[AW+] Mess With Her, Mess With Me, Mess With One, Mess With Three
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Guinevere was home, she'd been home since going into labor and she'd barely left the den since except to stretch her legs, but always the cries of her daughter would bring her back, and she would curl up in Lupus to let her baby girl suckle at her milk heavy teats. The motherly instincts were strong in her, and despite her nesting she still stared out the window, waiting and listening for any news whatsoever about the whereabouts of her apprentice.

Pushok and Armani had left on an expedition outside the territory to scout for Nilda's location. Nothing had been heard back, and Guinevere grew more disgruntled by the day. It was not good for a new mother to be so worried, but this she could not help. Her instinct extended to her apprentice as well, the young girl placed in her care by Cedric to mold and guide, to protect.

It was the third day that Guin received a summons from their Lune. She knew Honrin would watch their daughter well in her absence, having complete faith in her mate to protect their brood, and did not hesitate to transform with arms and legs and throw the fox fur mantle across her shoulders to meet her leaders.

The meeting was succinct; no word had come back from Armani and Pushok, as so she was chosen to lead a small scout force, find them, and bring them back. Worry had come to place itself at the forefront of her being, now not just for her apprentice but her two packmates as well. Guinevere accepted the task and chose Howland, Theo, and Leoris to accompany her.

Guinevere summoned her three scout members and explained their task, then dismissed them to collect what they thought they'd need and meet her at the Fort entrance. She followed her own instructions and returned to the shop and an anxious husband.

He met her at the door, their daughter carefully folded into a sling tied across his chest to leave his hands free, which he gently hugged her with. "What's going on?" he asked, brows pinched.

"Pushok and Armani have been gone too long. They're sending me and three others to follow their trail and see what's going on," she told him, touching his face briefly and then leaning in to nuzzle the padded little bundle that was her daughter. Honrin huffed out a breath harshly.

"You've just given birth! You're still milk heavy! They can't expect-" she froze him with a single glare, sparkling ghostly greens clashing with outraged gold. He stared down at her a moment, though they were both startled from their contest from rapid, unhappy mewls and squeaks emanated from the cloth tied around his sternum.

They both looked down and softened, Honrin's shoulders relaxing. She looked back up at him chidingly. "Look at what we did, we woke her. Go back to sleep my love." she whispered, again nuzzling the helpless babe. The puppy whimpered and snuffled its tiny face against her nose and then quieted.

Guin tilted his face up and met his worried gaze. "I will be fine and you know it, you silly worrywart," she told him softly, her tone gentle so she wouldn't disturb the pup again. He sighed and cupped her hand to his face, kissing the palm. "I'm an old fool. Of course, you will be. I wasn't attracted to you for your trait to stand back and do nothing. You'd be going even if you weren't in charge."

Honrin kissed her then, warm and soft, and for a brief moment she wanted to stay so they could finish this conversation upstairs and in bed. But alas, that would have to wait for her return. She broke them apart gently, caressing his cheek. "I love you. I'll be back soon." she told him firmly, and then she geared up with her sword and axes and left in a billow of her cloak.

Theo, Leoris, and Howland were waiting at the Fort, but they hadn't been there long judging by the snow that'd piled onto the shoulders of their cloaks.


They searched every inch of land between the border and the direction they knew Pushok and Armani had gone, looking for their trail. They were perhaps a days ride from Casa di Cavalieri when Guin called the search to a halt. They'd found the trail.

After several hours of following it, they ran into Pushok, who'd been on his way with a message to send reinforcements.

After exchanging information, Guin sent Theo and Leoris home with a message to update Cedric and Aldora of the situation. Neither Pushok nor Armani had caught sight of their daughter, but her scent had come into this abandoned house and hadn't come out. There were at least three others here in total, whether friends or enemies the Cavaliers didn't know.

There were three strong and well-trained warriors here beside her, but if someone made haste to escape, their two-legged forms would be slower to catch them. Guinevere volunteered to take a Secui form, pawning off her items to a hidden nook to be picked up later. She would also be lower to the ground, harder to hit by an Optime untrained against a feral combatant, and faster in an enclosed space like this house.

Howland would stand guard on the outside as well, backup in case he was needed either inside or outside.

