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There was something about the ability to shift one's paws from well, paws, to useable digits.  The ability to mess with the rather long hair that draped over her dark shoulder and yet she could not find a style she liked. Braiding looked interesting with her rather uniquely colored hair, weaving the ginger in with the brunette  but then her eyes were too in focus. Her eyes always dominated her face and right now she was looking for something more subtle, something not for function but beauty.

Her usually style had been to messily put the hair into a ponytail but that was to keep it out of her face in the practice ring, it had no fuss and no beauty to it. With a stamp of her foot and a rather frustrated groan the koi child marched to were her father was and glared at him but it was obvious that it wasn't him she was mad about. "Papa, can you brush out the mess I made of my hair?" she asked though it was obvious that she was peeved that she had to ask for help, why couldn't the damn hair just do what she wanted? Even though she didn't know what she want it to do, why couldn't it make itself?
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Cedric's eyes watched the dark swirling pieces of meat swim around in the broth, the stew bubbling up the sides of the iron pot like the foamy edges of ocean waves. The smell was beginning to waft through the house and Cedric was relishing in it. The Lune was trying something new, which for a man who lived by his stubborn ways was saying a lot, even if it was just a change in dinner plans. After getting some quick cooking lessons from Josie and meat from the deer he and Balti had caught, Cedric had returned home early to get started on dinner. The girls were out at the time, probably spending time with their teachers, which left the father to begin on his own. By the time the stew was cooking away, Soledad had returned and swiftly gone into the bedroom, though Cedric was too focused on his meal to think of why. He took a wooden spoon to swirl the broth some more, fishing out a chunk of the meat to sniff. It still oozed a bit, not all of the juices had managed to cook out and into the water, so Cedric put it back in, grabbing a pinch of salt from a clay bowl Josie had leant him to add to the mix. 

It was around then that Soledad came back out into the main room. Cedric turned to face his daughter, mirroring the frown on her face as he wasn't prepared to see his bigger daughter in such a huff. As she asked for his help, the Lune's gaze turned up to Sol's hair and he hummed. It looked like a tangled heap, probably all wound up after training and then Soledad's failed attempt to tame it. The father chuckled lightly and got up. "Of course, go sit where I was and I'll get a brush." He instructed, passing his daughter to go into the bedroom. By his bed was one of the cupboards where Cedric kept some of the more precious items, the Lune reached his hand inside to pull out a brush and comb. Cedric hadn't needed to pull these out for a long while now, not since he'd made Cidro's hair for him all the time. It was somewhat of a secret skill of Cedric's, the act of hair making was something he'd prided himself over back when Cidro had relied on it and it had been one of the Lune's best means of expressing his love. When Cidro disappeared well... Cedric didn't have anyone around to tidy up. 

Soledad's situation might be dire for the girl, but in asking her father for help, it sparked some genuine joy in Cedric's heart. He returned to the living room, tools in hand, and gave Soledad a smile. "Alright, we'll fix all the knots first then you can tell me what kind of look you were going for." He suggested, standing behind Sol's chair to begin attacking some of the tangles. Catching one with the comb, Cedric used his nails to split apart the knot and then gently coax the hairs straight with the brush without pulling against his daughter's scalp. "How has your training been?" Cedric asked calmly, wanting to fill the atmosphere with more than just the bubbling sound of stew.


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The decent of meat and stew filled the house as she exited her shared bedroom with her sister, it was pleasant and mouthwatering but she was still to focused on the tangles she had made in her ginger and brunette hair to care all that much. Her glare softened when her father gave her look back, the frown and the heat but it quickly dissolved when she asked him to fix the mess she created when she tried new styles. She did not think he would like this task but instead he seemed very happy that she had demanded his help on taming this beast of  dual color hair. This lade her glare fall away with surpirse, did he know how to make up hair? When had he learned that skill? Gold and seafoam eyes looked over his own short cropped mane and shook her head in confusion,  "Okay." She blurted out as she padded with both annoyance and startled surprise  at his willingness to be her torturer.

