[AW+] [WEDDING] let your love weave on eternal
They had gathered together to celebrate love. It was to be a beautiful ceremony, one dotted in colors selected by the lovely couple who had chosen specific shades befitting of their station. The day before Iomair had struggled with what to say during the ceremony, for the reality of his own situation was still a fresh wound. Love was simplest at its start. Looking back Iomair thought that perhaps his relationship had been one rife with complication – but he would not allow his own grief to tarnish today’s event.

The tree that towered over them bordered the City Square unassumingly, though he knew that come spring the branches would be covered in puffs of pink blossoms. Fennore had explained that it was the perfect tree to attach the rings to, and so it was that they had planned the ceremony around its base.

Invitations had been circulated by the children a few days prior. They had been instructed to tell all they encountered to gather at the tree in their finest clothes – there was a celebration to be had.

Now, the Valar called in baying howls to summon the Realm.

The Nobility arrived in their finest clothes, and the same could be said of their High King. He had spent time to assure the waves of his hair were swept back and off his face, his crow settled low over his bushy brow. He had selected tunics that had been dyed a shade of violet, his leather jerkin pulled over so that it peaked out from beneath the thick folds of his cloak. He had pinned the front of his cloak so that it fell over one of his shoulders and allowed him the free use of his arms.

He had two iron rings in his pocket, each one prepared to be gifted to the new couple during their ceremony.

Kalypso and Torabera stood together as an echo of what Iomair had once had. They had found each other in New Caledonia, had brought a litter of children into the Realm, and become esteemed members of his territory. He couldn’t help but look upon each of them with pride, his eyes warm with emotion as he waited for everyone to gather.

He avoided looking directly at Vodeva, but offered her a polite smile when it was due.

When enough time had passed and the excited buzz of chatter had finally given way he clapped his hands to gather the attention of the crowd and held out his hands.

"We have gathered for a special celebration," he hummed, ”Kalypso Savoy and Torabera Tanaka have chosen to be joined together as Husband and Wife before all of you today.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled forth the set of iron rings, dangling them from a loop of twine that he looped through his fingers.

”May these rings represent your love to one another. The path may not always be clear, but together you can accomplish anything.” He pressed one ring into each of their hands and folded their fingers so that the rings were hidden from sight.

He smiled at Fennore, gesturing for her to come forward to tie the knots which would see their hands gathered together.

He recited lines that were from times long gone as Fennore bound them:

“Let your love flow like Nín’s waters,
Let your love tower like the great gardens of Nanin,
Let it be forged stronger than all of Dúr’s works, as strong and vast as the mountains.
Let it be constant like the rise of the Sun and the Moon,
From Dawn to Dusk, never changing.
Even though it may wane, it will always wax again.
As the Old becomes the New and the New becomes the Old again,
Let your love weave on eternal.”

He felt his eyes water and smiled over the newly wed couple as they all turned to face the tree.

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What's this? A wedding? Please feel free to join in on this non-mandatory thread to celebrate the marriage of Kalypso Savoy and Torabera Tanaka! Posting order will be Iomair, Fennore, Kalypso/Torabera before being open to the celebrants! It is assumed that invitations went out a few days prior to the Realm at large.

Make sure you wear your best! You never know who's watching ;D

A follow up thread to party at the reception will be up soon! Happy love!
[Image: pretty-flowers-hi.png]It was easy for her to become over-invested in this ceremony. Fennore always enjoyed planning events as it was, whether it was the Feast or the Court, as well as the occasional celebration sprinkled throughout the year.

This one in particular, she thought, had been a long time coming. Perhaps it was a sign of things to come; the first of many. She found herself thinking of the dark-furred healer before shooing him away, refocusing on the matter at hand.

Their time would come, maybe, one day. But today, it was about the High Lord and Lady, the joining of Dusk and Dawn.

She had the foresight to dress down, if that was even possible for her; fastened to her dress, just above her heart, was her pin, and she wore her hair long with only simple braids, certainly not looking to outshine the bride. Iomair stood tall beside her, in spite of it all — if his separation weighed heavily on his mind, he seemingly paid it no heed.

All of it was symbolic, from Iomair's sprawling words, right down to the gifts that would bind them together. The metal rings were forged from the Realm's hearths, the cloth dyed at their own Studio. And now, before them all, they would dedicated themselves to one another, a testament to their bond.

