[P] A Warm Winters Day
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The sun was shining bright and it glistened off the fresh fallen snow, almost blinding anyone that looked the crystalized mounds for too long.  It was particularly hard on the light-colored marbled pup as he walked towards the snow covered gardens. His light blue eyes seemed to be sensitive to bright light and he squinted as we walked.  As he reached the gardens, his big paws left the shoveled walkways and sunk down in the snow.  A welcomed chill ran through his paws.  While it was still winter, today was slightly warmer which was an oddity for this time a year.  It also didn’t bode well for his thick puppy coat.  Lucian seemed to have taken after the tundra wolf most of all even though many different types of bloodlines ran through his small pup body.  Because of this, his puppy coat was extremely thick and made him warm on this sunny day. 
As he trotted through the blanketed garden he wondered what this place would look like once the snow was gone.  I bet this place is super colorful! he barked to himself. The sun was straight overhead at this point beating down on him and his fur was warm to the tough and he still had to squint to see.  I wonder if I can find any shade to rest my eyes for  a bit… In the distance he noticed a large willow tree covered in snow, drooping lower than normal from the snow on the river’s edge, That looks like a great place! the pup barked with excitement and ran towards the shaded relief.  Though the leaves were long gone from the giant tree, snow had piled on the tree creating perfect snow-covered shade. As the pup reached the location he slowed to a stop ducking under the low hanging branches, he moved into the shade and instant relief hit his eyes, Ahhhh, that’s better he sighed to himself.  Now under the tree he looked around, the long, snow covered branches made a cave around him and you would hardly notice the light-colored pup unless you were looking for him.  He found a comfy, snowy spot facing the river and began to dig to make a comfy bed.  When he thought it was almost perfect he went to the center, circling three times before plopped down, swirled his body in a circle and placed his muzzle under his fluffy and bushy tail.  Luckily for him, the shade of the tree dropped the temperature down about ten degrees, making it much more comfortable for the pup.
The large ears upon his small head began to turn in different directions picking up different sound around the garden. The birds chirping, horses neighing and even chickens clucking in the distance.  He could even hear the rushing river waters under the ice and he wondered what creatures he would find once everything began to thaw.  As all these thoughts ran through his head the once erect ears began to gradually drift down to the side, his eyes began to slowly flutter shut and though he was trying to fight it, soon sleep overcame him and he drifted off into dreams of what the future may hold.
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Kindness of His Mother, Fierceness of His Father
Though the air remained crisp the past few days had given way to the sun with its merciless brightness. From the looks of it there was no sign it was about to give up its grasp. The snow that laid throughout the fort gave little sign of letting up its embrace either. The mixture, though beautiful, did not lend itself well to vision for those of lighter hue. To the luck of the auburn male his darker coat diminished its intense effects to some degree.

He had slept a good portion of the morning away after yet another restless night of stirring and nightmares. As the rest of the forge bound family had made their way about their daily activities Nashoba lay staring at the ceiling with much more intensity than anyone should. Silence giving way to the increasing bustle of the forts activities. The particles of dust and soot from the forge below drifting through the air as the long rising sunlight pierced the once darkness of the forge's living quarters. With a sigh he gave way to the realization that sleep was just not on his agenda yet again.

One auburn paw after another he made his way down the stairway to forge's main work area giving a quick glace to those working that day before he made his way from one clutching warmth of the fire, to that of the glaring sun. He hardly thought about his movement as his broad paws carried him into a trot to the perimeter of the fort walls. His daily routine, though much later than the norm, had begun. Following his noticeably worn path through the snow he mindlessly trekked towards the Northern most boundaries nearing the gardens embraced in winters clutches.

As he crested the garden's apex the scent of yet another new canid crossed his nares. His mind snapped back to its full awareness with his head raising straight into the air muzzle reaching high and paws coming to a sudden halt. Following the scent towards the garden the scent gained in intensity as he worked side to side. All signs leading to the base one of the sole trees among seemingly lifeless fauna. Nashoba stuck his snow crusted maw between branches to only become engulfed in odor as his nares came in contact with downy puppy fur.

He quickly recoiled and snorted with an alarming intensity. He hadn't expected a pup, especially in the gardens. Nashoba head tilted slightly to the side gave a quick bark. If the nudging of his nose hadn't stirred the pup surely his shrewd bark would. Casa surely didn't seem to be short on puppies. Though he had thought he had met nearly all of them at this point there seemed to be yet even more.

