[AW] Emergency Exits and the Distance Below
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Days always seemed the same for Yuki, it was the nights where the boy could do new things. But of course as per the nature of night, Yuki could never see the things he explored. He would just run around the darkness, rolling in snow or mud and try to distance his thoughts from thinking too hard on where he could be instead. If he just slept right, he could be snoozing in a pile of his siblings, waking up to a bright and warmer morning to spend time with them. But things weren't that way for Yuki, not yet, though sometime in the future the boy truely hoped he'd get over this weird phase and be normal. He tried not to worry. If he worried, then his siblings would worry, then his parents would worry, then they'd ask for help and make others worried. It just didn't seem worth the effort for something that wasn't too big of an issue. Besides Yuki was dealing with it alright.

He ran through the night, letting out all the energy he couldn't expect during the day. He'd made note of some fun looking mountains to the north of the hills where the house was and made a plan to make it there by the end of the moonlight time. Avoiding areas Yuki had learnt weren't quite so fun for running through, he got to the big rocks just as the sun peaked up. Huffing into the crisp morning air, Yuki shifted up into his big form to help traverse the steep hills and rocks. Straight after the shift the boy felt his head stuff with enough cotten to make him dizzy, but he quickly shook it away with a grumble. Sleep was crawling back to him now, but Yuki was so close to getting to the big mountains that he refused to let it stop him. He'd gotten good at fighting it back, so now shouldn't be any different.

Carefully making his way up, Yuki gleamed as he stood in the shadow of one of the big rocky towers, trying to recall in his head what he'd learnt about them when he'd asked his parents. They were small mountain peaks though apparently they symbolised something? Some sort of watchful guardian perhaps? Yuki couldn't quite remember, and trying to focus on remembering would only give sleep another shot at dropping the boy so he shut off his mind and kept climbing. The sun was high enough now to be tackling some of the frost on the rocks, Yuki gathered it was probably a couple of hours into the morning. He'd typically be back home by now, tired and cold just as everyone else was ready to take on the day, but today he'd push it. This climb was fun after all. Once he got close enough to the loaming rocks, having to tilt his head so high to see the top, Yuki turned to look across the grasslands to see if he the house from up there.

The boy had to blink a lot; moving his vision so suddenly made everything blur.

It was really hard to open his eyes again, but Yuki got himself to shake his head just in time to avoid sleeping on the spot. He felt dizzy afterwards, so considering the rocks Yuki was perched on it didn't take much for the ground under him to give way. The boy landed on his backside before continuing to slide down the rocky slope. The side of his head scrapped against some of the stone leaving a nasty sting but it was enough of a jolt to get Yuki completely back into focus. With use of his hands, he scrambled against the stone until he'd brought himself to a stop.

Small rocks continued to roll past him, clacking against the ground and tumbling out of side. Yuki took a deep breath, raising a hand to feel the warm feeling against his brow, only to feel his fingers get wet. It didn't hurt much, just a sting, but the sight of blood on his hand when he pulled it back made Yuki gasp. "Oh... oh okay... might be good to go home now." He mumbled to himself, his tongue feeling heavy as the waves of drowziness came back with a vengence. Despite the shock of falling over, Yuki felt tired... far too tired to get up and trek home. It wasn't the nicest spot to sleep but well... the Tanaka boy didn't seem to care much as he leaned back against the rocks and closed his eyes.
Yuki Tanaka
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Location: The Mordotir || NPCs: Ingvildr Knight || Form: Optime

"What do you suppose made them?"

"I dunno. Dúr, I guess."

The thoughtful pause that passed between them was broken by the distant jeering of a blue jay.

"Yeah, that's what I think, too. But not by himself," she added quickly, looking at the stony sentinels that loomed up ahead. "I know the old stories say he made the world, but how could he? There's so much of it!"

After their first trip away from the Realm, where they had met those two travelers, Sólveig felt as though the blinds that had surely been covering her eyes since birth had finally been drawn away, revealing that the sights around her had always been more expansive than she ever knew before. That's how she thought of the world now: wide and open and filled with beautiful wonders.

