, but because she found that stewing over them and losing sleep over them was no way to live. She didn't like to perform mental gymnastics to see where her actions would lead, instead opting to plan as she went and deal with the consequences later. Flying by the seat of her pants had always worked out before, so she had no reason to stop doing it now — so when the thoughts and worries piled up, going on a walk or a run or stalking the woods on a hunt were natural ways of side-stepping them.

Maybe Yuki was like that, too. Maybe he didn't like all the thoughts crowding in his head when he tried to sleep at night, and that was why they had ran into each other in the first place.

"Well, c'mon, then," she told him, clicking her tongue to get the cat at her feet to get off of his lazy ass. "You too, Cin, unless you're gonna go out looking for rats or something."

It appeared as though the cat had lost his will to hunt that night, instead enticed by the idea of a warm fire, so he led the way back to the house.

"He is really strong," she agreed as they went along, way after the fact. "Your dad, I mean. I'd like to be like him one day, even." Not only did Tora have the best job in the world — beating people up and getting paid for it — but the life he'd carved out for himself in Caledonia didn't seem too shabby, either. It wasn't hard to see why a girl like Wither would've looked up to him, even if the Tanaka patriarch would've probably hated that idea.

"Welp, this is the place." She had to fight with the door a bit since it was a bit ill-fitted to the frame, but once inside, she gestured to the ratty couch in front of the dying hearth. "Should be some firewood right there if you wanna try and get it goin' again. Just needs a little push, is all."

She found herself mid-motion in the other room that had once been a kitchen, where she kept all of her extra stores and her bottles of whisky and vodka. Her routine had always been to come home and pour a shot, just to unwind, and subconsciously she found herself in the midst of it again, even if she hadn't intended to drink at all.

It always came back to this. At least it could actually serve a purpose for them now, though, and she debated for a long while what to do next.

"Here," she finally said, coming back to the fire to present him with a small cup. "This'll help warm you up, too, but you might wanna pinch your nose. It doesn't taste great, but it helps get you warm on the inside."

If there was any questionable decision she had made that night, it would be this one. Only minutes before she had deemed Yuki far too young to ever try it, but already she had turned that designation on its head.

"Or, uh, y'know, if you don't want it, then no worries, of course." Wither was almost secretly hoping he'd decline, if only so she could feel better about herself giving some kid booze. But it wasn't even that much, right? Just a sip, just enough. How many times had she used that excuse in the past, though, when she promised to pace herself?

She was thinking too much and she didn't like it.

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What with Wither commenting on wanting to be like Yuki's dad, the boy hummed in agreement of thought of all the times he'd heard things like that. His competitive siblings certainly wanted to live up to the high-ranking titles of their parents. It was always part of their constant challenged towards one another; who would get the strongest first and be like dad, who would be the smartest like mum. Who would be the best, who would get the most attention and be praised the most. Yuki didn't think like his other siblings; he had the motivation for sure but the thing about motivation is that you typically needed to be awake to use it. Which Yuki never was, and during his youth before shifting and spending his nights wandering around, the boy was fully aware at just how far behind he was dragging compared to the others. 

So perhaps Yuki's lack of desire to be like his parents stemmed from the need to not fall into the competitive pattern of his siblings, perhaps Yuki just wanted to find a reason to be himself and proud of himself, rather than chase after a comparision to his amazing dad. "I'm sure you'll get there, Miss. Wither!" Yuki commented as they walked, only a few moments after the lady had made the remark. 

Once inside, with Yuki brushing off what snow had collected on his shoulders before stepping inside, the kid followed the words of Wither until she'd led him over to the fireplace. Given the option to get the fire going, Yuki held back a bewildered expression to instead attempt to do his best. Couldn't be too hard, Yuki had seen his parents start a fire or two, it was all about collecting wood together then clicking some rocks over them. But then Yuki noticed that the wood that had already been used was still glowing with a bit of an red glow, so all the boy needed to do was introduce some new dry stuff to get it burning again. 

Careful with the wood, Yuki grinned at the sounds of snapping as the heat took well to the new fuel, with warm air now steadily flowing from the fireplace. 