As Lucian slept you could hear little puppy grunts, snarls and whimpers.  His paws would twitch, his tail would wag slightly, and his ears twitched with excitement.  With winter games going on most of his dreams consisted of sledding and digging forts with his brother, and today was no different. He didn't know how long had past, but since he had not been sleeping great he took any sleep and dreams that he could get.  He laid under that willow, hidden from the world and from the Wetu that was just slightly out of sight, but could still hear if his mother, brother, Grammy Jace or anyone else called for him.  He felt safe and sleep came easy. 

While deep in sleep something began to wake the marbled colored pup, but not ready to give up on dream land, he rolled over unto his back.  His ears folded down on his head and his legs were sprawled in the air in every direction, even his tail flopped in the snow now motionless as he went to drift back into dream land.  Suddenly a bark entered his ears and his eyes popped open in surprise, they darted back and forth coming into focus.  Out from underneath the tree he spotted long legs colored in rust and cream, his pink nostrils started to flair taking in the newly acquired scent.  As he lay there, still upside down he pondered, "Why are you upside down? the pup asked in a very tired and groggy puppy bark.  Looking around more he noticed that everything was upside down!  With a  giggly Oh! he flipped to his stomach, There! You're not upside down anymore! Lucian inched forward towards the stranger so that his muzzle and eyes were clear of the drooping willow tree and he could get a good look at this new to him wolf.

His new acquaintance was older, almost full grown but still had some puppy in him.  Colors of rust, black, brown and cream ran through his fur, he wasn't quite like anyone that he had ever seen.  His long legs, and large ears were the most noticeable by far and as his bright blue orbs met the amber orbs of the wolf, Lucian smiled My name is Lucian! What's yours? Would you like to come in my willow tree fort?!? The light-colored pup looked up, his head slightly tilted to the side, his pink tongue lolled out the side of his mouth and his tail wagged happily hoping that this new wolf would join him on his puppy adventures today.

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Kindness of His Mother, Fierceness of His Father
The cream colored pup had startled awake from Nashoba's bark to the inversed state of the world, or that was how he perceived it as he came to and righted himself from his afternoon nap. Nashoba was much larger than the pup he discovered as it crawled free from within the willow tree's weighted down encampment.  The puppiness clearly shown from the young canine as he absorbed everything, questions firing off one after the other.

"Well hello Lucian", muttered Nashoba as he closed the short distance between the two of them. Lowering to his front paws then his rear end following suit shortly after as he came to rest on the snow before Lucian.

"My name is Nashoba. It's a pleasure to meet you. A tree fort you say?" The auburn wolf looked up and playfully gasped in amazement as he took in the trees pure size as it was crusted with the recent snowfalls.

"Wow, you are well protected here. I would say even more protected than the walls provide around us. But don't tell the Lune or he may put you to work fortifying the whole fort." He joked with a wink.  He did admit the youning' did have an imagination. Something he may consider himself somewhat deprived of.

Nashoba shifted his view around the pup squinting into the contrasted darkness where Lucian had been laying. "Well I'm not quite sure I'd fit in there. We may have to make some fortifications of our own here."

As he glanced around there was indeed still a bountiful amount of snow itching to be molded into its final form. It struck him like lightning. "How about a wall of your own? Surely that would add to the defenses!" Giving a snappy quick assuring nod shutting his eyes in sync.  He quickly got to his paws and began to dig furiously into the snow forming a strategically lined mound around the entrance to the willow tree fort.

Though the auburn youth may have been a bit reserved his first few days or even weeks among the Cavaliers he had grown to become more comfortable around many of them.  Those still in their lupus forms were the easiest to adapt to.  They may not take on the generally consistent appearance of his birth pack however they did meet him eye to eye in most occasions. Nashoba had become fond of a few pups now and picked up on some play that he hadn't in his younger moons. It brought out the puppy in him that he had never embraced fully. It clearly shown out now  as he barked to Lucian.

"Hurry now we don't want to be caught with our bellies up now do we?"
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The younger, dappled colored pup didn't take into consideration that his tree fort may not be big enough for the larger auburn colored wolf he now knew as Nashoba.  He looked back under the tree and came to the same conclusion.  "Oops.  I guess you're right!" he barked with a giggle.  "Forti…what?" Lucian questioned. That was a big word and he had no idea what it meant.  His head tilted to the side, and his brow furrowed, he tried to think what that that word meant and if it was possible steam may be coming from his hears because he was thinking so hard.  As he thought, Nashoba said some other words, but the pup really paid him no mind, he focused on this new word.

Lost in concentration he didn't realize Nashoba had started digging, with snow flying until a big blob of snow landed smack square across his muzzle! "Woah!" he barked out of surprise.  He shook his head side to side to clear the snow off his face and started to laugh.  Crawling out from beneath the weeping willow he joined in the fun! The light-colored pup ran over to auburn man and started digging in the opposite direction.  Their tails wagging like flags as the laughed and dug. "This is so much fun! What are we making? Whatever it is, lets make it as big as possible!" he barked happily.