She had known, of course, that there was more beyond New Caledonia's safety, for new faces had come from far and wide and old members had departed for lands unknown while stories of Old Caledonia and of her parents' own travels had passed through her ears since she could make sense of the words and their meanings. And yet, right up until that moment when she had crossed the threshold into neutral lands, she could not fully grasp the magnitude of just how much more there truly was beyond the Realm.

It made her feel small, and terribly insignificant, when she stopped to consider how many other lives, with their own stories and beliefs and cultures and skills and families, there must be out there. And it also made her love New Caledonia and her own life that much more.

"Odin helped, I'll bet," Ingvildr agreed after a time, huffing as she heaved herself up the sharp incline. "Maybe Fenris, too."

"Maybe..." Sólveig allowed, though dubiously. Their father didn't talk often about the Knight god, but from what she understood, he wasn't that type of god: the type that could make such things as mountains and stony peaks.

Inga acknowledged her sister's doubts. "Yeah, probably not," she decided. "Why are they all men anyway, these gods? Women are the ones who have the babies, right? It's probably a goddess who made the world!"

"Freyja, probably!" Sólveig agreed with a smile, her tail swaying behind her despite how difficult their climb was growing. "I don't think she made these, though."

"No, me either," Inga admitted, looking up at the Shadow Watchers. "These were definitely made by a god."

Following her sister's eyes, a figure at the base of the Mordotir, pale and silvery, just managed to catch her attention. Sólveig frowned. "Inga, is that...?"

"I smell blood."

Without hesitation, both sisters urged themselves forward to check on the prone figure of their cousin leaning against the stones. Looming above, the Mordotir watched as Sólveig and Ingvildr cried out for Yuki and reached out to wake him.

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I woke up from the same dream - Falling backwards - Falling backwards

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There was a thrumming in the dream, songs of the wind, whispering down into Yuki's ears as the boy opened his eyes. Back in the land of imaginary, deep in the confines of his mind. Glancing around, everything felt similar to how it was in reality; Yuki was still lying against rocks, the horizon before him stretched with green rolling hills and a distant town called home. The boy stretched, vitalised as his dream self, and picked up a rock from behind him with a frown. They looked just as jagged and unpleasant as the real ones, but in his hand the stone felt soft, like a pillow of feathers. Music came again, this time deep enough to shake through the boy's ribs, like a voice pulled up from the very earth itself. It made Yuki turn around, as if he knew who was singing. Sure enough, the Mordotir, simple towers of stone in the real world, now in Yuki's dream stood as men made of stone. Sat against the mountain beneath them, their fur forming jagged spikes of stone, the indents that formed their eyes looked down to the Tanaka child as he stood up. The lengths of their shadows marked the land as their towering forms should seem menacing, and yet Yuki could only smile. 'Good morning, sorry if I disrupted you... I really wasn't planning on falling asleep here.' He introduced. Earth shook as the heads of the Mordotir tilted, before they once more emitted that harmonious humming tune. Yuki's ears twitched around, 'Oh that's nice... you should do that more often.' The boy commented, before sighing to himself. As much as he was enjoying the feeling of the soft dream rocks and the song of the mountain peaks, his grip on this place was fading. Something was waking him up, no even that long after Yuki had fallen asleep. 'I guess I've got to go... thanks for watching over me, I assume that's what you've been doing.' The boy mumbled up to the mountain men, looking up into their gazeless eyes up until his vision faded completely.

Yuki woke up slowly, his memory blank and the dream completely lost to the ether.

Bright blue eyes squinted against the brighter light of the morning sun, though it was higher than when the boy had fallen asleep, the burn making Yuki groan a bit. There were two voices calling his name, thankfully Yuki was used to waking up to voices trying to drag him from dreams so it didn't startle the boy. He glanced towards the source, seeing the concerned faces of his cousins. "Sóli... Inga..." Yuki mumbled, before his mouth widened with a huge sleepy yawn, his mind's weak attempt to get the boy more lucid. "Wha' you doin' here?" He asked, fumbling with some of his motor controls as he pushed his arms back against the rocks to lift himself up a bit. His back felt sore, probably from sleeping against a pile of rocks, so Yuki winced a bit. "Tryin' to climb the mountain? There's a... there's a slippy bit up there... I found that out earlier." Yuki asked, blinking himself more awake and tapping the part of his head that he thought he'd remembered scratching. It felt sticky, so yeah that definitely happened, not something Yuki dreamt up.

