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Seira slowly realized that avoiding her littermate would be more challenging than she had first thought. Ever since Nomos had returned home, it seemed no matter where she had gone or what she was doing; he would turn up and offer his help. Before all this had happened, Seira had come to expect her brother to show up and do the heavy lifting. Seira had discovered in his absence that she could do things for herself now, and yet Nomos seemed determined to treat her just as he would have if he hadn't left. Much had changed between the siblings, yet the more Nomos forced his help and strength upon her, the more she began to hate it. Seira was no longer the sickly child her family babied; now that her asthma was lessening, she could finally do more for her family.

No matter how early or late Seira woke up, Nomos was already there doing all the chores she had been looking forward to the day before. In some ways, this was a type of manipulation. The Greyfire doll was none the wiser to her brother's actions, only seeing the annoyances he had been causing her since his return. Frustration was Seira's constant companion within the past few days, always having to deal with her smothering brother. Though she kept her mouth shut, she was secretly glad Nomos had returned home. Sleepless nights spent worrying about his safety had plagued her mind, though now that he was home, it only seemed to be a hindrance to her newfound freedoms.

Seira had spent most of her days out and about, away from the watchful eye of her brother. The Greyfire doll had grown accustomed to hunting smaller game in her primitive form. Though she hadn't always been successful in her hunts, Nomos had always been prepared. Today was no different. Nomos had taken most of the chores for himself and left her with nothing to do outside of hunting. The Greyfire girl hadn't thought of catching more than something to eat for herself, for the grudge she held within her heart prevented her from feeding the sibling that had wounded her so deeply.

Seira had stepped lightly through the melting snow; the occasional crunching under her paws gave her slight frustrations. Amethyst gems observed the undergrowth, waiting for any movement to catch her eye. Slowly she stalked forward through the forest, paw steps quietly landing on the soft waterlogged ground. Seira stood still for a long while, shadows passing over her head as she waited for movement. Seira took in the scents around her, nose twitching as she searched for something to eat. Another shadow passed overhead as Seira's bandaged tail swayed like a flag in a soft breeze.

Food or no food, Seira was happy to be away from her brother and out of their shared home. Amethyst gems turned skyward to the sky; here and there, she could spot birds gliding on the winds high above. An unsettling feeling washed over her, and her stomach sank like a rock in the ocean. On a branch in a far-off tree sat her brothers Goshawk, Kanon. Seira's head tilted to the side in curiosity. 'Why is Kanon here? Shouldn't he be with Nomos?' she wondered to herself. A snort escaped her as she angrily turned her head from the goshawk. 'What do I care about that stupid bird.' she thought to herself gruffly. Giving her coat a shake, she began padding in the opposite direction of Kanon. She wanted to be as far away from the goshawk's watchful eye as possible, for she didn't hold a grudge against the bird itself. Seira's anger was to be directed at Nomos and no one else.


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It was just before dawn when restlessness overtook his body and Nomos started stirring awake. Ever since he had gotten back from his journey, things had been weird between him and his sister. She had been avoiding him and refusing his care. But he was convinced that as long as he pretended things were normal hard enough, eventually things would go back to normal. He started his day by chopping some firewood and getting the house ready for the day.

A screech got his attention, and he looked up to see the familiar shape of his goshawk, Kanon, swooping down to sit on a post and watch him work. "Come over to watch me work?" He asked, and decided that this might be a good time to take a break. He grabbed the waterskin from his belt, his fingers briefly grazed the hilt of his sword, calling a brief memory of blood with it. But he shook his head. Going back into that state was not an option.

He heard the front door close, and realise that Seira had left for the day again. She would be back, probably, but her refusal to talk to him hurt him deep in his core. Whenever she was out of sight, he couldn't help but worry about her safety. She might be stronger than he thought she was, but in his mind, she was still fragile, in need of protection. He looked at Kanon, who was gently using his beak to straighten his feathers and called him over.
The goshawk swooped down and landed on his outstretched arm with practised grace. "Hey Kanon, could you keep an eye on Seira for me?" The intelligent eyes understood what he meant, and Kanon clicked his beak in affirmation before taking off and silently gliding in the air where Nomos imagined Seira would be.

With the knowledge that the bird would come to warn him if anything happened easing his nerves, he got back to work. There were still many things that needed doing, and the day was only so long.
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Seira decided to distance herself from the goshawk, moving from a fast walk to a lively trot. She didn't want to feel under big brothers watch, let alone feel like she was being spied on. She could almost feel Kanon's watchful gaze burning into her greyscale pelt, causing her to shift from a trot to a run, spraying the slushy snow and mud behind her as she sprinted. The burning sensation continued as she ran, chest heaving and tongue lolling from her muzzle as she tried to keep her breath even.

After some time sprinting, she finally allowed her gait to slow. Seira's chest heaved as she slowly caught her breath, though the burning sensation within her pelt remained at the forefront of her mind. She had been running for some time; surely, she had left Kanon behind as he sat in the trees just beyond the home she shared with her brother.

The Greyfire doll finally came to a stop, paws caked in mud as she turned amethyst gems skyward to the tree limbs once more. Why did she continue to feel this way? She had left the bird behind, and she was almost positive that he hadn't followed her. Her heart sank as amethyst orbs finally caught sight of Kanon, calmly sitting in a tree well within sight. Seira's hackles raised as she stared at the goshawk, anger bubbling within her stomach like bile. "There's no way Kanon would be following me." she tried to reason with herself.

"Kanon, go home!" she spat at the goshawk, though Kanon moved from one perch to another, inching his way toward the Greyfire doll. Seira's eyes widened as the bird continued to hop from limb to limb until he was just two trees away. "Did Nomos tell you to watch me?" she growled in his direction. Kanon's wings parted and gave a few flaps as he screeched. Seira shook her coat in annoyance as she realized that Kanon wouldn't tell her, even if she was right.

Seira decided that enough was enough. Nomos' overprotectiveness was starting to smother the newly independent Greyfire child. In his absence, she finally got the chance to learn and do things for herself, and she didn't want to give that up. She didn't want to go back to being treated like the sickly child she once was. Kanon stalking her was the final straw, she would finally confront her littermate about his overprotectiveness nearing obsessive levels. The hurt she felt deep within her soul stung as she thought of how much wider the fissure in their relationship had grown by this once last wedge of mistrust.

Seira turned towards her home, gaze turning back to the goshawk. "Tell Nomos to meet me at home. NOW!" she barked. Kanon gave another screech before taking flight back towards the home they shared. Anger and annoyance burned through her pelt as she stomped her way home. Not only had she been upset with Nomos before, but now she honestly had a bone to pick with her brother. She could hold her own if it came to a fight, especially in her primitive form. Though she didn't plan on fighting her brother, she would if she had to. Her walk home was uneventful, praying to the gods she had grown up with for patience and wisdom for the situation she was in.

She didn't want the situation to come to blows, and yet the rage she felt was blinding. It hadn't taken her long to reach the wooden porch of her home. "Nomos!" she snarled. "Nomos we have to talk! NOW!" she screamed in as threatening a tone as she possibly could.


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