The Isiltári approached them with the chosen fabric, and she looked to each in turn with a smile. When they brought up the rings during Iomair's long spiel, Fennore gently bound them together with the colored cloth, her eyes softening at Kalypso before she turned to the crowd.

She and the Councilor did not always see eye-to-eye, but in this moment, the wolfess truly was happy for her.

"They shall now recite their vows," she said, stepping back to stand beside the High King once more, "their dedication to one another, through the mountain highs, and the valley lows."

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It had been too late to cancel the event without raising everyone's brows. It would draw unnecessary focus to the cause and Kalypso was not going to let the dramatics between the King and his former wife interfere with what was supposed to be a joyous event. As much as she had not really wanted the ceremony in the first place, she had settled into acceptance and then a bit of excitement by the end.

She was no young blushing bride at the alter with her childhood sweetheart. Kalypso had killed the people and had nine children before she had ever stood at in the place of a bride. She had been a Queen and then a fallen no-one again long before she sat down with her daughter and Amal to put together a suitable dress for a less-than-virginal bridal gown. It was by no means a traditional color for anyone, but she had once worn all black as the Sun adorned with stones that clacked and clattered.

After Eulalie (and very briefly Dorian) pinned up her hair with decorative combs and twists of blue-green sea glass, a glitter of a tropical Caribbean day far from the sunny islands. Once Eulalie elbowed her youngest son out of the way, she had made ringlets appear that were quite a marvel after the horrible fear of her daughter holding a shimmering hot curling rod in her hand.

Since their agreement to marry in full regalia, she had spent most of the time working on her jewelry. She mixed her old gold and beadwork necklaces with blue and green sea-glass beads that coiled around her neck very much like a collar. Otherwise, she had nothing on her hands or arms. She was no young, blushing bride, but she was not going to be a matron either.

Kalypso had felt the unexpected jitters of excitement when the buzz of New Caledonia grew. She cast worried glances between Iomair and Vodeva, but mostly kept her smug looks for Tora. Bastard had gotten her right where he wanted and she was going to enjoy it, even if she was concerned with their High King. Admitted, she hoped that Tora couldn't feel it radiating off of her; she hadn't exactly told him what had happened to try and give them some privacy for at least a little while.

It'd be very public knowledge soon enough, anyway.

Kaly tried to let go of the concern and the guilt. Eulalie had pushed for the wedding. Tora had wanted it. She was going to enjoy it.

Iomair took their hands and settled rings upon them. It wasn't the ring that Tora had made, but she had pointedly refused to let that ring hang in the tree. Kaly grinned at Tora, knowing that the dedication to the Caledonian gods likely made him squirm. She had not insisted on it, but she had certainly not said no. Better to appease the good god-fearing folk than earn their ire. They both could swallow the religiousness and focus on the meaning behind it.

Fennore wove the cloths through the rings perched on their palms and prompted them for vows, vows she had struggled to write. The High Lady could be quite eloquent, but just not in matters of her stupid heart.

Kaly took a slow breath in and grasped the man's hands in hers. "Torabera Tanaka, you are truly a massive pain in the ass and I am very glad that you're the pain in the ass standing before me right now, she said with a laugh, nothing truly harsh or cruel in the way she spoke. "If you promise to call me out on my nonsense, I'll call you out on yours." She squeezed his hands. Not at all a traditional bride. "I love you, ばか," she happily finished, chuckling a little. Somewhere in the crowd, her children were likely rolling their eyes right into the back of their heads at their disgusting parents.
It made no sense for Tora to be as nervous as he was. He had known this was coming ever since that strangely beautiful dawn out by the birches. He had listened to Eulalie harangue her mother until the outcome was decided and had spent the month making sure that he would be ready. He was cleaned, sober, hair combed and tied back in his traditional topknot instead of hanging down around his head, looking more like the dignified High Lord he pretended to be as opposed to the scruffy madman he was in actuality. 

Nervousness was never rational. Instead of rearing its ugly head in moments of danger it liked to show up uninvited during times of peace. Was this the right move? Did Kalypso really want to bind herself to him and he to her? Was it proper for them to have such a heavy moment out in the public eye? Yes, yes and they didn't really have much choice in the matter. Tora did his best to content himself by assuming that if he was happy with the situation then his soon-to-be wife felt the same.