Before sitting down the leaned over the black pot that rested over the fire and gave a long inhale if the scent, now that she waa not distracted by how annoying her hair could be she savored the scent that wafted through the house. Venison and some broth that her father never made before, she took the spoon and gave it a soft taste. Leaving the meat and only trying the broth it sat in, oh, that was good! She quickly placed the spoon back where it was and sat in the chair as her father instructed. No I didn't try dinner before it waa done,  not at all!

He came back into the place she sat, curious items that she had never seen, in hand. A brush and a comb, that looked pretty and this confused her even more.  "Where did those come from?" she ask, her internal voice becoming her outside one, not that she had an inner dialogue. She usually said whatever was on her mind at the time without much thought. As he worked the child relaxed into his expert touch, his finger untangling the hair she violently knotted with ease. Where had papa picked up this skill? 

He asked about training and her mind kicked into gear, ready to tell him the failures she would never admit to her rival. Nilda, the girl always frustrated her but in a good way. "Horrible!" she said with teenage dramatics, her hands lifting up slightly just to fall back down in another dramatic fashion.  "I am no good with a pole arm, a bow seem to be right out, and throwing knives.. don't get me started on those!" she spoke like it was all the most annoying and deviating news, Nilda would  relish over these failures.  She was probably good at these things!

"I want to try the sword next, and then feral fighting" she murmured, disguntally.

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Cedric was glad for the vast difference between himself and his children. Whilst it was nice to see both Celia and Soledad have the same drive to progress like Cedric did when he was young, they were also growing into their own personalities. They had a fire to them, and Cedric loved to watch them soar with every passing day. Living together meant Cedric could witness all of it, but perhaps he wasn't making his own life as clear as he should. Soledad seemed very surprised at her father's willingness to fix her hair despite his own very simply kept short look. But then again, Cedric hadn't really had the chance to show off his capability at hair making before now; even Freddy didn't have hair long enough to work on. 

Looking to the well crafted wooden comb and the brush woven with horse hair, Cedric smiled softly. "I got them when I would brush Cidro's hair." Cedric explained. The girls knew Cidro by name, though Cedric hadn't really pushed them call him one of their fathers, so to them he was just a mysterious man from Cedric's past who vanished just as they were born. Cedric spoke kindly of him, so he hoped that was the memory his daughters would have of the missing man. Cedric combed another section, finding a knot of brown hair tied into red and began seperating the hairs slowly. "He... went through a lot, so I would often make his hair for him to help him relax." The father explained further. 

He listened with a parent's ear as Soledad explained her trials and troubles of her training, smiling warmly to himself as he pulled the two coloured hairs apart. Sol's dramatics were almost amusing, but Cedric tried to remain serious and take his daughter's issue seriously as well. "I was terrible with a bow as well," Cedric commented, "I only tried once when I was young but... I certainly don't think I can be trusted to hold one again." The Lune took the soft brush and started to guide some of the now freeds hairs down so they rested flat. "A sword though, you might find use out of that, swords can be very satisfying to master, and you have all different sizes depending on what you wish to hold." Cedric aded, "Armani is very good with a blade, I'm sure she'll give you some good lessons with them. Or... if you want even more help, I'll be happy to show you some things." Even though Cedric's sword arm hadn't recovered completely, he was confident he could use it in battle. His grip was weak, but for a short spar the man was sure he'd be fine.


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Ah, Cidro. The man her father had cared for but left before she was born, she could not say she had affections for the memory man but she was fond of the stories he was featured in. How he loved to dress up prettily, how he was delicate and gentle. So that is where her father could move his hands so nimbly through the tangles she had created when she tried to style her own hair. This was Cidro's doing, her father must have truly cared for him to go out of his way to get a comb and brush just to do his hair. Somehow this made the koi colored youth feel special, this was the first time these tools had been used since the blind man's departure.

He spoke as he worked, another mention of the delicate and abused man, he had gone through a lot and so this must have been a nightly ritual.  Could she have it be a ritual between her father and she? Something that was more about a bonding than anything else? "That seems nice, it's very relaxing. " She pursed her lips before staring, "I like this too." she looked down at her clasped bands and blinked a few times, why was she being so emotional all of a sudden. 

