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i'm generally bad at making these but in an attempt to try and get myself going on souls again, here's this thing~

tarot is a remade, repurposed character i've ported about across a few games over the years from tabletop rpg concepts that i tinkered in. he's had a lot of bad luck across games that i've built upon for his history and so on; one way or another he's found his way into the wonderful world here.

he's meant to be a healer by trade, capable of communing with spirits, and a soothsayer of a sort who scries from multitude of things stemmed from pagan concepts,(the latter two of which by now he's terrible at for the sake of rp), and he is one very stressed and depressed coywolf who hasn't had much of an opportunity to begin to heal and feel life again.  whether or not he gets that opportunity is pretty much at the whim of whatever happens, to be honest.

i'm notorious for letting things happen organically post by post but for the sake of getting the ball rolling and finding my own voice again with him, i'm pretty much game for whatever people want to throw at me.  use him for a plot device, for his abilities, whatever floats your boat! i'd love for him to eventually join one of the packs or groups out there at some point but i admit i'm not sure where would be the best fit for him but i'm super open to exploring those offers too.

right now i don't have a hard limit set on how many threads i'm willing to take on either; i can be a pretty prompt poster when my workload and stressors are minimal, which at the present moment they are right now.  it's been eons since i've had a character stick to the wall here but i know from my former experiences that souls is one of the most lax games out there in both requirements and community, which is partially the reason i rolled tarot out of storage to come back and play.  feel free to hit me with a post here or ping me via discord (where my username is the same as my set nickname in the server)!

this also feels very lengthy aaa, so hit me with your best shot? :X
Hello there!

I love when characters get "reborn" into new games, and I hope 'Souls gives you a good place to explore with Tarot. If you're looking for more free-form RP, I have a few AWs up with my characters!

This thread with Lotan is around where I think Tarot may be, or I have some more options with Daisy, who is from New Caledonia and would certainly talk it up.

If you're looking for a "darker" route to take Tarot, I could offer up some of my characters from Salsola! "Magic" is very prominent within the pack, and we have a few other healers who could help enhance Tarot's skills.
“History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” ― Mark Twain
Hi there! If you would be up to it I wouldn't mind Tarot and Asher meeting. My boy has had his own run in with bad luck, and maybe he could talk about DCG a bit. 
Up to you really, I am game for anything
@Mel -- i can snag that lotan thread no problem! he seems pretty interesting and i'm down to see what happens. i wouldn't mind him meeting someone from salsola too just because i really find that whole thing very interesting as well and would be curious to see how tarot would react too.

@Asher -- ooh, i'd love for him to meet someone from DCG because his present thread had that named dropped. i could start a thread if you'd like to pick out a location! :D
Anywhere in the Northern Tides or Western forefront works the best for me, but I could manage to have him in the other two as well as long as he isn't completely near the cost :D
(17 January 2021, 10:07 AM)Asher Johansen Wrote: Anywhere in the Northern Tides or Western forefront works the best for me, but I could manage to have him in the other two as well as long as he isn't completely near the cost :D

here you go! hope it works out. :D

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