There was time to do a bit of last minute fussing over his clothes, the dark blue tunic with gold pin he had decided on in place of the usual clownish getup. Nonexistent wrinkles were smoothed out as the King called for the guests, a final bit of pointless worrying before it was too late. 

The King and his second in command were saying all sorts of flowery words, wishes of good fortune that Tora did his best to pay attention. No luck. They were just background noise droning on as he looked at the bride, empty phrases from a pack whose traditions didn't really belong to him. He managed to take the ring and extend his hand for binding through mechanical automation instead of actual interest. 

He was happier focusing on his partner anyway. 

Pretty cloth was weaved through iron rings and the couple prompted to recite vows. Tora had given up on trying to write his after nights of fruitless attempts, figuring that he'd find the right things to say in the moment. Kalypso took his hand and said things that they both knew were true, statements that made him laugh like a fool.  "Kalypso Savoy, you have a talent for being obstinate and a knack for making me roll my eyes. I'm thrilled that I managed to talk you into this." His grin came so easily that it was almost hard to believe, the mirthless samurai showing a rare bit of genuine joy that felt better than anything he had ever experienced. "If you manage to bear with me then I'll make sure I do the same." 

He could see Hoko out of the corner of his eye, the tallest and most obnoxious of the six making an exaggerated gagging motion that was no doubt very amusing to whoever she was showing off for. 

"And I love you,  fille têtue. 

He moved to kiss her, and everything felt right.

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She had spent hours braiding the lengths of her silver hair, twisting and turning until it was all gathered in a tidy bun at the nape of her neck. Vodeva couldn’t remember the last time she had spent any time upon her appearance, but something in solidifying the disintegration of her marriage left her feeling free. When she assessed herself in a broken piece of glass she saw a mature woman, her face free from its usual worry. Iomair could do as he pleased now, and she did not have to concern herself with anything beyond the call to her Lady of Rivers.

She wore a dress that hugged her torso, the high collar carefully pinched so that it rose in pretty ruffles against her throat. Her dress had been modified from her travelling dress, a garment that had seen her escaping Old Caledonia on the back of Tamlins horse. She wove silver into her hair and draped herself in a veil that would hide her from the gaze of Valleuar.

They came together for the ceremony, and she watched them gather – all eager faces soaking up the love which blossomed between the couple beneath the boughs of the cherry tree.

Vodeva did everything in her power to assure that her face gave nothing away of what she felt inside. She was resplendent, a Priestess who basked in the glory of this love and all the loves that had come before. By now word would have spread to others in the Nobility that the woman had moved out of the Bastion and into the Square – she had spoken at length with Indis as Iomair had avoided speaking with their daughter since the divorce. She was certain he was afraid of saying the wrong thing, or painting himself in a light that made him less than in his daughters eyes.

In doing so he allowed Indis to come to her own conclusions. It was dangerous and cowardly.

Vodeva hummed a blessing when Nín was mentioned during the vows. She clasped her hands and bowed her head, quietly summoning the power of her Lady to bestow only the best upon this marriage.

They tied rings and stood before the great tree, united and beautiful as the coming of spring.

When Vodeva finally smiled it was warm and fully reached her eyes.

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Daisy's dress is not as vibrant as the image I linked, and much closer to these shades.

At Gaia's insistence, Daisy allowed her to fashion the river-dog a new dress. Truthfully, clothing was not something that Daisy really liked. She had always been most comfortable in her own skin and liked the sensation of the sun and the wind on her fur. These were things she had tried to explain to Gaia, who had done her best to take them into consideration.

The dress she ended up with was short and loose enough to suit Daisy. Though she did not keep or collect jewelry, she had used her clever hands to make necklaces decorated with bright colors, bits of raw gold, and shells and seaglass she had found during her time at the coast. Most respectfully of all, she had taken plenty of time to bathe and groom herself properly – though her scruffy fur still stuck up all over, she was more fluffy than she had been for ages.

