First time souls-er
Hey guys so I'm new here - I'm Li - I've already met some of you lovely people on the Discord but want to say hi to everyone else here!

I'm a long-time PbP RPG player but it's my first time here at souls. Thank you so much guys for the warm welcomes I've already had and putting up with my questions and stuff whilst I figured out how it all worked here. 

I play Radulfr, who has just been accepted in Casa, I'm always up for new threads (and juicy, juicy plots) just drop me a message here or on Discord! Thanks again guys!
Welcome!!!! :P
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Welcome to 'Souls, Li! I'm looking forward to seeing you and Radulfr around the forums and Discord. :D If you have any questions or curiosities, don't hesitate to reach out! c:
Welcome aboard! Like Mandi said, let us know if you need clarification on anything.

I also really like the style of artwork you're using, it's pretty neat!
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Hi folks, thank you for the welcomes (and the guys on Discord that made me feel very welcome too) - really loving it here already!
Hi Liane, I'm just starting out here too. Unlike you, I'm not a long-time knower of all these things - but I did play for a while a very very long time ago...
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We seem to have a number of newish people here at the moment and that's always super exciting! :D
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Welcome welcome! :DDD I'm Westy! I'm an olde and crusty 'Soulster, lol. <3 It's always nice to see new faces here!
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I am super late to the party but welcome! We are excited to have you! :)

Your name seems super familiar! I feel like we may have crossed paths on a different site many moons ago - in any case I am excited to start stalking Radulfr around the site and getting to know him and you!

Thanks for all the warm welcomes guys :) - already having so much fun here!
Welcome Liane! We should thread sometime if there is ever a Casa/Salsosa thing happening. XD

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