[NEWS] January 2021

Spotlights for January 2021

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
Zetsubou is our first Spotlight Soul for 2021! With consistent activity and plenty of highly engaging threads, Zetsubou has been making himself known within his pack and provides lots of fun reads! It's been quite a time for Zetsubou, who not only found love but faced down his violent family. Will this year bring peace for someone who has been through so much? Only time will tell...

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
Gen is our Community Soul this month! While the whole staff team collaborates on putting together the Yearbook every year, Gen really stepped up this year to take care of the layout and filling in most of the individual entries. Gen also tallied our internal votes for superlative categories, ensuring we got our list done on time! Thanks for everything you do, Gen!

[Image: sl.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable
Monet Firestone is a young hybrid who hails from parts unknown. A life struck by misfortune led them to survive by any means necessary – mostly theft and an occasional robbery. Once again alone in the world, Monet is seeking a new, permanent home. Fate seems to be leading them towards Salsola...

This character has some customizable options! Monet will have the option of joining the pack in or out of game -- recruitment could always lead to interesting connections. Contact the Salsola Leadership Team for more details!

News & Updates

Table of Contents

A new year is here, but the season is quiet. Snowfall is regular, but not abnormal. Deer herds have moved on in many areas, but stubborn hunters may still find smaller prey like rabbits and weasels in abundance.

[Image: 1*uBeeSxy5jIN3qFK0EE5STA.gif]


Hit the ground running with the new year! It's time for our TWELFTH ANNUAL 'Souls Super Writing Month!

You can view our current list of participants and sign up over here!


Our 2020 Yearbook is finished! Check it out and remember the good times that still happened in the past year. ♥ Thanks for being a part of it! Also, player and character census results are in and there are lots of fun charts!

bNPC Updates

The crew from Savannah have established themselves as a loner band called Oglethorpe, which is also what they've named their growing camp.  Ongoing trade and thread opportunities are in in the bNPC topic here! SoSu might be a fun time to include them in some threads, hm?

Discord Updates

We've noticed that general chat on server gets kinda split between #general and #shenanigans, and that often, the former gets kind of neglected! Maybe it's a bit confusing since the forum "general" OOC board is Shenanigans, too.

The original intention of the split was to help conserve mobile data for those using Discord on mobile by directing excessive images and memes to a separate channel. We've updated the channel names to #general-shenanigans and #pictures-memes to make that more clear! It's not big deal if some minor chatter happens in #pictures-memes, but ideally, most of the server's chatter should happen in #general-shenanigans. It's the default channel and what newcomers see first when they join!


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