Ceremonies like this were new, but all rituals felt vaguely the same. She thought about her own parents, and wondered if they had done something similar before the River Goddess – Nín, as she now was called. One of Omni's faces was said to be that of water, but Daisy had never believed such a thing possible. One being could not maintain the vast depths of the whole world within them. What New Caledonia's priests spoke of seemed far more reasonable and in line with the beliefs from her own upbringing.

Daisy came today out of duty, not only because her high position demanded it. Isadore had been sullen ever since news of the wedding came. She had feared he would avoid it all together, for all the time he disappeared these days, but he had stayed with her and Gaia throughout the ceremony. The scout and his aunt both had similar garments on, tailored in a style that Gaia wistfully called “Courtly”. The fluer de lis symbol indicated as much, though New Caledonia's influence was becoming more and more apparent in the colors and symbols used in both material and embroidery choices.

Kalypso and Tora made a good match, Daisy thought. She imagined Gaia and Isadore agreed too, even if the latter had complicated feelings about the matter.

Their union strengthened the bonds within New Caledonia as a whole. What more could one ask for?
It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.
There was a time where she might have come barreling in. A disruptive beast of laughter with a smug sense of superiority. She was, at one point, an imp full of mischief and misplaced fascination after all. All of the odd things others did, those two-leggers who yammered on about gods they fervently believed in. Families who were so tight-knit and secure that they never noticed the wolf stealing things at their door. No longer was Woodsmoke that creature. To Cherub’s dismay that girl ran away. What was left was a woman who buried her stress and angst as it rose higher and higher. One who, like always, stood on the periphery. This time, however, she yearned to step inside, but every attempt was like walking on blades.

Her finest was a plain grey dress, a gift from a lover. It was not on her body. Instead, it lay in her den, folded as neatly as the woman could muster. Rather than being on two, Woodsmoke was on four legs, and contrary to the others, she was hidden away from the ceremony. Within earshot and sight, of course, but tucked away. A keen eye might spot her, a paranoid person perhaps. One who felt it best to look outward at the world, instead of at the world’s focus at that point.

Every occasion was a sacrifice of comfort for her. She hoped her friend would not be slighted by her perceived absence, and if spotted, her notable lack of attire and just about every custom observed. She bore no gifts, only watched from afar. That was her whole life. A gaze inwards or outwards, depending on where she stood. The woman always had seen herself as an outsider, and ever since joining a pack, she even felt like one. New Caledonia was a lifesaver, literally, as she had joined to keep her daughter alive. Most folks were friendly and welcoming, but no matter what warm words were uttered, she never gained the feeling of belonging.

There was a disconnect somewhere, and Woodsmoke could feel it, especially at gatherings. Everyone was so pretty. She wasn’t. Too short, there was no awe when she stood. Too skinny, she didn’t look right when she moved. Not an ounce of femininity on her body, no heads turned as she walked past. A ragamuffin through and through. Worst of all, however, as she saw it first in her paws. Her fur was beginning to lighten. The marks of age would only exacerbate her already unappealing body. Any fertility, even though it remained, would be obscured to men as the grey climbed her body like smothering vines in the coming years. She knew that it would only be a matter of time before the only possible line of physical attraction she held would be severed completely.

That pain was why she did not stand beside her pack as her friend married his love. Too many far more beautiful than her stood by that tree. Why was she there? For her friend of course. She held Tora in high regard, even if they lived completely different lives. Why bother to remain with all that pain bubbling though? The forest’s call was always beckoning, but she could never answer. The tall girl in yellow, standing in the crowd. Large, powerful, young and learning. Smokecloud would always be loved by her mother, even if Woodsmoke believed the girl hated her. She stayed for her, and wept at her absence in her hole of a home.

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It was almost amusing how much Bellad had teetered on the verge of interrogating someone about the subject of Caledonian bonds. Of course, the healer himself found it anything but amusing. Naturally he had someone quite well aware of Caledonian traditions to ask, but bringing up the matter to her so directly seemed near painfully blunt. All the more so when doubts occasionally still surfaced in his mind and made him wonder if this extent would ever be called for.

