[NEWS] February 2021

Spotlights for February 2021

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
Our Spotlight Soul for this month is Lyubov Hushhowl! Playing a puppy can be a challenge, especially when they're young, but Lyubov has been a highly involved character despite this, and their pack's top poster! With a large family whose legacy within Casa di Cavalieri is well established, the future is full of opportunities for this engaging youngster.

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
This month's Community Soul is Myst, who has been really consistent about hyping people up in pack chats to post for SoSu and generally been a friendly, positive voice of encouragement in the community. Thanks, Myst!

[Image: cdc.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable
Day Hushhowl is a fierce member of the ever-growing Hushhowl family in Casa di Cavalieri. With roots in a more natural lifestyle, she is a mixture of humanization and the ancient ways. Day is a very outgoing and dominant wolfess, who is eager to make her own way in the pack. She has an eye for detail and enjoys the thrill of scouting the borders and neutral lands. It is always a good day for her when she can go on adventures into old human ruins and scavenge for interesting treasures. Day has a strong attachment to her family, which is rather large in number. Come join the Cavaliers with this boisterous firecracker!

News & Updates

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As the full moon begins to wane, winter goes on. Snowfall and cold rain occur regularly within the region, and strong winds often accompany these storms.

Though often icy, the landbridge to the west of Loch Fundy has grown tall and wide enough that the inlet's tides no longer manage to reach the lake, leaving it solely fed from the Pictou River. Larger prey animals are beginning to struggle to find food, and begin crossing into pack territories as their hunger grows more pressing.

Strong sea currents batter the far eastern shores, where pieces of the land continue to fall into the surf, making for uncertain and dangerous ground.


It's over! Congrats to all of our winners and participants for the thousands of words they've written in the past month! It's always fun to see what plots and threads everyone's up to. Hopefully some of that wild energy and momentum can carry through into February. ;)

Winners should remember that all prize claims are due by February 7th! Don't forget!

bNPC Updates

A few new bNPC prompts have been added for February. There might be some AW played threads available this month too, so keep an eye out! :)

Feeling the Post-SoSuWriMo Burnout?

If you've started a bunch of threads in January and are now feeling like you can't keep up, remember it's always okay to slow down! Take it one post at a time and reread what you've written!

And if you need to take a break from writing, there are plenty things on and around the site to help you stay connected to the game (and maybe inspire you along the way!) as well.
  • Update your character's profile, Wiki page, or thread archive! Did some really awesome stuff happen over the last month? The last year? Make sure that all your stalkers fans can stay up to date!
  • Speaking of dates, there's a lot of events that go on – and plenty of plots with more layers than might be expected. Take some time to update our History pages.
  • Really want to work on the Wiki but the coding feels intimidating? Take advantage of our Collaboration Forum or the #wiki-collab channel on the Discord and see if your fellow players can lend you a hand!
  • Chill out in our General Chats, either on the forum or in our Discord! You can play some fun games, talk about all the cool stuff your characters got up to, or what your upcoming plans with them might be.


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