[NEWS] March 2021

Spotlights for March 2021

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
A child born between two enemy packs, haunted by the ghost of her long-deceased mother lingering amidst her nightmares, Eden has come a long way from her roots. In recent times, Eden has taken the brave plunge in discovering herself, and has come out more confident than before. Her work ethic and talents as a healer in Salsola have allowed her to rise be the first to stand amongst a Faction that has lied vacant for two years after a deadly curse. She has dodged the pricks and poisons of Salsola's thistle; and has remained a kind and gentle soul despite all of her trials. But, when she puts her trust in the conniving Aani, will her kind heart be able to hold up as terrible facts that she cannot fully recall are revealed?

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
None for this month.

[Image: dcg.png] Featured Pack Adoptable
Jimena Escuella's abrupt, short life has been fraught with turbulence. While Del Cenere Gang has settled in the wake of its conflict, the Tejada household is in shambles on the heels of the losses of littermate Thiago and older sibling Luciana, the atmosphere tense and uncertain. A little more solid than sister Esperanza, it's hard to say what these trials and tribulations will manifest into; with her first birthday approaching, and with it, her Bautizo, will Jimena rise to the occasion and bring her family name into the spotlight, or will she fade fast?

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Temperatures are still pretty chilly in March, but snowmelt has begun to run down the mountains in streams, signaling that spring is surely near! In the meantime though, travelers should be aware of potential avalanche danger at higher elevations -- The Burnt Church Mountains, Mount Oromocto, and the Halcyon range are particularly treacherous. In the lowlands, snow in some areas has begun to give way to dead grass and water levels in rivers and streams are high. Large game is a little sparse, but there seems to be plenty of life hiding in the underbrush. Canadian geese have begun to return to the land in earnest, with many already claiming territory and fiercely defending it -- watch out, nosy puppies!

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bNPC Updates

Though they'd planned to formerly introduce themselves to nearby packs the prior month, the crew at Oglethorpe instead doubled down (heh) on making progress building their budding village. Two buildings doesn't yet a village make, but they're getting there!

With the spring thaw slow going and particularly muddy, the Oglethorpe band is trying hard to establish themselves despite the difficult terrain. News of the group has begun to spread out, though they haven't had many visitors yet. Now that the snow is melting, however, opportunities for trade are opening up as well.

Not much has changed in terms of what the crew has available, but they're looking to add to their bounty and a few updates have been made to the trade and prompt list. Crew members will be frequenting the areas outside of their camp now that the melting snow has begun to reveal new paths and points of interest. In particular, artifacts and material are being taken from Clements Park and Halifax.


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