As luck would have it, this occasion, and this invitation, spared him from the need to ask, when instead he could observe. This was his chance to have answers. And so Bellad watched with baited breath not so much because he was captivated or enamored by what was happening, but more due to an intense focus on all that was going on. Every element was a riddle that he tried to put against familiar concepts. The words of King Iomair, who he supposed was the finest stand in for an Elder in this situation. Fennore’s part, that involved a few less familiar, nuanced gestures. The rings, the cloth – he could grasp the symbolism, but seeing them used was a first.

He tried not to let his eyes linger on the Isiltári for too long. But at least he knew he wouldn’t embarrass her by showing up looking as though he treated the whole affair with disdain. He would most assuredly have to pay Pippa back for his new tunic and for the slight adjustments to his pair of loose pants, now accessorized with cords to tie them off below the knee. It was always such a discovery to find clothes that, while still being a new article compared to his usual fashion of walking bare, did not feel shackling. Even his mane was perhaps displaying the finest of grooming that the Songthorn had mustered. That is to say, properly combing.

Whenever it was someone’s turn to speak, he would listen almost hungrily, as though every word could matter. It seemed that being somewhat indelicate during the vows was acceptable. He strongly doubted it was required, and hoped so, for he doubted he would opt for saying something quite so crass. Perhaps this was not Caledonian, specifically. After all, there were many of them from all around, and each brought something new into the Realm. It was no wonder then that he could not understand the names that the newlyweds called one another. Were they foreign terms much like the names of nobility? Would he too come to be someone’s baka in the future?

Mysterious words. Mysterious traditions.

His brother was close at hand, donning a newly obtained cloak that completed his already massive silhouette. Ierian and Bellad both seemingly found someone to observe among those gathered. Then, as though noticing one another’s eyes drifting to certain select attendants of the wedding, they exchanged glances and, surely not deliberately, turned to face the ceremony at large. It was, after all, their first Caledonian wedding.
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Teagan fussed over her City Watch tassel that hung from her pauldron. She had polished her armor the day prior, and had made sure that her cloak and her own fur and hair had been cleaned as well. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her husband fiddling with his own armor, making sure that it was adjusted properly to ensure that he looked his best as well. There was to be a mateship ceremony—or, wedding, as it was called—that day, the first that Teagan had attended to since she and her family had moved New Caledonia.

From the verbal invitations that had been spread by the pack’s Pages, the ceremony hadn’t sounded much different than one of Casa di Cavalieri’s own. Members of the pack were asked to dress nicer, and were all told a date and general timing to be ready by. As Teagan pulled on her cloak, she couldn’t help but to wonder how different the gathering might be, what traditions and cultural additions and flairs there were to be seen and had. Would there be ties of Old Caledonia’s traditions woven in? Or things from the Court, given that the two to be wed were both ex-Courtiers?

With her cloak flowing as it should over her armor, she looked to Mako, who had finished with his last-minute touches as well. The unmistakable, howling summons of the High King rung out, and the two made their way out of the family home. Genkei and Naomi weren’t around, though, Teagan expected them to not be late to the ceremony either. They knew better than to be so disrespectful.

She and Mako arrived before the cherry tree amongst the rest of the pack, their children and their daughter’s new friend joining them shortly after their own arrival. With Kalypso and Torabera standing at the center of attention, Iomair began the ceremony, and Teagan and Mako watched in respectful silence.

When it came time for the vows, Teagan let out a soft, amused exhale at Kalypso’s words, particularly, at the Japanese one at the end that she recognized. Torabera’s reply was just as amusing, and the Escal couldn’t help but to find them rather fitting for one another.

Teagan Stryder
— The Knight —
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Ronin was still new to the pack, still unsure about everything and wary of others. When the invitations had gone out, he had tried to be nonchalant about it, but, Naomi had sensed his reluctance. He had only been with the pack for a few weeks, and hardly knew the names of every member, much less, enough to feel like he wouldn’t feel like an uninvited guest at such a personal ceremony. Naomi had had to rope her brother, Genkei, into reassuring the Peer, and had spent the better half of that morning ensuring that Ronin didn’t feel like an outcast amongst the pack.

Genkei had worn his polished armor, and had combed his dark, long hair until it had had a beautiful, glossy sheen to it. He’d worn it in a different style than he usually did, with a portion of it pulled into a top knot bun while he let the rest of it flow over her broad shoulders. He’d looked regal and handsome, something that Naomi had been sure to tease him for so that she could laugh when he blushed and tried to act modest about his looks.

