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' Actively protect borders - chase off an intruder (be it another luperci, or some manner of beast) to protect the pack’s lands! '

So engrossed was The Priestess, that the coyote-dominant hybrid hadn’t noticed she’d slipped away from the borders. With a mental note to repair some of the effigies and perhaps add some more skulls, Morr had ridden her horse Barclay into the trees in search of newly budding plants. Really, it was still too early for her to be doing this, but the spring breezes had called to her and who was she to deny when the mother spoke to her? Sighing happily, she dismounted and left Barclay loose to nose amongst the shoots poking up from the dead grasses.

“ Don’t go giving yourself a belly ache, Barclay. “ Morr warned him sternly before stalking away, multi-colored gaze raking over the ground appraisingly. It didn’t take her long to get separated from her stallion, but to his credit Barclay followed her, sort of. He nosed along the dried grasses, picking with yellowed teeth any soft plant matter that could be found. All that could be heard for awhile was the noise of him snuffling and ripping up grass by the roots, until that faded away to birdsong and the rustling of the wind through the boughs of nearby evergreens. Humming softly to herself, The Priestess bent over and examined a bunch of spring flowers poking through the softened earth, squinting her pastel-colored eyes as she tried to identify the young plants.

Branches snapped in the distance and her ears dipped backwards to capture the noise, but her mindless humming deemed the intrusion unimportant and the coyote remained focused in her task. Barclay however, now good and truly separated from his owner lifted his head suspiciously and looked around, dark eyes searching for the coyote woman who gave him food and kept him safe. He cocked his head and stamped with his hoof, once, twice, snuffling as he inhaled deeply. Her scent was not close to him, but there were two others nearby… Strangers. They did not smell of home, nor the coyote woman. Uneasily the stallion shifted on his feet, calling out a warning whinny as two mangy looking hybrids appeared from the woods that surrounded him.

“ Lookit’ this, Bram! “ The one exclaimed, his red coat and delicate limbs harking back to some dog ancestry. His wolf companion, though small, was wiry and had a sour look upon his face and a wicked looking dagger held loosely in his palm. The dogs tail wagged and he rubbed his hands together, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, saliva dripping from his teeth. “ Someone jus’a left our dinner all alone! “ The wolf stepped forward, tossing the dagger from hand to hand as he assessed the situation. “ Maybe he threw his rider, see, no saddle and only a bridle.. You know what they say, finders keepers. “ He chortled, pleased that his belly wouldn’t growl any longer. It had been a long winter.

Somewhere nearby, Morrigans ears twitched as she heard the stallions whinny cut through the air, and she dropped her basket with a gasp and took off in his direction. Her feet pounded the soft ground as her arms pumped to propel her forward, and the Witches mind raced with the possibilities of what she would find. Was it a cougar? Some other animal? Maybe his bridle had become caught on something, but even so he sounded stressed. Skidding into the clearing, Morr threw both of her arms out to catch her balance as she pulled up behind the two loners, gaze darting between the two. “ Just what are you doing with my horse? Barclay, C’mere! “

The stallion half-reared and stamped his feet, snorting loudly through his nose at the two intruders. He couldn’t come to her though, as they blocked his path and the horse was too fearful to try and go through or around them. One remained turned in his direction, the fine-boned dog, while the wolf stalked towards her menacingly. Morr had no weapons to speak of, nothing to protect her, and she gulped loudly as she backed away slowly. She couldn’t believe this was happening again, and her gaze dropped to the wicked looking knife he held in his palm. The scar at the bottom of her throat seemed to pulse with phantom pain and she winced, eyes widening with fright. Tripping over a log, Morrigan fell to the ground and let out a loud, startled series of distressed yips, calling for someone to aid her.
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He arrives >:D

Freddy had many regrets about spending so long of his time in Casa hiding away. Apart from the obvious things of being the cause of the pack's sorrow and pain for months whilst being unable to stop it, Freddy missed out on getting to patrol with Cedric. Something the boy had dreamed of doing before his head was swarmed by fear. He'd been on perhaps one guard shift with his guardian before hiding away, so the boy had little idea on what a patrol was all about. He imagined it was simply pacing the borders, remaining alert to new smells, weak borders, or sounds that sounded suspicious. 