Jeez that's embarrassing.  Luckily their talon about weapons came back into play and she could focus on something less.. mushy?

He two was terrible with the bow to the point he didnt want to touch one again, "did it break?" She asked without thinking about it first, well that was rude.. right? A sigh escaped her lips before continuing on the subject line. "I like those swords that are skinnier, they are almost like a large needle with a very nice handle and guard." she commented on a sword known as a rapier but she did not know its name, "I know they are more than just looks but something about that one stands out to me." her voice gave a wistful quality, dreamy almost. "I would love for you to teach me as well papa." she then said when he offered, that would be grand!

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Ways of showing he cared was hard for Cedric. He was a man who when younger had struggled with words to say or things to do to express himself, and just as he was getting there with Cidro, the other man had disappeared. With Cedric's children, he felt that his love for them was clear through his actions; feeding them, getting them things they wanted, spending time with them. He'd not considered taking it even further. Soledad's response to his explanation made the man stop for a moment to look at the back of his daughter's head, trying to understand the statement. "We can do this more often if you'd like?" Cedric asked carefully, hoping he'd understood the implications of Soledad's words correctly. 

Cedric certainly wouldn't mind making a habit of making his daughter's hair, even with Celia as well if she wanted to take part. It would give him an excuse to keep trying at his little hobby and a reason to keep using the brush and comb. Finding another big knot, the last big one, Cedric focused on breaking it up whilst still listening to his daughter. "Not broken no, I just shot the arrow so wild it could have easily caused an accident, not something I wanted to try again." The Lune explained. 

"A rapier." Cedric explained, knowing the weapon well as Soledad described it. "Your uncle, Arlen uses one. It is a very quick weapon, allows you to move around a lot and dance around opponents." Not Cedric's kind of weapon, since he was more of a study shield type. "I'd be more than happy to let you practice with me, with my shield I make a fairly good target." Cedric spoke with some mirth to his tone, glad to know his daughter wanted his company with training.

"Alright, we're almost done with the knots, how do you want your hair for now, raised up or left down?"

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She blinked her eyes, was it from tears? Goodness why did she always resort to liquid streaming down her face when she got emotional? It could be simply she is happy, cry. Or maybe she is very angry, like with Nilda at time. That is the worst. She sheds tears when she is angry, she cannot keep a damn emotion off her face. So instead of admitting that this made her insanely happy, that she was jealous of the man named Cidro for the time her father combed his hair. She said a hint rather than what she wanted, in fear that tears would cloud her vision and her father would take the emotion wrong and stop the pampering he was doing. He was not good at expressing feelings and she expresses too much, oh, and her sister was usually stoic and calm. 

Her ears perked when his words reached her, they only reached her because his fingers and the comb had stopped the relaxing process of taking out every last tangle and knot she created. He would really be willing to do this more often? A single tear fell out of joy as she nodded, afraid of her own voice and what emotion it would show. This was so frustrating! She did not want to cry when this made her incredibly happy, she would have more bonding time with her father and though she wanted this to herself she would be okay if her sister joined them. Family time was always her favorite time, next to learning with Armani.

Their conversation transformed into a much lighter topic and she gave a shaky breath, she could do this, she could be calmer than before. She was happy and thrilled that hair brushing and styling would be more regular but now to how bad her father was with a bow. He had shot an arrow so wildly that it could have caused an accident, she lofted her hand to show the long healing scrap on her arm to show how badly she was at it too. "When I shot an arrow the bowstring cut me, don't ask me how because I do not know.. and the arrow.. well I lost it.. somewhere in a tree." laughter filled her voice as she recalled the shot that went high and stuck in the branches of a tree nearby, and the pain she got when the bow string got her.. somehow.

A rapier, yes a lovely name for a lovely looking sword. Her uncle was a wielder of one, so she had someone else to ask but she liked the idea of practicing with her father more. Even if it meant just attacking his pretty shield and him using it to trip her up. "I want to be faster, so I want to try that one and use you for target practice!"