Naomi had done the same to Ronin—who had been much more reactive to her teasing, to her great amusement—once the siblings had gotten done with helping the young Peer. Ronin, having yet to accumulate much in the way of clothing or armor since joining the pack, had dressed much more simply than Genkei. He wore a long-sleeve tunic over a pair of pants, and had a polished bracer wrapping around each forearm. He had complained when Naomi had suggested that he brush his bangs out of his face, and they had settled on letting his hair look more or less like it normally did, if only a bit neater.

For herself, the Privileged girl had donned the long, leather doublet that she had worn for the Call to Court atop a simple tunic. Like Genkei and Ronin, polished leather bracers adorned each of her forearms, and, she too, wore a pair of nice pants. And, though it was unnecessary given the ceremony’s purpose, the sword she had been gifted for passing her First Blood rested comfortably at her side. Her hair had been pulled free of its usual ponytail, and her copper tresses spilled across the darker colors of the doublet and the lighter one of her tunic.

The trio had been in the midst of discussing the marriage and the ceremony itself when the High King’s voice carried out across the Fort. They made their way to the cherry tree where the rest of the pack had gathered, Naomi and Genkei’s parents among them. A few pleasantries were exchanged before the ceremony began.

Naomi had to hide her laughing smile behind a hand when she heard Lady Kalypso’s term of endearment to Lord Torabera. She found her amusement at it all harder to hide when Ronin elbowed her gently and nodded to Hokori as the Savoy-Tanaka daughter made an obnoxious motion. At Genkei’s low rumble in warning though, the two yearlings’ focus snapped back to the ceremony at hand, embarrassing and awkward as it might have been to watch someone kissing someone else.

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It was about time.

Leandra had always wondered up to this point if there was something strange about her parents. What with having children before they were even mates, and waiting this long to make it all official. They were all already living under the same roof, and they did things together, so what was the major hold up. Guess the push had finally been made, and it had been up to them to send out the invitations to the other members of New Caledonia.

There wasn't long before the ceremony would be taking place, and she was going to have to look her best for it. Her parents were going to take the spotlight, but that didn't mean she could dress herself up as she wanted to. With Dorian helping to take care of their mother's hair, she was left to do her own. She had watched the way he did her braids, making sure the hair was straight before doing them up again.

No stray hairs today.

Now what was she going to wear? Everyone was probably going to be in a dress, and she probably should be too right? Mmm, maybe, but she was thinking something similar to what she wore for the little 'coming of age' ceremony that her parents had put together for the six of them. There was nothing saying she had to wear a dress. Just as long as she looked her best. Yes, that felt much more like her.

Once she came to join the rest of her family, she found herself falling in place with her other siblings. Everyone had their attention up on the leaders and their parents. She found her hands had moved behind her back, though her eyes wandered, curious about her siblings' reactions. Her ear tilted a bit to the side when she noticed Hokori's gagging gesture. It was exaggerated, but fell in line with what their parents vows, or really promises, were to one another.

She just rolled her eyes at all of it, watching as they kissed, their union finally made.
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To say that Hibiki had been excited would be too much of an understatement. For as long as he could remember, Kalypso had been his closest friend, and one of the people he could go to when he was upset. She had been there for him when things fell in Sapient, and there to listen to him when he complained about his upbringing. In turn, he had done his best to be there for her when it seemed like her entire world was falling apart around her.

And then Tora, someone he had come to know in his time in the Court, and while things were still... rocky between them depending on the situation, they had become good friends. They had worked together on a number of things now, and now the two of them were finally getting married. How could he be anything but happy for the both of them?

The male had given a look over his wardrobe, which really wasn't saying much. This was meant to be something special, and he didn't want to wear the same thing he usually wore. It was a bit last minute, but he had been able to get something together for the event. He kept to the style of his kimono, but now a tunic. It was patterned like the other one, darker in color, but accented along the edges with color. He wore nice dress pants with it, rather than the shorts he had for his other outfit.

He also made sure to clean himself up before joining Kadir in making their way to the ceremony.

The pair stood together, his eyes focused on his friends. He couldn't help but let his tail wag behind him as he listened. Their vows had gotten a low chuckle out of him, something he understood about the both of them having been part of the same group for so long. When they then proclaimed their love for one another, his tail wagged faster. He wanted to cheer, but kept himself reeled in. There would be plenty of time for that after the ceremony.