After changing into her larger formed Secui, the phoenix warrior shook herself to dispel the last of the transitional tingles. Lower to the ground, she could smell what remained of Nilda's scent from the last time she'd passed the area. It was sharp and sour with fear, causing her hackles to bristle protectively. No canine that looked at her could mistake that she was a new mother, her coat was heavy with the milk-scent, her teats far lower than normal, meaning she still nursed. However, the dangerous glint in her eye was also a new motherly trait. Nilda was her ward, her apprentice, taken from her home and from Guinevere's protection. Instinct demanded punishment for the fear of the Catori child that filled her nares, a child practically her own in all but blood.

Intent ghostly green eyes turned to Pushok and Armani, watching for an inaudible signal, her hackles prickled and shivering with anticipation.
Hold a sharp sword up high and cut a path to your future!
They had found her and while Armani thought her and Pushok could take the two canines they saw. The question to her was the other scent they caught but couldn’t see. Holding back was the hardest thing the mother had ever done. Holding herself together she waited down wind watching for movement from the domicile. Pushoks return brought Guinevere and Howland. Now she felt herself relax as she looked at everyone.

Green emeralds focused back to the house as she did one final check of the sword on her hip. The mission came to a head today. Today they would bring their girl home. Home to where her mother and siblings were waiting. Getting Dawn to stay home had been a battle in of itself but one had to stay and make sure the trio didn’t decide to also help. Both herself and Dawn knew Dawn was better at that then Armani was. Now Armani had but one goal and that was to get Nilda and get her out. Death would ride on their coat tails as none who opposed them would leave today.

One final look at Pushok, Guinevere and Howland was met with an exhale of breath as mud colored feet launched herself forward. Her heart raced as she felt the rush of adrenaline kicking in. Neither male were out at the campfire and that meant close quarters inside a house and Armani didn’t like that thought. But they had agreed to the plan and with that like a bomb she burst into the house. The old wood door and rusted hinges unable to handle her assault as the door fell from its position.

The pair in the room shot up as she snarled. “Where is my daughter!” The fur down her spine and around her armor standing up. She knew both Pushok and Guinevere were behind her. The darker of the pair reached for a pipe that was near him while the other seemed shook by her entrance. She cared little for the two in the room as her adrenaline rushed brain looked for a second door. She snarled again as the Darker male moved to strike her but she found herself unable to dodge his assault as she reached for the door her desire to see her daughter's face out weighed any training she had. Maybe a part of her hoped that Pushok of Guinevere would stop him.

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It was either fortune or chance that had found Guin nearer than the fort, with Cavalier's in tow at her behest. The Master of Bladed Weapons sent two of her followers back to the territory to bring the news of discovered location, and Pushok followed the pale woman back to where he had left Armani in surveillance.

As the four of them convened, the Hushhowl man met Armani's gaze with a sharp nod, Guin and Howland quickly letting themselves be known without a word. Kneeling beside the emerald-eyed mother to gain a last glance at their targets, he could feel his own tension ease. He had returned sooner than thought and they had two more warriors to fight on their side, and though there was no sign other than a trail riddled in fear, they had a far better chance now to find Nilda.

Guin altered her form into her middling form, ready for the close combat fight and Howland set himself up at a station. A wrinkle in Pushok's nose curled his lip as his blade was drawn from his back. This wasn't the best battle ground for his specialty, but he hoped that with the blade as a shield and the unarmed training he'd been focusing on, he could make some proper work of it.

Mixed eyes of verdant azure found Armani as she breathed out, her hand on her weapon and determination painting the edges of her face. Pushok nodded and followed her eyes down to Guin, and finally to Howland. It was time.

Armani took off first, and Pushok follwed after, leaving room at his legs for Guin to take the space she might need to slip into the room. All at once, everything happened. The scrambling of paws came as one of the strangers armed themselves, but Armani pushed past him. Her earthen pelt moved further into the house, and for as fast as Pushok's feet could carry him, he rushed to meet the pipe with his blade and force the weapon away.

He hoped the push had the other stumble as he looked back with a quick eye to ensure that Armani was alright, and another glance was offered through the room to find Guin. His expression found him green to real combat and in his surprise, he found himself wide open in an attempt to ensure that his fellow combatants were okay.



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