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"Oh, why in the name of all the God's must you taunt me like this." The frustration was evident in the young males voice as he spoke to no one unparticular. He shifted back to his Optime form after walking on all fours for what seemed a short lifetime. His morning stroll out to explore had turned into somewhat of a chore after becoming lost. He had not intended to head for the coast, yet here he was. He cursed himself silently for ignoring his nose and trying to proudly recall his way around the local territories in place using the other gifts nature had given him. Back home the salty scent of the coast was forever in his nostrils and somehow, on some subconscious level, his senses had led him to the scents in which was exiled from. Maybe it was the familiarity that drew him here, but still pondering over the why was not going to help with his walk (nor his growing frustration). He should have left with a guide, he knew that now, but the fort was bustling with activity and not wanting to disturb any of his fellow pack mates from their daily tasks he chose to walk alone and simply take in the lands, sights and smells.

He never was much of a traveler, ironic really since he had just settled from spending weeks on the road searching for a place to call home. How he had made it this far he still could not fathom. Looking left and right he took in a deep breath and pulled himself together. Looking over at the ocean he decided that one positive to his predicament was to simply walk away from the sea to find the fort again and pick up its scent from further inland. Having the sea to one side of him at least eliminated one entire compass navigation, unless he somehow grew gills and flippers in the next few minutes. Which realistically was not going to happen. Turning back around he closed his eyes and focused on where he come to make it this far out. Waving his arms around like drunken snakes he attempted to use the movement to retrace his steps through the wilderness in his mind's eye. Something which he hoped would help him remember but on onlookers probably made him look very silly indeed.
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Aelin quizzically watched the lone figure in the sand with a bemused smile, ears held at full attention. For some reason the luperci male closed his eyes and began walking towards her, which she could only assume had been the direction he entered the beach from. The stranger was dark pelted and she inhaled deeply, his scent carried on the wind to her. The familiar scent of their shared home was present, along with the males wolf ancestry. Mustering up the courage, Aelin walked out of the woods – approaching the stranger.

“ Aye lad. “ Aelin called, the irish lit apparent in her voice - waving in a friendly manner. He was new, just like her. Though Aelin had been in the pack for some months now, even still she kept largely to herself and hadn’t made very many friends. While her and Cedric had a pleasant ‘ friendship ‘, any bond there was still in its infancy and was the same as any other pack member had with him. It was likely part of his own scruples to be each Cavalieri’s friend, someone they could trust and go to. He was admirable, to be certain.

“ Grand day out to be gettin’ some fresh air… Ach, what’re you doin’ out here? Bit of a funny walk you got going on, not injured are ye? “ The wolf asked, looking him up and down with a confused look on her face.
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It was a call that snapped the male from his musings. His sea blue eyes snapped open to see a female standing before him. His ears flattened to his head for a moment as he suddenly realized how he must look to her wandering the beech alone with closed eyes and silly walks. His inner voice pleaded for her not ask why he was behaving so so strangely. Please don't ask me, please don't ask me, please don't ask me. He monologued to himself over and over hoping that if he repeated it enough times in his head it might indeed be true. Alas too late she asked. She even went as far as to think he might be injured. At least if she thought he was mentally impaired she was polite enough to hide it. Which he was thankful for.

Lost for words for a moment he rubbed his neck nervously, eyes darting to the floor and back again. "Erm...sorry no." Again a small pause. The smell of his new found home emanating from the female put him at ease some what. Then shrugging his shoulders in a playful way, he thought to himself Oh well, In for penny, in for a pound I guess. "I do confess though I must have looked rather silly. I'm lost and this is my way of trying to find my way home." His lip curled into a smile. "Here let me show you." He stood shoulder to shoulder with his fellow packmate to face the same direction as her. "So first of all I close my eyes. Then I can imagine the path I took to get here. I came out of the Fort and took a right." He held his arm out and curved it around to the right. "Then I walked a short ways in a straight line." He extended his arm slowly but only a few centimeters. "Then I took a sharp left." He curved his left arm around as far as it would extend without it snapping. "And finally I walked straight for what seemed a long time." Once again he extended his arm, but this time all the way out as far as it would stretch directly in front of him level with his nose. "And that's how I ended up here. Moving my arms around helps me to visual the roads. It's a trick my mother taught me when I was young. I'm good seeing things in my mind's eye. It can really help in battle to visualize your attack before you strike. Helps you to calculate the odds of a successful charge." He smiled again, this time grinning in the hope that she did not indeed find him crazy. He did not think he'd made the best case though.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself. I'm Radulfr Bergfalk and I'm new to Casa. From your scent it looks like we might share the same home?" But then again he was the one who was lost and gesticulating wildly so what did he know?!
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A range of emotions seemed to pass over the new males face, the key one seeming to be embarrassment. Then, he launched into a long explanation of what he was doing walking about so strangely and why. For someone who was generally quite silent and found most others to be quiet as well, Aelin was temporarily disarmed by the sudden barrage of speech and his almost… hands on approach? To her credit though, she stood politely and listened, ears perked forward and fully trained on him as he demonstrated his very specific thought process.

Once he finished introducing himself, Aelin held out a scarred hand for him to shake if he was partial to doing so. “ Grand to meet ye Radulr. My name be Aelin and ye, seems we both belong to Casa. “ She began warmly, bob tail twitching behind her. Considering him for a moment, she chuckled before shaking her head. “ Now lad, I don’t mean to be rude but… Couldn’t ye just use yer nose to find home? “ Here Aelin couldn’t help but giggle and glanced back the way she came, gesturing in that direction with a hand.

“ Very interestin’ ‘bout all that battle stuff though, where yah from lad? If yer wantin’ to go home, I can lead ye back, no problem. “ The bob-tailed wolf smiled at him again and began to walk back the direction she came, pausing to see if he followed – eyes open this time.

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