But over vast claimed lands, how was Freddy supposed to keep checking for all of those things? Whilst he guarded one area of the Gang, another could be under attack way before the boy could do anything about it. It made patrolling seem like rolling a dice. Freddy imagined this reason was what compelled his guardian to build Guard Towers; to help ensure there was always someone around to come to the rescue. For the Gang, Freddy supposed most remained in the smaller area of Charmingtown or in little settlements, so really checking the borders was more just to check for intruders that weren't aiming to visit the Gang's open venue. 

The boy doubted he'd find much. But then he heard the call. The whiny of a panicking horse, the yelps of a cry for help. Freddy didn't have Euphorus to rush him there, but he had his crossbow and knives if needed. Snarling to himself, Freddy composed the threatening aura he'd tried to learn from Cedric and rushed to the scene. Close enough to gather the sounds and smells of both new and familiar, Freddy pulled his crossbow from over his back and loaded the first shot. 

His mind drew back to the first man he'd killed; the assassin who'd bled into Freddy's fur. It had terrified Freddy, but now he knew he'd do so again if he had to, and not just for himself anymore. Once he saw the figures, Freddy didn't spend too long thinking after he noticed the shimmer of a dagger and the sight of his friend on the ground not a few feet away from the assailant. 

The crossbow fired and a bolt landed in the wolf's leg. Well, it more carved a clean cut through the man's calf before bouncing across the ground, but it was enough to cause a shockingly loud yelp from the wolf and a look of surprise. Freddy reloaded the crossbow, pulling the rope taut just as the man noticed him and snarled. An expression Freddy matched as he raised the crossbow again, this time aimed much higher at the center of the wolf's chest. 

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Her cries echoed throughout the clearing, becoming more frantic as the wolf closed the distance between them, stepping calming over the branch that had sent Morrigan crashing to the ground. It seemed the beast wouldn’t hesitate to harm her, and the witch had the presence of mind to start snarling and making herself look threatening. With spittle flying Morrigan bared her pale fangs in a loud snarl, ears pinned against the dark curls of her mane.

The wolf seemed momentarily surprised by her aggressive change in behavior, and bravely the Witch leaned forward with another snarl and snapped savagely at the hand that held the weapon, and the male stepped back for a split second. A new scent flooded the clearing a moment later and the wolf twisted in that direction, the chunk being blown out of his calf by a crossbow bolt taking several long seconds to register. A strangled cry ripped out of his throat and he stumbled back onto his good leg, gasping in pain while looking at the blood that was flowing freely from the wound.

“ Freddy! “ Morrigan yelped as she made eye contact with the mute hybrid, relief flooding over her face. The dog turned away from the stallion and produced a club from his side, then charged with a frenzied cry at the smaller, pale coated male. “ I’ll kill yah for that, bastard kid! “  He snarled, promising violence with the mean glint in his amber eyes. The wolf was whimpering, but struggled to move towards Freddy as well – clearly weakened by the shock of being hit but driven by pure rage and adrenaline.
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Big bulk of the fight here XD The wolf is all but taken care of, so Morrigan could help handle the dog during this big moment? :D

Preservance. That had been the key of Freddy's existence throughout his young life. He'd snapped his tiny puppy teeth to survive what he'd percieved as threats during his first months of life, then beyond that he'd hidden away whenever he felt scared. Bite or hide, a roundabout of reactive thoughts that for a while was Freddy's only thoughts on life. Something so small and weak like him had no choice but to consider life as one big danger ready to snap him like a twig and burn him on a pyre. 

But the first time Freddy had shot his crossbow through someone's neck and killed them, Freddy realised that his theory on life wasn't necessarily true. He could be something strong, still small, but mighty. Impossible wasn't the only answer to whether or not Freddy could be a fighter and protector. Perhaps if the boy had been given time to thrive in Casa, he'd have learn that lesson there. But here in the Gang, Freddy learnt it all on his own, driven by his sole desire to not only protect his own skin but the lives of his friends as well. Which might make it better; Freddy wasn't just learning to fight to please his family, he was doing it as a reason to be around, a purpose more than anything else. 