Yuki Tanaka
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Location: The Mordotir || NPCs: Ingvildr Knight || Form: Optime

It seemed like an eternity to Sólveig before Yuki's eyelids fluttered and revealed the piercing blue irises hidden behind them but, in retrospect, it could easily have been only a matter of heartbeats. Several, considering how the adrenaline of finding their cousin as they had had kicked up the pace of her pounding heart. The girls released breaths of relief in unison as Yuki spoke and yawned.

Ingvildr frowned unhappily at Yuki as he questioned them but Sóli was quick to offer her assistance as he shifted and tried to sit up. "Careful Yuki, not so fast," she said to him softly, reaching out her arms for him to use for support if he felt he needed it.

"Why'd you come up here by yourself?" Inga asked. "That was dumb! You're lucky we were around to find you."

Sólveig glanced sharply at her sister, silently reproving her for her lack of tact. "She's just worried," the Dawnrunner assured him. "Both of us are." She held her eyes over his face for a measured beat, brows tilted upwards with concern. "Can I see your head? You must've hit it when you slipped."

Shifting her weight, Inga softened her expression when she looked from her sister back to Yuki. "Do you feel okay?"

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I woke up from the same dream - Falling backwards - Falling backwards

303 words

Pins and needles wriggled up Yuki's skin as all his body slowly woke up, his vision a swamp of colour as his cousins came into view, the image of them becoming more and more steady as the boy blinked himself into consciousness. Greys, golds and reds, swimming until Yuki could finally see both girls nice and clear. He could hardly remember falling asleep, which was a pain, all the boy remembered was falling down then watching the sun rise. Now here he was collapsed against a mountain and probably looking like he'd been badly injured. 

So the worry in Sóli and Inga's voices was understandable, but it still made Yuki sigh. He hated making others worry about him, they derseved to be focusing on more fun things than about Yuki's clumpsy sleeping habits. Now he'd scared his cousins into thinking he was really hurt, and that just wouldn't do. "Well I've been up here since it was dark." Yuki explained, though realised that might not really clear him of suspicion so he chuckled and added with a smile, "I'm always up at night so I just wanted to see the mountains." 

There wasn't any blood coming off on his fingers anymore, despite how sticky the wound felt, which Yuki assumed was good. Blood was bad when it came out of things, so naturally since it wasn't leaking anymore that was a positive. "Sorry for worrying you, I'm really alright though! I was just asleep." Yuki tried claiming, but still relented to let Sóli look at the cut on his head. Towards Igna, Yuki tried again to smile brightly, attempted to wash away any need to be concerned about him. "A little sleepy I guess but that's normal for me."

Yuki Tanaka
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Location: The Mordotir || NPCs: Ingvildr Knight || Form: Optime

Yuki's explanation that he had been up here since nightfall, with only the Mordotir and the stars as company, assuredly did nothing to ease the sisters' concerns nor change Inga's thoughts about the wisdom, or lack thereof, of his decision to explore the mountain range on his own. Ingvildr deepened her frown before Sólveig's reproachful glance softened it again, though her dark lips still remained firmly pressed together in silent disapproval.

"Don't you get enough sleep?" the dark Knight asked, her tone genuine. "I guess your family probably keeps you up, huh? You can stay with us if you ever wanna."

"I'm sure Dad wouldn't care," Sóli agreed from behind Yuki's head, her fingers gentle as she parted his mane to get a better look at wherever the blood had come from.

There was a wound, but it looked like it had closed over and the blood, crusting over clumps of fur as blood often did, was dry now. Resisting the urge to lick it clean, she smoothed his mane over the spot and shifted her weight so she could see him again. "Its not bleeding any more," she announced. "But you definitely hit it. I really think you should have Mister Bellad or Mister Ridgewell look at it when you get back to the City Square, just to be safe."

"And I think you should let us help you back," Ingvildr added quickly, still watching him with some suspicion, as though she expected him to spontaneously pass out or start bleeding again.

"Yeah, that would probably be a good idea. Would you let us do that, Yuki?" Sóli asked gently, smiling and holding out her hands to help him up.