Filled with pride that he didn't just... ruin the fire, Yuki grinned as Wither came back with a small cup. It had some sort of liquid in it, though not much, but Yuki didn't want to look too confused or act ungrateful. But Wither commenting on holding his nose made Yuki frown and sniff the cup. Oh, that was something strong. Yuki recognised the smell a bit but couldn't place it, so without thinking it over too much he took a sip. 

"Gosh, this tastes... different." Yuki commented, then sipping it again whilst trying hard not to pull a face. It didn't taste bad per say, just not what Yuki was used to, which was just water so really anything new would taste different. 

Yuki Tanaka
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"Yeah, it's, uh, a little different." She rubbed her nose, trying her damndest to ignore the little shake in her hands.

"Probably don't want your dad knowing you drank it, though," she flashed him a little grin, winking. "At least, not 'til you're a little older. It's whisky."

Would Tora really care, though?

Taking a seat beside him on the couch, Wither buried her hands into her lap in a vain attempt to get them to stop jittering, and she ignored the stout, bitter scent emanating from his cup. Nope, she didn't need it, no siree. This was just a courtesy to Yuki. Not like he could get a swig of much of anything in his own house without anyone knowing. This was just a favor. A taste of what was to come.

The more she tried to justify it, the more it fell flat on its face.

"Nice job with the fire," she commented, giving a nod to the hearth. It looked as though Cinder had already found his place by the warmth, his large, fluffy body coiled just in front of the fireplace, his chest slowly rising and falling with his breaths. He couldn't have cared less about the two luperci if he tried.

"You can pace yourself, by the way. It's a little strong." Just in case he felt obligated to drink it all. If Yuki was anything like Wither, she never let a drop of it go to waste. "You warmin' up yet? I swear this house has the worst draft, even though I got all the windows covered and everything."

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Yuki's tongue dipped back into the cup for another taste and a little cough. It really did taste weird, like if drinks could be sharp like a dagger, then this drink would be slicing Yuki's tongue up right now. Yet it wasn't unpleasant to drink; it was facinating if nothing else. Perhaps the open-minded boy was just willing to keep trying new things, even ones that others might find unpleasant. He glanced up to Wither as she explained, pausing his lapping for a moment when she commented that his dad wouldn't want to know about this. That was a little red flag for Yuki; he hated the idea of doing anything wrong and upsetting his parents. 

But then Wither didn't seem so worried about it and well, Yuki was already drinking it so he guessed it was too late to refuse. Plus refusing would mean wasting the drink, which Yuki also didn't like. So with a little smile, the boy sipped again. "One drink isn't too bad I guess right?" Yuki replied, "But don't worry, I won't tell my dad anything either."

As much as Yuki was one for sticking to rules and not disobeying his parents, he also didn't want to see Wither get into trouble for something so simple as sharing a drink. Besides, the whiskey wasn't the only thing, Wither was also giving somewhere for Yuki to hang out away from the cold and snow. He sipped again, this time having a bit more of the drink since the spiky taste wasn't so bad anymore. "Yeah yeah, I'm warm enough thank you!" Sure there was still a bit of chill but Yuki wasn't going to dare complain when Wither was being so nice. 

"So Miss Wither, what do you do in New Caledonia?" Yuki asked curiously, wanting to expand his knowledge on others in the pack beyond the close circle of his family. 

Yuki Tanaka
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He was a nice kid. A good kid. Probably the sort of kid that shouldn't have been drinking anything in the first place, and her resolve wavered when it looked like Yuki didn't like the sound of not tattletaling to his parents — but in the end, he justified it just like she had. Maybe because she opened up her house to him, he felt obligated. That and the fact she was technically his elder, and yep, there she went, overthinking again, and she rubbed the space between her eyes before dropping it altogether.

What did she do around here, when she wasn't blurry-eyed and hungover? It took Wither a bit longer than she would've liked to come up with a response.

"A bit of this, a bit of that," she said in a nonanswer, her toes wriggling as the warmth of the fire hit them. "I do a lot of hunting, patrolling, pretty handy with a bow and arrow, y'know. The bigger kills I take to this scary lady, the Dark Strider — you know her? I think she's from the Old Caledonia." She huffed at the thought of strange woman. "Anyway, she tans the hides and keeps the pelts for us to trade later on or use or whatever."

Cutting her eyes to the youth, her brow rose. "What're you lookin' to do when you get a bit older, hmm? You gonna be big 'n bad like your father or all sophisticated like your mama?"