But in Casa, Freddy might have adopted Cedric's outlook towards violence; a necessary cause, but view the taking of a life as something to be avoided. Considering what Freddy had already done, what the boy had seen to scar what childhood he could've had, he felt no such feelings. These two men were going to kill Morrigan, they were going to make Freddy's friend suffer for no reason. The jackal would not stand for it. He looked small, his body would always be skinny and weak looking, but sometimes the smaller creatures had the worst bite. 

The two men turned their attention to Freddy, now that he'd made his intentions known with the bolt through the wolf's heel, and the boy reacted with a few steps back. With the wolf recovering, Freddy had a chance to focus on his club-wielding companion who now charged with vengence in his eyes. It was fierce, Freddy from a year ago would've shuddered at the sight and run. 

The young sharpshooter turned his crossbow and shot the man in the chest. 

The impact of a crossbow bolt was brutal, which was what caused the dog to stumble in his approach, eyes blown wide. It probably hurt like a bitch, but really Freddy's aim failed to hit anything vital and left the bolt wedged in the man's right collar bone. But the bolt did it's job in haltering the man's approach. Time was vital for Freddy's form of fighting; he needed those precious seconds to reload or move around to avoid getting dragged into close combat when still wielding his crossbow. So with the wolf limping and the dog in shock, Freddy turned and booked it into the forest. He had their rage now and aimed to use it to draw them away from Morrigan, give his friend some time to recover from the whole ordeal. 

Heavy steps followed the jackal, but he tried to focus on holding his crossbow close to his chest and correctly preparing the next shot. The hardest part was pulling back the incredibly stiff string without letting go, which running didn't make any easier. Eventually Freddy got one loaded and turned to shoot. The pair were closer than expected when Freddy fired, and whilst the boy was training daily to improve his aim he was no master. So without any luck, the bolt missed the wolf's stomach and whizzed by. A miss was a very bad thing, since now Freddy was just wide open for a hit. The dog came first with his club, and Freddy dropped his precious crossbow to avoid it taking any damage before bracing for the impact. The man opted to shove the small jackal over, flinging Freddy a good five feet back and causing him to collide with a tree. 

There was a flash of white stars in the boy's vision, which Freddy was desperate to try and clear fast, along with ignoring the fact that an impact like that had most probably left him with a gash on his head. He could check later, after surviving the fight. With the crossbow no longer an option, Freddy let out a wheezing whine and started to tremble. He looked scared and deflated, like one would expect from a youngster trying to play hero. The two thugs found it amusing enough, both still snarling but now curling their lips into malicious grins. 

"Pathetic, you're about to be in a world of pain for that little move." The wolf snarled, seemingly over the wound on his leg now that he felt revenge was in his grasp. He turned to look to his companion. "Go get the horse and girl, I'll deal with this little shit." The dog huffed, spitting down towards the trembling Freddy before backing away. The wolf smirked.

"Now then... let's teach you a-ARGH!"

In the brief window where the two idiot thieves weren't looking, Freddy had moved a hand to his belt to collect his dagger, launching himself towards the cocky wolf to then stab the blade in his remaining good leg. It sunk into the thigh muscle, Freddy letting it stay there whilst he continued to take advantage of the wolf's arrogant moment to fly at his face with sharp little teeth bared.

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The Priestess watched the scene unfold in mute horror, the frenzied rattling of her breaths and the steady thump-thump-thump of her heart roaring in her ears. Barclay took off at once, rearing as he struck the air with his hooves before turning tail and galloping into the tree’s that ringed the area. Her clawed fingers gripped the mossy ground below her tightly and once a few seconds had passed and Morrigan realized that neither of their attention was focused on her, she sprang into action. A sickening thunk seemed to echo across the clearing, making the Witch pause in her steps following her horses trail as a secondary, bloodcurdling shriek left the dog’s muzzle.

