[J] A new start
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Dark clouds hung over the mind of the Greyfire doll, having left her family just over a week ago in a whirlwind of anger. Seira knew she needed space from her family, even if it was just to learn all the things she should have at a younger age. Her asthma seemed to be fading away, and that gave her newfound freedom in living her life. She could be useful, a real asset once she had been schooled in the things she lacked. Asthma had crippled her younger years into adulthood, and now she had to start from scratch with very little help.

Seira's wanderlust had been satisfied days ago, and though the small yearning to see her family was there, she had decided to ignore it. She had not gained the life skills she would need, and deep down, Seira knew she wouldn't gain them under the watchful eye of her family. Seira had briefly thought of returning to Casa di Cavalieri, but she feared their knowledge of her breathing troubles would bring them to baby her. The last thing Seira wanted was to be treated like the sickly child she had once been. The greyscale doll knew she couldn't handle being coddled any longer, so she had chosen to go the opposite way from the cavalier claimed territory.

Whatever territory she came upon, this would be her fresh start. A new home with new friends, a place to learn and hone her skills. No longer would her family watch over her shoulder, ensuring her safety. Even as she aimlessly wandered the forest, she wondered who she might meet first and what new places she might discover. Time seemed to drag on with the endless wanderings, though scents came with the breeze after some time. The aromas here were intense and collected, allowing Seira to realize the border before her. Bandaged tail swayed anxiously as she considered her options.

'I wonder what beautiful lands lay beyond the borders.' she thought to herself. However, Seira knew better than to trespass on the claimed territory. Amethyst gems searched along the borders, scanning the distance for any sign of life. Tipping her head back so dark curled tresses draped down her back, she took in a deep breath and let out her call. The start of her new adventure was coming, and excitement bubbled within her. For whoever decided to greet her would indeed become a new friend. Seira's plan hadn't gone much farther than calling out to see who would come, and yet she couldn't help but feel more alive than ever before.


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Fennore had assumed, incorrectly, that the days following the Realm's first wedding would still be riding the wave, the good feelings and well wishes that had readily flowed forth from her fellow packmates. It wasn't even her marriage, and yet she had been pleased with the comradery. The pack truly had come together, she had thought.

Wither Rose proved that this was a fleeting sense of security.

The Isiltári was livid, naturally. Rand, at least, looked far worse than he actually was — but his recovery was a small comfort, not to mention bittersweet. But regardless of her ill feelings for him, his attack had been unacceptable. Sending her ward to the Underthing was no easy decision, yet the mutt had left her with no choice.

She and Iomair acted swiftly, yet the damage was done. The seemingly senseless act of violence between members would take its toll. There was only so much they could say to assuage their citizens, and it was a disgraceful end to an otherwise happy occasion.

Any opportunity to forget those events was welcome, so when she heard the call, the she-wolf wasted no time making her way to the borders. Drawing back the hood of her cloak, she fluffed her clementine hair around her shoulders as the stranger came into view. A woman with eyes reminiscent of her own, she could see, and the Caledonian slowed her pace as she approached this newcomer.

"Hail," she said evenly, her head held high and her shoulders cocked back. Fennore struck an imposing figure, perfectly poised, as was expected of her rank.

"You've reached the borders of New Caledonia. May I help you with something?"
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Pale hands nervously ran through her dark wavy tresses, hoping to make herself look more presentable for whoever came from the land beyond. The Greyfire doll waited anxiously for her responder to come into view, to hear any signs of life beyond the stillness of the barren snowswept forest. Not long had passed since her call rang through the open-air did a figure appear from within the shadows. Amethyst eyes watched nervously as the hooded figure stepped forward. Pale hands pulled the cloak back to reveal beautiful orange tresses. Amethyst eyes grew wide, taking in the sight of such a magnificent-looking creature. The posture and expression that the other gave off could be equated to royalty.

The other spoke a greeting first, causing Seira's posture to change. Seira quickly lowered her gaze to the floor, ears firmly resting against dark locks as she took in a steadying breath. Her bandaged tail swayed anxiously as she dared to sneak a peek at the pale femme. "H-hello." she stuttered, allowing her gaze to drop to the floor once more, lowering herself into a bow. For a moment, she held herself in the low bow, waiting a sufficient amount of time before she felt it was okay to stand upright once more. "T-thank you for meeting with me." she said in a mousey tone. "My name is Seira Greyfire, and I am pleased to meet you." she said with a soft smile.

