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The morning light broke through his window, illuminating the particles of dust in the cold morning air as they floated through the slim beam carving a path from the window to the adjacent wall. It's sharp tinge made the colours it penetrated twice as luminous. An explosion of colour contained in the slimmest of spaces, like a reaction waiting to happen. Radulfr was curled up on the bed in his Secui form. The advanced sense of smell and quickness of his limbs made his feel much more comfortable sleeping this way. In a constant state of readiness. The sun drifted as the morning slowly ticked by and by mid-morning the heat from the sun warmed his cold nose. He crinkled it as he awoke, taking a deep breath in to smell the morning air. It took him a moment to realize where he was after moving into his new home, but he soon adjusted and smiled to himself, proud to be here in his new space.

He stretched out, first front, then back and then shifted into his Optime form and rose from his bed. Rubbing the dust of his windows he looked out see and hear the mid-morning bustle of a busy fort. His first stop this morning was over to the stables to check on his old Balder and make sure the steed was shown some appreciation for helping Rad travel so far to his new resting place. Then it struck him, after that he wasn't quite sure where he would go. Not that he was lost, his scent would guide him around the fort. He was more lost in mind. There was always something to do here, that much was evident, but where to start? He had noticed on his way through they had a couple of bird sanctuaries here. He watched the falconers for hours back in his birth town, but in his culture only the women were deemed worthy enough to care for the birds. Maybe that would be different here. That was certainly a stop he wanted to make. A small hope rose in him, that he might get the chance to feed them, maybe even have a bird on his own arm day.

Anyways, enough daydreaming, time for him to make a move. Hitching himself to his feet to took his first steps outside into the cold, fresh morning air.
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I am my mother's savage daughter
It was early morning and the sun had risen, sending golden light cascading through the budding conifer and birch trees that surrounded the majority of the Fort walls. Spring had surely arrived, though frost still clung to the ground in the shadows which the light it quickly turned to glistening dew. The Sola had risen with her namesake, taking the first hours of the day to groom herself thoroughly.

A trip to the grottos in the gardens had done the trick; a quick dip, rubbing herself all over with a fatty bar of sheep’s milk soap, and running a wide tooth bone comb through her thick locks and the dirt and clinging burs of the forest washed away. Having recently reclaimed her four-legged form, Aldora had found herself becoming much filthier much more quickly than before; it seemed baths would be more common for her now.

After shaking herself dry and wringing out her hair, she placed it in a high, damp bun before heading towards the stables. Now that most of her scent was gone, she would have to replace it with a familiar one and Eowyn was in need of a grooming just as much as she had been.

It was quiet in the barn save for the regular bleating of newborn lambs in the paddock outside. The horses were just waking as well, though several were quick to stick their large heads over the edge of their stall doors and crane their elegant necks at her to try and claim a treat. The Knight scratched a couple soft noses here and there before grabbing the grooming supplies from the small storage closet near the entrance, and headed back to one of the stalls at the far end of the stable.

Eowyn was already ready for her, the golden and white dappled mare muttering softly as her caretaker approached. There appeared to be a new horse a couple stalls down from Eowyn, and the Sola paused to look at the stallion before turning her attention back to Eowyn. Aldora cooed gently at her in some sort of warped equine-low-speech that wasn’t actually low-speech, and entered the horse's stable to begin her task.

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First stop for Rad was the stables. He had a slow walk through the Fort that morning, just enjoying taking in the sights and sounds, getting used to the smells of food and forging. Every now and again the odd cry of a farm animal of bird punctured the low buzz of activity. Each time he heard a new sound his ears flicked slightly, adjusting to it's direction, changing as quickly as the spring winds. A faint smile played at his lips. It was good to hear civilization again. The days spent on the road, listening to the rhythmic clopping of hooves made him almost deaf to the sound of them.

With each bleat and whiney he shifted direction, following his sense to find his way around. It was early days yet, but it made him feel at one with the town. Almost as if it were speaking to him, guiding him to where he required to be, where he was almost certainly needed. Breathing a sign of relief that his sense did not somehow betray him, the stable came looming into view. He nodded towards the heavens, thanking the Gods for the their help in his minor, yet urgent, quest.

He entered cautiously so as not to disturb animals or kin alike. It only took him moments to find Balder who was stomping impatiently at the sight of his master. "Shhhh...easy boy, easy. I know what you want, just give me a moment to find my bearings." Rubbing the old mans nose, Rad settled Balder to a calmer, more lucid state and as he continued to do so absent-mindedly. He looked around the stable for any sign of a pitchfork he could use to clean out Balder's stall with. "
Varða, Balder, varða."
He patted the boy's neck and started his search, yet after a good five minutes it yielded him nothing. Then finally he came across a fellow neighbour that he had failed to notice on the way into the barn. Biting his lip, he worked up the courage to ask for help. He could charge into battle head first at the snap of a lords fingers, yet still the smallest of social situations filled him with the greatest anxiety. "Erm, excuse me..." He paused politely, hoping he had not startled her. "So sorry to disturb you, only I'm having trouble finding a pitchfork. Would you be so kind as to tell me where I might find one?" See Rad, this didn't go so bad. "Or should I have bought my own?" You had to ruin it didn't you. Stupid question. Who wanders around town with a pitchfork anyways? Save for purvayours of angry mobs. Oh Gods, would she think he was part of an angry mob? Obviously not silly....you don't have a pitchfork.
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I am my mother's savage daughter
The box that held the grooming tools was mostly filled with Luperci made brushes and scrapers, but there was the odd human one or two thrown in the bunch. Aldora was quick to grab her favorite, a blue brush that had once had a handle, with black bristles. It was her favorite not because it performed the best at its task, but because of how strange it was.

She rubbed a thumb-pad over the textured surface of the brush; it was not made of wood or metal, but something else, something light. She always marveled at some of the human items left behind, they were as fascinating as they could be frightening.

But a brush was a brush, she began to work on Eowyn’s tangled mane; the horse, content under her master’s hand, began to munch lazily on some fresh hay.

A dark ear turned to listen as someone entered the barn, and headed over to the stall with the stranger horse in it. Curious, Aldora peaked over Eowyn’s withers to get a look at them. It was young male wolf, dark and steel furred; she did not recognize him, but was not shocked by his appearance. Rumor had it that a new Recruit had recently joined, and Cedric had been quick to confirm it as truth. The Sola watched him for a moment as he shared an intimate moment with his horse; he then looked her way.

He apologized for interrupting her, and then asked where he might find a pitchfork, and she could not help but smile at his slight social-awkwardness, "No trouble, there is one in the storage room right by the entrance, a shovel too, if you need it." The fact that he was already willing and ready to clean out his own horse’s stall made quite the impression on her right off the bat. As he went off to fetch the tool he needed, she mused at the addition of yet another eligible bachelor to the pack; what a spring this would be.

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