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I woke up from the same dream - Falling backwards - Falling backwards

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Yuki smile wobbled a little as his cousins naturally assumed the sleepiness was from a lack of sleep rather than anything else weird. How Yuki wished it was just being tired and not being able to sleep at night. Although yeah, the latter was true, but it had nothing to do with his siblings keeping him up. Yuki just couldn't switch off at night, he had the energy of an early morning spring bird, and yet during the day he was as bad as a hibernating bear. It was all weird and bothersome, but Yuki wouldn't stress out his cousins by explaining it too much. So he chuckled a little to them, "Nah they're fine, I guess I just like being up at night and then get really tired during the day." Put simply, though to be honest Yuki couldn't really explain it with any more complextion than that. 

Seeing no big concern from the girls about his scar, Yuki sighed; he didn't think it was too bad but he also felt a bit numb all over from his sleepiness and perhaps a bit of the cold too. Seeing someone about it wasn't what the boy wanted- he wouldn't want to be a bother- but thinking about it going home with a bloody mark on his head and scaring his parents was also a bit of a problem. Maybe a quick visit wouldn't hurt, unless one of the healers put some salve on it, then it might literally hurt. 

With his head inspected, Yuki lifted a hand to brush though his mop of hair and then lean on, feeling his eyes drift around heavily. He didn't want to look tired in front of his cousins, least he worry them even more, but he just really felt another tired wave hit. Or in reality: he was still just as tired as he'd been when he passed out last time, and for sure if Sóli and Inga weren't here, Yuki would've dropped again. A hand in front of him got Yuki lifting his eyes however, noticing that Sóli was offering him a bit of help getting up, and the boy raised his own to take the offer. "Thanks but um... i-if you're both busy or gonna climb the mountain I can go on my own! I don't want to be a bother." Yuki returned, always wanting to be the polite boy. 

Yuki Tanaka
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Location: The Mordotir || NPCs: Ingvildr Knight || Form: Optime

Inga made a thoughtful sound in her throat, although Sólveig couldn't quite tell if it was a note of belief or of skepticism. She glanced at her sister but could read nothing substantial on her face and flicked her eyes back to Yuki without flourish. Everyone had their quirks and idiosyncrasies, she was quickly learning. And, besides, there was nothing altogether unnatural about being awake at night or sleeping during the day. Everyone followed different routines and schedules.

What she did find unusual, or, more to the point, worrying, was that Yuki had seemingly fallen asleep so suddenly and so deeply, that he had hit his head in the process. Unless he had dozed off and rolled over in his sleep only to fall and knock his head? She supposed that was plausible.

"Well," she began, smiling warmly. "Maybe just try to be more careful next time."

Accepting his hands, the young Dawnrunner wrapped her fingers firmly around his and pulled up to lift him to his feet.

"Don't be stupid," Inga replied, rolling her eyes emphatically. "Anyway, we wouldn't have offered if we were busy."

Sólveig rolled her eyes too, but at her sister's tactless response rather than at Yuki's selflessness, and shared a meaningful look with her cousin. "You're not a bother, Yuki. Besides, these mountains aren't going anywhere," she added brightly, smiling. "C'mon, let's get you home."

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I woke up from the same dream - Falling backwards - Falling backwards

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Yuki chuckled to the comment on being careful and had to nod. He honestly thought he was doing find and being safe but thinking more on it, maybe climbing up mountains and rocky paths at night without anyone knowing wasn't the best call. He wasn't super injured but he could've been if he hit a sharper rock, and would've been in even more trouble if his cousins hadn't turned up. "Gosh, I guess you're right. Honest though I really wasn't trying to do anything dangerous. Guess the mountain had other ideas though."

He hoped this kind of thing wouldn't happen again any time soon. Making a habit of getting into trouble was a streak Yuki did not want, for the sake of worrying others. So in his head he thought of a need to make plans to ensure this didn't happen again, most notably to not climb or explore possibly dangerous places when alone and at night. So maybe Yuki could explore outwards rather than up from now on, reduce the risk of being a hazard towards himself. 

He touched the dried wound on his head and sighed, giving the girls a nod and grateful smile. They'd go home for now, with a lesson learnt for the young Tanaka.

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