[P] So this is Home now?
Home was a rather foreign concept to Everard, he had spent basically his entire life on the move, only stopping for month or two at a time to stay with various groups he met on his journey. The prospect of having a permanent home to come back to was almost completely alien to him, though the concept was appealing, somewhere he could come back to, rest his head, a safe place from the wild world outside, maybe even a place to start a family. 

Everard shook himself from that train of thought as he slowly approached Fort Louisbourg from the North, already he could make out numerous still standing structures, which made him rather excited. Then again seeing standing structures always made him excited, as there was always the prospect of potential treasures to be found when it came to the ruins of the time before, though he supposed that most of these structures would have owner, so he would have to curb his enthusiasm just a bit, wouldn't be right to try and root through someone else's home looking for treasure, that would be stealing.

As he approached the Northern edge of the town he couldn't help but let a large smile come upon his face, though since it was him it turned out to be more of a grimace, making him look angry, or like he had just eaten something gross. He made a detour to go and inspect what looked like some kind of tower, maybe this place would be worth exploring he though happily to himself, though as he approached he could tell right away that it was a rotted out tower, meaning that there wasn't much to explore.

He resumed his walk, still quite a ways from the town but his excitement continued to grow, what new friends he could make in a place like this, what things he could learn and do, what bits and bobs were there to be traded or collected outright. He shivered slightly in his excitement and started humming to himself softly, rocking his head back and forth with his eyes somewhat closed.

He was likely a somewhat concerning sight approaching the town, a seven foot tall, two hundred and something pound stranger as he was. Though his appearance might be somewhat alarming, he was almost never the first one to start a fight, and only participated if it meant defending himself or someone close to him, which had yet to happen as he spent too little time among others to form proper bonds. He carried his parents old leather satchel across his left shoulder, it resting against his right side, the satchel would never leave his side, and had never left his side to that point, as it was the last memento he had of his parents, and it contained all the treasures he had found and kept in the world so far.
Spring was upon them, a season of new growth and warmth that was a welcomed change from the harrowing winters. Soon wildflowers and green shoots would dot their Realm, breathing new life and cultivating plants for them to harvest.

The green shawl hung loosely around her arms, the pale color an experiment of Pippa's. The seamstress was especially excited to forage for plants suitable for dyeing, and she just about talked Fennore's ear off about nettles, the very same that had produced the color of the shawl. It had been a test run, and perhaps it was not as vibrant as fresh nettles, since the ones she had used were dried; but it was a sign that, soon, a new color would be available from their little Studio.

Besides, Fennore certainly wouldn't turn down a new garb, so she was always pleased to model and wear whatever Pippa played around with and tested.

When she exited the Bastion, her magenta eyes caught sight of something strange, someone strange; a newcomer, by the looks and smell of them. The High King must have greeted them, then. She fluffed the auburn coils of her hair around her shoulders before padding her way over.

"Hail," she called to him, though her gait slowed as she drew closer. Her pale ears perked forward, the little rings jingling softly from the motion.

"You are new to this Realm?"
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Spring was always a good time of year for the world, though there was a specific Luperci who somewhat favored winter, mostly do to his thicker than average coat. Everard liked the cold of winter, the snow and ice were comfortable to him, what with his thick coat, he was always warm during the winter, though when the weather started taking a lighter turn he would start to just feel hot, the twigs and other debris that stuck in his fur would start to become annoying as it poked at him.

Spotting the stranger with her shawl made Everard stop suddenly and cock his head, he had never seen someone wear such clothes, though on his travels there had been some who wore clothing of some sort, such thing as a shawl he had never seen, did it serve some sort of purpose he wondered to himself as she approached him. Her call to him was also a word he had only heard a handful of times, as well her question sounded formal, which was different than any conversation he had had before, as he never really got into a situation were formalities were a thing.

"Yes I am, I was accepted into the pack just a few days ago by you high king." He said as she slowed her approach, the rings in her ears jungled slightly and Everard suddenly understood what some of his bits and bobs were for, making him shift the satchel at his side and glance down at it. He had gathered all sorts of jewelry while digging through the ruins of the old times, he never really understood what they were for until now.
It was always an interesting thing, seeing how strangers took to her poised and perfect formalities. Many of the pack were remarkably casual, compared to herself; and certainly this did not bother her. But there was a certain image Fennore sought to convey, the unwavering diplomacy that was expected of her rank. Whether others thought it stiff or uppity was besides the point; every word and action was said and done with intention and purpose.