Soon they had a semi-circle of a snow mound around the snow covered tree, far enough away so the Nashoba would have room to join him in his fort.  Lucian panted, his pink tongue lulled out the side of his mouth, his pink nose covered in snow crystal and his blue and golden hues shined bright.  "Hey Nashoba!  Should we maybe, ummmm…pat it down to make it more solid? Or do you think this is okay?" the pup barked inquisitively.  He trotted over to his new friend, a big smile across his maw.    "Hey you know what would be really cool!!!!??? What if we made snow wolves to stand guard!?  Do you think we could do that some how?" Lucian began jump up and down, there was something about the snow that gave him energy and he felt like nothing could stop the fun.
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Kindness of His Mother, Fierceness of His Father
Nashoba couldn't help but let out a chuckle. The pup surely didn't seem to know any strangers. Giddy as ever Lucian joined in on the digging. In short time they had a trench dug into the snow and a pile encompassing the makeshift tree fort. Pack it down? Well surely there was enough snow piled to do so and the young pup to still be concealed though the large auburn male would be hard pressed to accomplish the same task. Nodding he padded onto the makeshift walls pacing with a high step passing a few times over its length.

"There we go! Nothing will be getting past that!" he exclaimed with a laugh on his voice.

Waiting patiently for Lucian to complete his wall's final touches, Nashoba sat at the opening between the two. The young pup soon inquired about snow wolves. Never having made a snow wolf the auburn male was unsure how to make one. He honestly wasn't even quite sure what they were. Having no thumbs it wasn't an activity his previous pack had even considered.

"A snow wolf?" he asked, his head tilting slightly.

"Well, you may know better than me. One thing is for sure though. We'll be able to surprise anyone from behind these walls." laying behind the snow bank. The flicking tips of ears barely visible if viewed from the opposite side.

Looking back to Lucian while maintaining his cover he had to ask. "So what brought you to the willow tree fort alone today? I hadn't seen you around before, who's your mother?"

He was sure the pup was perfectly safe to be wandering within the fort's walls but he was curious as to the boys parents. There were still a few outliers he hadn't met but perhaps he could draw a connection to the others he did know now.
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Now that all the snow had been dug and a wall was piled high, Lucian’s big paws joined in packing down the snow, this would make the fort ten times better!  More solid walls, meant more protection and better camouflage from those he didn't want in the fort.  Who that may be he didn't know, he had never met someone he didn't like.  Maybe he would limit it to just puppies allowed, no adults! 

The marbled colored pup didn't know how to make snow wolves either, "Oh, I thought you might know since you're older!  I don't know how to either with just these paws!" he giggled. "Maybe if the snow is still here once I've shifted, I can build snow wolves then!" he exclaimed.  This got Lucian thinking, as he looked at the auburn wolf, his head tilted to the side, his brow furrowed and one side of his muzzle lifted up as he thought real hard. "Hey!  You are definitely old enough to shift! How comes you haven't shifted yet?  Don't ya want to? Then you could build a snow wolf!"

The younger of the two pups, crawled back under his willow tree fort as Nashoba made his self comfortable behind the wall.  Again Lucian was hardly visible as he poked his head slightly through the weeping willow branches so he could have a clear view of his new friend.  His tail wagged happily behind him brushing the snow back and forth, his azure and marigold hues shinning bright he barked to his comrade"I'm glad you woke me today this is so much fun!"

The wind picked up and started blowing snow around, and Lucian pawed at it trying to catch it, while he had definitely grown, he was still 100% puppy.  Nashoba's barks entered his too big for his head ears and brought his focus back to him. "Oh! I live just behind this willow tree not too far back from the river.  I live there with my brother Caspian and my mother Veri!  My mother is too weak to really leave the Wetu to play so she lets me venture out by myself sometimes. Caspian was still asleep when I left this morning, but I'm sure he'll eventually come looking for me." he barked with a big grin.  Lucian began to wonder about Nashoba's family and where he was staying, he had never quite seen anyone quite like him before and was very curious.  "So um, what about you, do you have a mother or father?  Any brothers or sisters?  Are you staying in Casa forever!? I hope you do, I like you!" the pup barked excitedly. 

Digging out and packing down the wall had taking up most of the afternoon and as the light-colored pup peered out of the snow fort opening he noticed the sun was much lower in the sky.  As soon as he noticed the sun, a yawn came across his maw, his pink tongue curled with a whine.  Looking back at Nashoba, he shook his head trying to shake any sleepiness from him and then smiled, this had turned into  a pretty great day.
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Kindness of His Mother, Fierceness of His Father

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