Now back to hair, what did she want done with it, did she want it up or down.. not up because her eyes got too large without her hair to distract from them, not down because that went everywhere.. so.. "Can you do both? Like part if it up and part of it down? Enough to keep some away from my face but.. to look nice and.. elegant?" was she making any sense here?

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Cedric didn't panic over Soledad's reaction, glad to see her want to take the offer so much that it brought a tear to her eye as she nodded. He would make sure to dedicate this precious time to his daughter, to get rid of the need for tears and give her something that they could share, even if it was something so simple as hair brushing. Really, the father was relieved that his daughters cried. Not something a parent would usually admit to, but with Cedric unable to grasp his own emotions and suffering the consequences of forcing his feelings back until it hurt, he was more than grateful that neither Soledad or Celia was like that. They were raised at first by Aldora and Minerva, which no doubt helped them understand their own feelings. Cedric followed the flow of a streak of red hair, smiling softly whilst he gave his daughter a moment before continuing. 

Getting hurt by a bow string was surprising, but Cedric had seen others practice with one enough to know they could be sharp. "Hm, well I suppose we can both avoid using bows, there are plenty of good archers in Casa without the two of us losing all their arrows." Cedric replied warmly, looking over the cut on Soledad's arm and knowing from his own experience from injuries that it probably wouldn't scar. It made Cedric briefly think of the first scar he got, the streaks across his face, how young he'd been when he got them. Soledad and Celia were near that age, but the protective Lune hoped they'd not experience such bad luck and nightmarish experiences as Cedric had. 

The shield-wielder had a lot of experience against fast opponents, both for Cedric own training and then whenever he'd be teaching other Cavaliers. He enjoyed the challenge of standing his ground whilst taking hits and looking for opening, all the while his shield and stance made for a good target for others to train against. He would relish in the chance to see Soledad fight him, so the father could both witness his daughter's natural skill and then help her however he could. 

Soledad's request for a bit of variety with her hair made Cedric hum as he leaned back to look at the two-toned hair. He could try something like a braid for the back, combining both of the colours together in a swirl, whilst then brushing forward what remained so it rested like bangs to frame her face? The man could visualise it well, but pulling it off might be harder. "Alright I've got an idea." The Lune announced, putting down the brush to focus on just combing sections of the hair into his hand. He'd made a fair few braids for Cidro, always finding it so facinating to shape hair in a fairly easy but nice looking way. Making sure not to pull too tightly, Cedric began weaving brown strands into red, then back to brown then red again. 


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Emotions were something the koi colored girl was use to feeling, and unfortunately these emotions tend to show as clear as the sun on a cloudless sky. When she was angry, she cried and got all red faced. When she was happy tears leaked down her cheeks, and her eyes glittered.  When she was sad, well you got the point.  Crying seemed to be her go to reaction to things and it drove the child absolutely crazy! You would think she had no more tears or water in her system with how many times that seemed to happen.

The bow was definently a failure and similarity that Soledad and her father shared, and even thought she just knew that her rival would be good at the ability of archy once she figured out how to shift, liked how they had a common thing that they both just sucked at. He shot an arrow so wildly that he never wanted to touch it again and she hurt herself on a bow string, both meant hunting with a bow was out but that was a okay with her! This was another bonding experience. Just like when she uses her pale father and shield, mustn't forget the shield, as target practice. She wondered when she would learn swords, would she need to prompt her mentor to start with them? Or did she need to add to her failures before she could succeed? "Yes," she giggled at her fathers words. "Would not want to loos all their arrows!"

Her mind drifted as her father continued to play with her hair, this time he had an idea for the vague answer she gave. Did she want her hair up or down, oh I dont know, how about both? Yeah really helpful that answer was, can you do the impossible dad? Can you? Ugh, what a stupid answer but at least he had some idea. She closed her eyes of gold and seafoam and just relied in the feeling of his fingers weaving through her hair, this was just perfect.
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