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Rhodes was starting to regret anytime he asked his mother and father to help around the Ugly Coyote in recent days. He would feel bad for skipping out when they could actually use his help. More often than not, his want to help them would overpower any sense he had to removed himself from a terrible situation. At that point, he was doing nothing but setting himself up for failure.

Which had been what happened now.

It was already a recipe for disaster with the number of people that were present in the bar, setting him off. There had been a couple moments where he had frozen in place, sure that there were nothing but the eyes of the patrons on him. He could feel his mother snapping him out of it a couple times, doing her best to reassure him, only to have to step away to get back to her own job. Their gazes only seemed to bore down into him the closer he got to the other luperci. It was tearing at him inside.

Then the fight broke out.

The young male had frozen in place again, unable to move. It was bad enough having the eyes on him, but now some of the patrons were starting to get violent. Dahlia had stepped in, being the one behind the bar at the present moment, looking to break it up. From the corner of her eye, she could see her son frozen again, a few tears slipping out of his eyes. She called over to him, "Rhodes, go outside. I'll get this handled. Go find your friends."

He knew she was helping him. His friends helped him when he got overwhelmed like this. He stepped towards the entrance, leaving the bar behind him. He didn't get too far though, ducking to the side of the building and curling in on himself. He slid down to the snow, holding his knees close to his face.

He wished Remy and Fredrick were here with him.
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Azade finished off her drink and tossed her goods into her bag. She was glad for this trade, and excited to get the dying part of this process out of the way so she could get started preparing the linens they would need. After all, she’d been wed off when she was only ten months old. They needed to have at least the basics prepared, just in case anyone approached them with a wedding offer for Mahigul. As for Kylychbek, well, it was a good thing she’d gotten another horse to prepare for the up-front bridal costs. She wasn’t sure what the wedding culture was like here, she hadn’t been around long enough to see that many (any) of them, but she did know that they were expensive. Best to start accumulating their wealth now.

Azade stood and waved goodbye to the canines she’d been talking to idly, then walked out. A glance over at Dahlia reminded her of the fight she’d broken up earlier, and she smiled at the woman, glad that she’d still let her in after all the ruckus. Stepping outside into the cold, the tall woman walked around the side of the building and almost stepped on a boy curled up on the ground. Avoiding him expertly, she huffed softly, about to criticize and tell him that he was asking to get kicked, sitting there like that. But the boy was holding a position she knew well, and looked distinctly stressed.

Instead, she let her features soften and squatted down so that she was (almost) at his level. ”Hey there, are you alright?” She asked, her tongue tripping over her words a bit, as it did sometimes when she spoke hard words in ‘Spanish’. ”Do you need help?” Azade continued, offering her own massive hand for the boy to take in the hope that physical contact on his own terms may calm him down.
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Rhodes did his best to block out any of the noise still coming from inside the Ugly Coyote. It was this sort of thing that made him want to leave as soon as he would be able to. He had his friends, they had a plan, but it was going to take time. He wondered how much more of this he would be able to take before he might break. That was probably the one thing he feared the most. Both Remy and Fredrick had seen him at a low point like this, but not ever pushed past the breaking point.

His body shook slightly, drawing his knees tighter into himself. He was doing his best to calm down, the snow doing enough to help keep him grounded somewhat. The chill from it rising up his body was enough to keep him in reality, but not able to escape from him racing thoughts. What if those eyes managed to come outside. Heaven forbid his fears actually followed him to some kind of safe haven.

Ocean gaze peeked out from behind his knees, looking at the woman in front of him. At first, her own image seemed to warp, just a silhouette with bright golden eyes staring down at him. One of them had followed him and wouldn't take their eyes off him. His head snapped back down, forehead pressed tightly against his knees.

It was her voice that drew him back out again. It sounded kind, genuine to find out if he was ok, or if he needed any help. The blackness of her figure began to melt away as he felt tiny tears at his eyes. His gaze moved down to the hand that she had held out to him. He couldn't seem to focus on anything else than that which was being held out to him. His mouth closed, not sure if he could trust his words for the time being. He simply gave her a nod, a shaky hand reaching out to take her's. His fingers curl around her's.

He uses the feeling from her touch to pull him out of his own head. He wasn't back inside by anyone else. She smelled like the Gang, so she had to be safe. He still kept his mouth shut, but let his eyes focus from their hands to her eyes. He was happy to see that she was white and red rather than just a shadow.
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Azade watched his hand, trembling slightly, reach up and slowly alight upon her own, grasping it tightly. She responded in kind, long and bony fingers (she was starting to age, she could see it in the way her knuckles were beginning to stand out like her mother’s and grandmother’s did) wrapping tenderly and firmly around the boy’s relatively small hands, holding them the way one may hold a bird; softly, so as not to harm it, but with strength and purpose, to keep it from flying away. Her other hand followed the first’s lead, and she enveloped his hand completely in her own.

She watched his eyes flutter occasionally open to look at her, before snapping back shut again as he returned to whatever realm he was inhabiting at the moment. She hummed softly a tune she knew well, a simple lullaby from her home, in her mother tongue. It was simple, sung in the cradle by pups, and light, about a late spring’s warm night. Before she knew it, she was singing softly, crooning almost. The boy would not understand her, but she hoped the meaning of the song could be conveyed irregardless of the language barrier, and that he would feel as though he was safe at home breathing the warm air that came with the start of summer.
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Rhodes had done his best to pull himself out of the state he had been in. The woman that found him was helping, and her touch only added onto that. Even so, he could feel his eyes fluttering. He just needed it to go back down. He was sure that if Remy or Fredrick was here, they would have gotten him to calm down much quicker. It was probably just because this was a stranger trying to help him rather than one of them. He missed them so much, even if they all lived in the same Gang.

His ears turned to the sound of something coming from the side of him. It was the white and red woman again. She was making noises and saying something in another language. He couldn't understand a word of it, but that didn't mean it wasn't have an effect on him. The tone was so soft, chasing his demons away. It was meant to soothe, and that was exactly what it was doing. He could feel the panic leaving him, a sense of calm finally coming back to him.

He would have to learn what these words meant if they were able to help him like this.

The young male gave the woman's hand a squeeze, finding his head moving up more. Any trembling in his frame had ceased, leaving his nervous level on what it would be if he was meeting someone new. He gave a soft sigh to her, finding his voice after what felt like so long, "Thank you.."

Rhodes allowed his fingers to uncurl from her hand, moving back to join his other one. He found his gaze trailing away from her, finding the ground to the side of him a bit more interesting. His voice had lowered to a bit of a whisper, even though he was trying not to let it go to too low of a volume, "Sorry about that.. crowds and loud noises make me very nervous.."
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