Shifting her weight from one foot to the other, it was clear that the young Greyfire was nervous. Taking in a steadying breath, she tried to calm herself from within. Clearing her throat, she tried to fake confidence once more. "I have come to your borders with the hopes of joining your ranks and bettering myself." she said as evenly as she could muster. She had never spoken to leadership before, nor someone who had given off the aura of royalty. "I've left my family and group behind in the hopes of discovering who I am and who I'm meant to be." she said with a flick of an ear.

"I have very few skills, but if you will have me... I promise to learn all that I can and to make myself useful to you and yours." she said with a shaky breath. This was the best she could explain without going too far in-depth. Though she had just met this wolfess, she didn't want to explain why she was so ill-equipped for life outside of her family. The thought of her asthma brought a wave of shame crashing into her, and yet here she stood as confidently as she could muster. If the New Caledonians allowed her to join their ranks, she would work herself to the bone to prove her worth.


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Welcome to New Caledonia
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When it came to strangers at the borders, it served the subleader well to be observant. This girl was small and stuttering, her body and tone submissive as she made her case. Briefly, Fennore let her gaze wander down to the woman's tail, bandaged and broken, before she rose her eyes again to those of the grey wolfess. She did not seem to be a threat, and her reasons for coming made this all the more apparent.

There had been many like her, before. Once, even, Fennore had been in the exact same spot, and she was pleased, at least, that the newcomer didn't mince words or dance around it. She was upfront about her supposed lack of skills — but, to the Moonwraith, this spoke to an eagerness to learn. She still seemed young and malleable, and others before her had come in with inexperience, only to find something they were truly passionate about within the Realm.

As far as she was concerned, there was a place amongst them for all, should they put in the work. They were a pack of refugees, a melting pot of cultures from here and far.

"Well met, Seira Greyfire." A small smile, one that she attempted to make more sympathetic rather than sterile or indifferent. "I am Fennore, the Isiltári, or subleader of this pack." She paused, taking a step closer as she canted her head. "How did you come to hear of us, then?"

She looked familiar, somehow, but Fennore couldn't quite place the familiarity just yet.

"If you are willing to learn and contribute to our society, then I see no reason to turn you away. Do you have any specific interests? I am certain we can find a place for you, here."
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Seira bowed her head as the Isiltári spoke her name. Though she didn't know the proper etiquette to greet leadership or royalty, she knew enough to avert her eyes. This meeting would be the most significant thing she had done since leaving her family, and she didn't want to screw it up. Amethyst gems quickly stole a glance at the woman now known as Fennore, subleader of New Caledonia. "It's a pleasure to meet you, I-Isiltári F-fennore." she said, stumbling over her words once more. Seira's nerves were getting the better of her, and in the pit of her stomach, she hated the anxiety she felt each time she stuttered.

Though Seira expected Fennore's question, she hadn't heard of New Caledonia before. The Greyfire doll let out an awkward chuckle as pale hands rubbed at the back of her neck with a sheepish smile. "Please don't take offense but before this... I hadn't heard of New Caledonia." she said in an attempt to explain. Pale hands gestured to the open-air in a futile attempt to gather the words needed to explain her situation. Dark-rimmed ears lay flat against her crown as a soft sigh escaped her. "I suppose it would be better to tell you the whole truth." she said in a saddened tone.

She didn't want to explain what had happened with Nomos or give up Bete Noire's secrets, but she felt the Isiltári needed to hear her reasons firsthand. Pale fingers ran through dark locks pulling the hair back out of her face. Seira took a deep breath to steady herself before her tale. Her gaze fell as she began speaking. "I don't know if you've met anyone from my family, but they run The Rest Stop just south of here." she explained in a soft tone. Thoughts of her siblings ran through her mind quickly, along with images of her parents. Sadness stabbed her heart at the idea of her far-away family. Seira's thoughts and words paused, hoping the right words would come to her within this silence.