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Yuki's knowledge of others in the pack wasn't really that grand, though that was down to him spending very little time around others from his sleep habits. Still, he thought Wither was nice and even if she was giving him something to drink that he probably shouldn't, Yuki felt it was a kind enough offer to not refuse. He hoped others in the pack were like Wither. Perhaps not in the sense of giving Yuki alcohol, but maybe just in listening to the kid, welcoming him around and making the sleepy boy feel like a part of something. He had a big family which already fitted the quota of belonging fairly well, but family was kind of an obligation, a kind one but still an obligation. Being part of a bigger pack, a bigger family, was a choice, and Yuki hoped to earn it some day. 

As far as he knew, earning a place came with work, which prompted him to ask about Wither's job. With keen interest and a smile, Yuki listened to Wither explain what she did; hunting and all the things that came with using a bow and arrow. Considering all the food everyone in the pack at, Yuki considered hunting to be pretty useful. Plus, his own poor attempts at hunting at night proved that it was no simple feat either. Widening his soft blue eyes, Yuki gasped a little. "Gosh that must be a lot of work, hunting down a lot of things, that's really impressive!" 

Yuki dreamed to doing something useful and impressive, but well... there was a big flaw in the boy's dreams. A quiver in his smile at Wither's counter-question, and Yuki sighed. "I'm... not sure. I really want to do something useful, maybe make things or fix things... the kind of job I can do during the night when no one is around or can't do during the day because they're busy." Yuki explained, then slumped his shoulders and gave Wither a sad smile. "But getting good at something takes time right? And I... don't have much of that, not when I'm asleep all day. I wish I wasn't... but I can't seem to stop it."

Yuki Tanaka
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She blew air through her nose at his fascination. Kids were always wide-eyed and impressed by everything, so something that seemed as mundane and as natural as hunting was the equivalent of her hanging the moon from the sky. "Yeah," was all she said, letting her voice trail off. It didn't seem as cool when she said it like that, but at least Yuki got a kick out of it.

Humming at his words, she gave it a good think, tapping at her muzzle before she came up with an adequate, if not slightly lacking, response. "Not a whole lot you can do at night," she thought, aloud. "Besides patrolling, if anyone tries to sneak in when it's all dark. But I'm sure you'll find something you like. It'll hit you in the face when it happens, even if you don't know right now."

They could use more craftsmen, but it was difficult to understand the logistics in Yuki's situation. He couldn't very well be hammering away on houses in the dead of night when everyone was trying to sleep, but maybe if he was interested in smaller contraptions or wood-working or something — aw, hell, I dunno. I'm not the right person to give advice.

"You still got the time," she added with a sagely nod, as if this was secretly profound, "It's just, uh, y'know, a different kind of time. Or something. Y'know what I mean?"

Yuki sure as hell wasn't going to make any breakthroughs with her kind of guidance, but the least Wither could do was try to reassure him, for whatever that was worth. It only seemed fair after she served him booze without him knowing or even asking for it.

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Yuki just had to be facinated by everything. Things would be dull if he treated the new like it wasn't special. If Yuki was more closed off, he might had refused a drink from Wither, or considered her job nothing special. But he wasn't like that; he wished to make the most out of life and everything around him, not take for granted all the things he still got to experience during the night-time. 

So Wither, with her best effort, tried to convince Yuki that although his schedule differed so much, he'd still find a calling. It made Yuki smile after he took another sip of his drink, and nodded his head. "You're right Miss Wither... I might not really have an idea yet but there's plenty of time to find one." Time, yes, something Yuki always thought he lacked because he was alone all the time at night but well... maybe he was wrong. He was spending time with Wither right now after all, experiencing something new, so maybe his growth and experiences weren't as stunted as the boy assumed. 

"I get what you mean... it's just hard when I spend so much time on my own. But I guess there's going to be lot of occasions to see or do new things... like now!" Yuki added then chuckled. "I'm meeting someone new and trying something new too." To empathsis that, Yuki took another sip of his drink, more of a glug of the alcohol this time though, enough to get him to cough. "And I'm probably doing this before any of my siblings... which is another reason I won't tell anyone about this drink. My siblings are... pretty competitive and easily jealous."

Yuki Tanaka
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