A smile graced her lips, small and tepid. "I suspected as much," she replied breezily, following his gaze down to the satchel at his side before looking up once more.

"I am Fennore, your Isiltári. The subleader of this Realm." There was always a certain pride in saying her title, one that had taken so much time to earn and fashion for herself, but it was not arrogant. Or, at least, she didn't think it so.

"What do you think of our pack, then? Is it to your liking?"
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Everard had never seen someone regal before, someone who simply looked elegant, typically those in power were simply bigger than everyone else, or smarter, thus allowing them to succeed as a leader, but this Fennore person in front of him didn't give off the same feeling, instead it just felt like she was someone with a calm kind of authority. He didn't know what an Isiltari was, he would have to ask someone at some point, the ranks of this place were all different from any other pack he had come across, which confused him slightly.

Her question came as a surprise as well, why should someone so high in the packs hierarchy care about his feelings, such was as well, something different from other packs, typically the leader simply led, not caring about the feelings of their underlings, at least that was true for several packs he had come across on his travels. "It's definitely different, in a good way." He said, smiling slightly.

This pack truly was different, the high king, the leader of the pack himself had greeted him outside the border, their ranks were different, and everyone seemed so content here, usually there was some dissent, even just a little bit, between the pack and the leadership. This place seemed good though, the people were happy with their lives it seemed, and the leadership cared about it's people, which was always nice to see, not to mention there were plenty of ruins from the old times dotted around the pack's territory for Everard to explore.

"Different from almost any packs I've come across till now, but good." He said nodding his head to bring some extra emphasis to the word good.
His response was not entirely unexpected; indeed, their Realm did operate under a different sort of hierarchy than other, more feral packs, and the somewhat feudal way one progressed through the ranks took some getting used to. Still, the newcomer's words seemed mostly favorable, and the wolfess gave a slight nod of approval.

"We started as a small band, maybe ten or twelve strong," she said, a wistful glint in her eyes. "That was almost two summers ago, now. It is quite astonishing that we've grown this much since then."

She had seen much in her time there. Leadership came and went, as did other members. A whole slew of puppies had been born last spring. The Dye Studio put them on the map. And now she stood tall next to the High King, overseeing it all. Perhaps, in time, this male would see many changes, as well. The land was ever-changing and evolving, and Fennore only hoped she was strong enough to go with it rather than fight against it.

"I do not believe you ever told me your name," she prodded lightly, with a smile.
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This new pack of his definitely was interesting to say the least, though he had only met a small number of his fellow members, making it somewhat odd that some of the first he did meet were the two highest ranking members of the pack. Though this series of oddities only made Everard more curious about his new home, what other things could it be hiding from him, what other friends might he make within the pack, only time would tell, and as usually, she would do so only at her own rate, and would not be hurried.

Starting out as only a dozen members was impressive in it's own right to him, as some of the other packs he had come across were only half that number, maybe even less, so the fact that they started with such a number was impressive, at least to Everard and his limited sense of things. The secondary fact that the pack had expanded to such as it was in only two years was another thing that Everard didn't know if it was impressive or not, he really should get to know these things.

As he though of all these things, all while listening to Fennore, he could also only imagine what the future would hold for him in his new home, would he be able to succeed here, settle down, maybe even start a family? While these were all things that Everard would have to mull over given time, the question of his name snapped him back to reality as he looked at Fennore and smiled slightly, mirroring her own smile. "Everard, lady Fennore." He said, trying to show at least what little form of respect he could, given the fact she was one of the leaders of the pack.
He had a strange glint to his smile, warped almost as if a grimace, and for a moment she wondered if she had said something to offend him; but he did indeed offer up his name, in the end. She supposed he just had something of an odd slant to his muzzle.

"Well met, Everard," she addressed him as such, rather liking the sound of it. Drawing the shawl closer on her arms, Fennore cast a cursory glance over the Square.

"Have you claimed a dwelling for yourself?" She gestured to the empty houses, each dilapidated in their own right — though the buildings were faring far better then whey they first claimed the territory, at least. There had been sporadic attempts to make them slightly more livable, but ultimately that effort would fall upon the next inhabitant, whenever they came along.

