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The autumn blessed fae's exhale curled through the air in expanding tendrils, unfurling like pale weeds reaching for the sun, only to dissipate and mold into the tumbling shimmer of the crisp morning air, giving way to another breath, and another. Like the rhythmic beat of a heart, smoldering hot and sticky against the winter landscape.

So unlike the chilled and stiffened form of the rabbit in her grasp, its life long gone and sacrificed at some point during the night before the first golden sliver of dawn was drawn in the distant horizon. The scent of scarlet felt still now, somehow, barely noticeable against snow and white snow-shoe fur.

Rhaea had taken a long moment to consider how she'd prefer her feed. Long enough for a slight chill to creep in beneath her skin and remind her of the kind sweet warmth a kindling fire could bring whilst a season was cruel. The silver-haired female pulled her poncho closer around her supple form and allowed an inappreciable shiver to pass through her weary body, and a decision was made.

Her modest gear was left in a tidy pile against a sunbleached oak, whose tall white branches hung heavy with new snow. The young female scavenged for dry twigs and branches, which she found scattered about the scene like tiny treasures. Death to be turned into life and back into death again as food for a spirit most cruel and divine.

She didn't gather much, as the gilded canine didn't particularly plan to stay around the nearby area for very long before making her adieus. She only required enough to gently scorch the rabbit's flesh and to be reminded of what comfort and a sated belly felt like.

She nestled kindling and dried grass together with the firewood she'd collected, and struck her firestarters together until, finally, a new yet ancient spark of life rushed forth and bloomed with gentle yellows, crackling ever-so-gently with a soft glow. The young female blew on it, lovingly, until black smoky tendrils curled in together with her sweet breath, embracing and tumbling about like lovers blissfully unaware of their impending doom.

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