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A basket of dried flowers and other trinkets seemed such a frivolous gift, but it was the kind of thing she knew that Eden would appreciate. Far be it from Lyra to care for the misguided tastes of others, however, given all that Eden had done for her in her times of need, it was the least she could do.

Finding the Cleric absent at her home, the Conserje quickly deduced that she might be found at her business. The Clinic was not a long walk from the Ruins, but the snowy fields and bitter coastal wind made it seem as far as Portland. Sometimes the cloud cover painted the mountains at the back of her thoughts, and Lyra had to look at the homes dotted with smoke to reassure herself that there would be no Outsiders materializing from the frost.

The winter dragged on, and still no news came of their mysterious assailant.

Lyra found herself dreaming of spring. She wanted to rid herself of the reminders that lay in every snowflake, in every cloaked rider that came in from the cold. That was not practical, of course.

"Eden," She called at the entrance, knocking only once with her good hand before letting herself inside. She was greeted by a crackling fire and an otherwise empty, but clean, space. Between the fastidious Argive and the gentle Eden, it stood to reason that their shared enterprise would look so adequately kept. She had hoped that her last visit there would be, well, her last, but she accepted returning on her terms this time around.

Shedding her thick fur coat and throwing it over the nearest chair, she came to the hearth and sat her basket down on a table. As she began to sort through the various goodies she'd brought, she said, "I know you're here, my dear. I do not like to be kept waiting, and in this case, neither should you."
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Eden hated to make it seem like she was avoiding anyone. It was her place in the kingdom to make herself available to anyone, on the off chance that they might need her for something. So far, there hadn't been anything that would want to keep her away from anyone. Even the small moments that put her in a position where she was nervous or uncomfortable didn't do anything to make her act like this. She couldn't help but mentally kick herself for it too.

Really, she was only avoiding one person.

The Cleric still kept to her usually haunts, though moved between them more often than she normally did, and was usually with company. Clover didn't seem to stray far, which was something she was rather thankful for. It did manage to bring a smile to her face, being able to place her fingers through the feline's fur. So here she sat in the Clinic, letting her feel what she knew to be real. The same couldn't be said for something else that seemed to be on her mind.

The female's ears shot up when she heard her name. For a split second, she felt a shiver. Had Aani actually found her? But it was only for a second. The voice was one she knew well, especially as of recent time. Lyra was special for a number of reasons, but even she had a soft side that could come to the surface when it needed to. It was that which caused her to extend more than just what was expected of her because of her rank to the Salcedo woman.

The Tradesman wasted no time in letting herself in, the Cleric rising to her feet to come meet her. Her coat had been tossed onto one of the chairs. Eden had been sitting off to one of the darker sides of the Clinic, almost as if she were trying to hide. She was dressed in a lighter green dress, one side of the dress hanging down longer than the other. A smile found its way onto her face, "Tradesman Lyra. I know you don't, sorry to keep waiting for any short time."

She padded over to the tan woman, the lynx lifting up to follow her owner, "What can I do for you?"
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