"There are quite a few to spare, if you would rather have a roof over your head." She hummed thoughtfully. "Unless you prefer the cover of stars."
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Fennore seemed like a nice person, at least that's what Everard thought with his limited experience with her so far, though he assumed that they would get to know each other slowly over his time in the pack, as he hoped to get to know the rest of the pack as well. He always had liked getting to know people, at least to some degree, though it made his inevitable departure a bit harder to bear having friends among the pack, it was always nice to make friends when he could, to make memories he could savor in the future, looking back on them with happiness and a sense of longing.

Upon her next question Everard shook his head, looking around at the many buildings around them, he had never really had a home, and most packs that he had come across simply slept out under the stars, or in some ruins that seemed like a good place to rest. He had never actually had a home so to speak, let alone a physical dwelling to himself, though the thought of such was a curious one to him, wondering what he could do with a house of his own.

"I've never lived in a house before, but it sounds nice, I suppose I will look around and find one suitable for myself, if that's alright?" He asked, not wanting to make her think that he was eager to be on his own or anything like that, he now had the urge to explore the houses around him, at least the vacant ones, knowing full well that some of the buildings were obviously lived in by other members of the pack, though he would be more than happy to explore the vacant ons, who knows what kind of treasure he might find, finding a home for himself.
There had been some like Everard before; wanderers whose paths had led to their blossoming Realm, all from different walks of life. Some were civilized, as she was, and as the majority of the refugees from the Old Kingdom had been — aside from the Lorn priest, she couldn't help but remind herself. Others were more natural, more... feral, perhaps, like the enigmatic Woodsmoke and her dark-furred daughter. Perhaps Everard was closer to the latter, or any combination of the two. But, just like them, the wolfess was confident he would find his place among them, in time.

"Of course," she obliged, keeping her tone open and cordial to the best of her ability. "I do not mind accompanying you, if you would like to peruse them now — unless you planned to return at a later time."

Considering this, her arms crossed loosely over her chest as her magenta gaze flitted over the array of stone dwellings. "If you find one to your liking, I can send one of our carpenters, Amon, to assist with repairs — holes in the ceiling, ill-fitting doors, problems of that nature."

Though she supposed for one who hadn't ever lived in a house before, these could have been non-issues. Even a faulty roof was better than no roof at all.
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Being civilized was never something Everard ever thought of himself, nor was being feral, he just continued his life doing his own thing, somewhere in between the two, though he thought he was more the former than the latter. He had met both types of packs as well, some who wore scraps of clothing and acted like they were better than others, some who preferred their Lupus or Secui forms, and enjoyed living their lives in the wild places of the world.  He liked to think that all types of packs held their own appeal, though he did prefer his Optime form, so staying with some of the more feral packs never really worked out, as they typically wanted packmates who lived as they did.

Her response made him smile slightly as he nodded his head in thanks. "Thank you very much lady Fennore, I would appreciate your help." He said in the most polite tone he could muster, still smiling a little bit as he looked at her, surely someone like her would be a much better judge of houses than he was, as anything really seemed fine to him, as he had spent time in the ruins of the old time and out in the wilds both, though he did slightly prefer the ruins, as sometimes he could hide from the rain or snow.

Hearing something about a carpenter helping with the house he smiled a bit more and shook his head, surely this Amon had better things to do than help him fix up a house, he thought. "That would be nice, but as long as I have somewhere to rest my head, and unload my satchel, I think it'll be fine." He said, his grimace of a smile never wavering.
The Isiltári chuckled, her easy-going demeanor carefully constructed to toe a line between good-naturedness and the natural diplomacy that her position dictated. While she was not the highest authority in the land — indeed, as far as status was concerned, only the High King outranked her — her words and her conduct were her most prized tool, a weapon in the worst of cases and an aid in the best. Everard was rather receptive to her so she see no reason to exert any undue harshness or shortness with him.

"Certainly. Walk with me," she said, beckoning him to come along with her fingertips. She drew out a long hum at his polite decline of Amon's services. "Very well, then. But the offer still stands, if you ever find yourself wanting renovations. Just say the word."