He was sure there would be more to come than just this display of their union.
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Avatar art by Despi · Sig art by J
Inara's eyes were alight with excitement. A wedding. She couldn't recall the last time she'd seen one of those, her mind only brought her to her old days back in the Eerie lands. Gypsy's loved weddings. The dances, the drinks, the laughter.

She was very curious as to how this ceremony would be in comparison to her foggy memories of her own people. Her only regret was that she didn't feel as close as she had with Kalypso before the incident. She hadn't socialized much yet and patrolling was still of the table until the weather got better. Her lungs and ribs were still vulnerable and no one wanted her to get sick. Pneumonia was a big risk and Inara had to stubbornly admit she had to hold off. Her room was kept warm, almost too warm in her opinion. It was a battle when Percival was there. Inara enjoyed the cool more but Percival (in her opinion) was a pansy to the cold. Double that with his worry to her becoming sick and it was almost unbearable.

Inara spent more time making clothes and when the news of Tora and Kaly becoming one came to her ears she rummaged through all she could and found just the dress she felt would fit the occassion. It was simple, but it flowed nicely. Surely there'd be festivities after the wedding. She didn't want to jump to conclusions but if there was, this would be the dress she wanted to dance in today. 


The ceremony was lovely and caused her to think of her scruffy furred diplomat. She felt her face and ears warm at the thought that raced through her mind. She swallowed and attempted to push the thought away but it caused more haunting thoughts to push into her mind. Her stomach churned and knotted. She gave a weak smile as the ceremony concluded, wishing she felt differently right now for Kalypso and Torabera's sake. As everyone seemed to cheer and reveal in the joyous occasion Inara slipped away from the crowd as stealthily as she could. Her mind in a fog as she made her way back to her room in the Bastion.
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The day they’d all been waiting for had arrived, and not a moment too soon.

There had been a particularly spring-like quality to the air when Calan had awoken that morning; a balmy, fresh tinge on the wind, missing only the scent of flower pollen. The sky was a stark and loud blue, a lovely contrast to the grey and grim winter skies they’d endured for the past few months, and not even the hint of a cloud threatened to disturb it. It was the kind of weather that almost overwhelmed the senses in its cheeriness. Just the right fit for the occasion, the blond supposed.

He’d dressed for the glorious celebration in brand new robes. Repeating at the Court had been embarrassing enough; he had no intention of going through that again. This time he’d worked with Pippa to create something truly unique - a lush swath of lilac fabric, the cotton so thin it was almost see-through, and secured at the upper arm and wrists by a round bands of thick embroidery. It left his shoulders bare and his delicate collarbones on display, pale and unadorned as they were. To better suit the outdoor nature of the event, he’d gathered the dress at mid-thigh with a golden band, allowing the fabric to billow and the darker purple underskirt to peek through. His hair was delicately braided up and away from his face and reinforced with a matching scarf of violet, contrasting sharply with the fiery orange-gold. It was an ensemble to be admired and remembered; the pinnacle of style.

Calan Brecours was officially a High Lord of Dawn. He’d rightfully taken his place within New Caledonian royalty and pledged to the court he’d believed in most. This was to be his first event in this new role. It was his turn to be in the spotlight.

Oh, the wedding? He supposed that was happening too. Not as legendary as the bachelor party he’d thrown, mind, but it was nice enough.

What was he kidding. Cynic as he was about the concept of marriage, even Calan couldn’t avoid the excited energy of the grand event. Everything looked and felt perfect. Kalypso looked as elegant as always in all black, her flowing gown glimmering in the sunlight with the aid of inset stones. Even Tora had managed to clean himself up, much to Calan’s surprise - though whether it had been the kids or Kaly had roped him into brushing his hair or not, he couldn’t rightly say. They made a handsome pair under the empty branches of the cherry tree; different, yes, but united. The six children and three step-children nearby only added to the picture of domestic bliss.

He let out a big whoop as Tora and Kalypso finished exchanging their vows, their rings tied together for all to see. The crowd broke into happy chuckling and applause. It was the kind of union they could all celebrate.

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