Move. Move, Move! The words thundered like a herd of runaway horses in her mind as total chaos descended upon the group. Freddy was extremely smart and conniving, Morrigan hadn’t been aware of it before but she watched on as he drew the pair of injured assailants away from her, and with a tense grunt she sprinted across the clearing and followed Barclay’s scent into the forest. For all her bad luck this afternoon, locating the stallion proved to be an easy endeavor as he had gotten his bridle caught up on some wayward branches, effectively snaring the horse. 

A loud thump echoed in the trees and a cross between a cough and a whine came from somewhere on the Witches left, and Morrigan moved quickly to free the stallion. With sharp fangs she ripped through the leather reigns savagely and gripped his mane tightly between her fingers, choosing to haul herself up onto his back. Looking around frantically, Morrigan jabbed her heels into Barclays side and charged the terrified stallion straight into the trees – ducking down low to his withers and doing her best to hang on tightly.

Barely, Morrigan could hear words up ahead and she steered Barclay in that direction, gritting her teeth as branches whipped across her face and mane, leaving rivulets of blood streaming from the cuts and scrapes clouding her vision.

"Now then... let's teach you a-ARGH!"

“ Freddy! “ Morrigan snarled as the pair burst out of the tree’s, letting go of Barclay’s mane and throwing herself over his side and letting gravity and speed pull her into a crash course with the retreating dog. Neither of them were expecting the coyote to come too them, but Morr wasn’t about to abandon someone else who has chosen to protect her at risk to himself. The wolf - as he stumbled backwards in pain, was directly in the stallions path and was trampled unceremoniously under his frenzied hooves, his strangled cry cut short through the gurgle of blood filling his lungs.

Morrigan and the dog tumbled into a mighty heap, and it took a few moments for her to disentangle herself from his limbs and crawl away – head swimming with the impact against the ground.

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Freddy's teeth hit air, not finding their mark into the soft flesh of the wolf's face, but still setting the man's senses crazy. Drunk on the pain of his now two injured legs and stuck staring at snarling jaws near his face, the man was at a loss. Exactly where Freddy wanted him, knowing well that thriving off cockiness meant the fall down to failure was even greater. He was sure the thug would recover and try to attack, but Freddy could back away and let the wolf realise that he no longer had use of his legs, using his own nimble movements as his winning ticket. It should work, in Freddy's mind the battle was won at least against the wolf. 

He focused so much on his stratedgy that he didn't expect to hear Morrigan calling out to him, let alone glance up in time to see her guiding her panicked horse in their direction. At the same moment, the wolf finally shook away his stun and lunged to Freddy, to which the jackal boy backed away from. A few steps back, and then there was a horse on top of the wolf. Sickening crunches of bone, splatters of blood and the very quickly muffled cries of the man were all Freddy could take in for a moment as Barclay squashed the wolf. But the boy was quick to push away his urge to feel repulsion, reminding himself that he'd been coated in blood before and he'd probably be painted crimson again and again in the future. Blood and death were the costs of trying to harm his family, Freddy therefore refused to let himself shudder at their presence. 

Heavy impacts nearby drew the boys attention, though his vision wavered for a moment with vertigo as the wound to his head throbbed. It would soon affect his mobility, so Freddy acted fast before the concussion set in. The dog was grounded and prone now, with Morrigan keeping away from his clutches. The already wounded man took time to recover, so the jackal stole that time to lunge on top of him. 

Freddy had no knife, it was still stuck in the probably shattered leg of the wolf, so he used his teeth. They snapped around the dog's throat and immediately squeezed until they broke skin, but kept going until crushing something harder. The wheeze and gurgle from the dog beneath him was proof that Freddy hit the fatal point, and so the boy retreated his teeth with a pull and tear, effectly ripping a hole in the man's throat. It was brutal, bloody but very quick. Freddy wasn't scared of killing, he'd broken down that barrier long ago, but he still felt the need to act fast and end it swiftly. He needed to finish the job before his morals caught up to him, or before his mind could muster the image of a disappointed guardian from far away. 

With the dog done, breathing a large bubbling breath, Freddy slumped back onto dry ground and spat out what blood and gore remained in his mouth. His green eyes looked to Morrigan, now relaxed and concerned, and checked his friend for wounds from this distance. 

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