Glancing back, she caught his eyes for a moment before she pointed to an unassuming-looking house. "I believe this one is still open; High Lord Tanaka lived there, once. We were neighbors, actually." Fennore gestured to the stone cabin adjacent to it, "This one was mine before I moved to the Bastion."

Further along, more houses dotted the Square, some clearly showing signs of being occupied while others were unmarked by scent or worthwhile possessions or décor. "Feel free to explore any that speak to you."
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Everard Followed after her with no hesitation, feeling like she was probably a nice person, though his natural intuition had failed him in the past, hopefully it was working properly today. He looked at all the homes as they walked, looking this way and that, taking in the sight and smell of each property, getting to know the smell of his fellow packmates by he smells of their domiciles. He liked to think he had a fairly good nose, and memory for smells, so hopefully he would be able to remember the scent of each house, though he doubted it would be that easy.

He nodded at her words about renovations, maybe some day if he found fault with whatever house he lived in he would get in contact with this Amon, but for now he was simply excited to have a house of his own, somewhere to rest and relax, store his belongings, everything besides his actual satchel of course, as he never let that out of his sight, since it was the last memento of his parents.

As she pointed out an available house and commented on his belonging to someone called High Lord Tanaka, then motioning to the adjacent home he cocked his head slightly and looked at her. "Is the bastion where the rulers live?" He asked, as he looked back to the houses nearby, the house she had pointed out looked nice enough he supposed, not being an expert in houses in the slightest. He stepped forward and opened to door to the building, noting that it was still securly on its hinges as he took a small step inside and looked around.
She followed as he chose to peer into Toraberā's old residence, his scent having long since disappeared. It was mostly vacant, the furniture that may or may not have been there having since been relocated to the High Lord's new house at the Steppes.

"Well, not quite," Fennore replied, taking a step inside and glancing about. "The Bastion is reserved for the Valar and Malcrin — Leadership and High Nobility, respectively, though not all choose to live there. Some have remained in the Square while others have built their own houses elsewhere."

Her eyes fell upon a window sill where dust and debris had collected in a thin layer. "The rooms of the Bastion are just that — rooms. These houses are much larger, which is an advantage if you rather like the extra space."

That was something Fennore missed, she supposed, though from Everard's words so far, she doubted this was a high priority for him. While her own private dwelling was a place of her own, it was not nearly big enough to fit everything she would have desired in a proper home. Perhaps, one day, she could follow the path of Kalypso and Tora and elect to have the perfect house built just to her specifications. Or have Amon construct it for her, more aptly.

"What do you think? It could use some cleaning up, but it is not so bad a house, really."
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The house was more than enough for what Everard had in mind, simply a place to empty his things, rest when needed, maybe do some crafts, it was all a future mystery to him, not one to really plan ahead much. He would be more than able to do as he wished in such a house, heck maybe he would decorate it with some of the treasures he found while out exploring, that would be nice.

He looked back at her as she commented about the Bastion and Nobility, such things were beyond him, never one to try and take on more responsibility than his own survival, he would most certainly not try and achieve a high rank in the pack. It was interesting that some people would choose to have their own houses built, though this was surprise surprise far outside of Everard's skillset, and he would hate to bother someone to have a house built, he hated to put people out, or bother others most of the time.

He looked around the house for a moment more before smiling to himself, his tail wagging a bit as he looked back to her and nodded his head, as if deciding on something. "This will be perfect." He said, grinning so big that his eyes were closed, his tail wagging quite a bit now.
He seemed to take these things she said as they were, ruminating over them and making sense of what he could. Fennore understood that talk of hierarchy and social status to a newcomer could be an overwhelming experience; norms and expectations that had not yet been learned. But most within New Caledonia were patient folk, and they were willing to show their green recruits the ropes with little chastising. No one became an expert overnight on anything, much less the social conventions of a strange new place.

Whatever the case, Everard looked impressed with the house, smiling from ear to ear and locking in his choice. One step closer in the long journey. Fennore offered him a gentle smile. "Excellent. Then it is yours."

Adjusting the shawl at her arms, the Isiltári cleared her throat before looking to the commoner once more. "I believe I ought to be on my way; there is always something to attend to, you know. But I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Everard."

She lingered in the doorway a moment longer, raising an eyebrow at him expectantly. "Do not be a stranger — if there is anything you need, the High King and I can certainly assist. Your packmates are quite a helpful crowd, as well."
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