"My family and some of our friends founded the small group of Bête Noire some time ago and then began work on setting up The Rest Stop." she said after moments of silence. It had almost felt wrong to give up this information, but if she was going to prove just how loyal she could be to her new realm, this was what had to be done. Thoughts of the hurtful days before leaving her family came back to mind, and a pained look came across her features. Pale hands clutched at the imaginary heart upon her chest as if she had been attempting to keep it from breaking. "Something happened to my littermate..." she said slowly.

Explaining what had happened to Nomos and why she had left would be the most challenging part of this entire conversation. Her heart was breaking at the thought of betrayal and hurt, all the harsh words she had traded with her best friend and brother. "He killed someone to save another in our group... But it did something to him, changed him." she said, tears beginning to collect within the corners of her eyes. Taking in a shaky breath, she brought her gaze to meet the Isiltári's. "It was like he wasn't there anymore for a long time. And one day, he completely disappeared, abandoning me." she said in a trembling voice.

Her gaze fell once more as her heart continued to break within her chest. "When he left, I was left all alone. Chores that I couldn't do had to be done, but I forced myself to do them in the end. she said as her free hand gestured angrily. "My best friend, my brother betrayed me the day he left." she said, her tone growing angry. Thoughts of her brother's return only fueled the fire of hatred within her. Tears flowed freely downward from her lids as she took another shaky breath. The pain in her heart was starting a deep physical ache within her chest.

"When he came back, he tried to pretend as if nothing had happened. I confronted him about it, and he still tried to baby me. Years of being smothered by an overprotective brother and family have kept me from learning all that I needed. For a while, everything seemed okay, but the relationship between my brother and myself suffered." she said with a sigh. Her heart broke as she spoke those words aloud. The imaginary heart she had been clutching disappeared from her grasp as she let her hands fall to her sides. A sense of deep sadness took hold of her, knowing that if Fennore saw that she wasn't fit for New Caledonia, she could send her away now.

Clamping her jaws shut for a moment with an audible click, she took in a breath and held it trying to regain control of herself. The sadness and pain in her chest continued, and tears still flowed in a slow constant stream. "I left home and began wandering because I don't want to be treated like a sick child anymore. I don't want to feel like a burden." she said in a quick flurry of words. "My breathing isn't giving me as many problems. I am just the same as everyone else now." Though this thought may have been real, she still felt as if she was a significant burden to those who would take her in. Until she could prove herself useful to someone, Seira was determined to gather all the knowledge she possibly could.

Seira's ears perked up as the Isiltári began speaking once more, repeating her promise of learning and contributing to their realm. Pale hands wiped away the stream of tears that stained her greyscale fur. "T-thank you!" she said with a wag of her flag-like tail. "I don't know very much, but I have helped my older brothers with the garden. I also know what herbs go into the tea that helps my breathing problems." she said in a thoughtful, more even tone.


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Her ears straightened the mention of them, this Bête Noire — the very same group she had visited some time prior out of curiosity. No wonder the Greyfire had seemed so familiar, then, and as she weaved her story, Fennore listened intently and quietly, processing this information as it was given to her.

She could sympathize with having a sibling that cared far too much. Eesold had done much of the same thing, even if their situations were vastly and starkly different; but the motives were much the same. Her mouth was in a thin line as Seira came to the end of her spiel, and she wondered if the girl had said any of this aloud since she left her home. The way she acted and talked about her plight was vulnerable and raw; unless this was some sort of grand performance to gain entry, which the Isiltári very much doubted, she had no reason not to accept and respect her reasons as they were.

Fennore hardly considered herself the motherly sort. It was difficult for her to convey emotions as it was, much less to a stranger, but she attempted to soften her gaze as she gave a nod. "I understand."

For a moment, she was silent, her brows knitting together as she constructed her prose carefully. "It is regrettable, what transpired with your brother — but you will not be a burden, here, so long as you work diligently."

She canted her head. "Your breathing, you say? Our healers could assist you, even if you feel it is under control," she mentioned, as a courtesy.

"I would like to hear more about your time in Bête Noire. We are currently working to establish relations with them, coincidentally enough."

Smiling, she gestured behind her, back towards the Square. "There is much for you to see while the day is still young. I can escort you through our territory and show you where you can make your home. Shall we?"
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