[PLOT] Nature Remains an Unpredictable Force

Nature Remains an Unpredictable Force

A strange sound can be heard on the wind, especially around the shores of Loch Fundy.

At first, no one is able to determine the source -– it is not whales, who are now cut off from the lake, nor the packs and bands which live near its shores. Rumors circulate quickly, until the truth is discovered. While most of the hybridized flowers remain small(er) in size, several extremely tall, full-sized versions have bloomed once more, much to the horror of those who still recall those first flowers. Worse yet, though their seductive smell remains the same, it appears these tall flowers are the ones making the noise: a siren song.

Something strange is happening again... but what!?

There are five flowers that Luperci would be able to reach, each a unique color. Attempts to harvest or otherwise damage the flowers are permissible, but be warned – things aren't always what they seem...

Flower Locations

  • Drifter Bay, along the coast south of Sunflower Sunsets: this flower is approximately two stories tall and is a deep orange-red in color. It seems to be intermittently emitting a low, soothing rumbling noise.
  • Wabanaki Coast, just north of the little island near the landbridge: this flower is nearly three stories tall and is a pale blue color. It seems to make shrill, haunting calls in the evenings.
  • Overgrowth Sunrise, north of Flanders Field: this flower is about two stories tall and is unnaturally green. It seems to greet each sunrise with a cheerful, sing-song call.
  • Isthmus of Chignecto, on the coast of North Shore, near the small bay: this flower is just over three stories tall and is an ominous black. It seems to be making a constant, groaning noise.
  • St. John's River, just south of where tributaries split towards Camp Gagetown: this flower is around three stories tall and has collapsed across the river, making an unsteady bridge. Its shallow roots were on the east side of the river, and the flower is white in color. It does not seem to be making any sound.

[Image: flora0-the.png][Image: flora1-strange.png] [Image: flora2-flora.png][Image: flora3-spreading.png] [Image: flora4-across.png][Image: flora5-the.png][Image: flora6-coasts.png][Image: flora7-must.png][Image: flora8-be.png][Image: flora9-stopped.png]


  • The flowers' smell affects all those in a mile radius, including Luperci, wildlife, birds, horses, and other animals.
  • The flowers' sound can be heard over a much longer distance.
  • Luperci can lessen the delirious effects by covering their nose and mouth, but this becomes less effective the closer they are to the flower.
  • The flowers are not affected by fire and have very sturdy stems, like trees.

Event Timeline

  • March 31st: Weird sounds begin
  • April 5th: The full-sized flowers can be seen from a distance
  • April 7th: It becomes clear that the flowers are making the sounds
  • April 10th-17th: The sounds increase in frequency, duration, and volume
  • April 18th: Are the flowers... harmonizing?
  • April 20th: The flower on St. John's River begins making a terrible wailing noise
  • April 21st: A sudden daytime thunderstorm begins and roars loudly over the continued flower noises; the cacophony can be heard far and wide as the storm shakes buildings and sends down a fury of sharp, stinging rain.
  • April 22nd: The storm ends. The flowers are quiet, except for the wail of the St. John's flower. The flowers seem to have stopped emitting their intoxicating odor.
  • April 30th: All of the flowers show visible signs of wilting. The St. John's flower has quieted.


Scattered here and there are signs and hints towards the flowers' reappearance and bewildering sound-making. What will Luperci make of these signs? Will they see the truth in them or will they speculate on wild theories, hearsay, and cult teachings? Is the red star to make another appearance?

  • The grasses near the St. John's River flower and the Flanders Field flower seem unnaturally green and vibrant.
  • There are bones scattered about the Drifter Bay and Wabanaki Coast flowers that seem too old to be the flower's victims.
  • The flowers on the Wabanaki Coast and the North Shore seem to have holes in parts of its stem. Are there things burrowed inside of it?
  • The flowers on the North Shore and in Flanders Field have a lot of blood stained near its base, but no signs of injury or of victims.
  • The Drifter Bay flower begin shedding petals mid-month.

[Image: 2021flowers.jpg]

??????????????????????????????? is this a joke



The hybridized flowers are blooming again. The big weird screaming ones are not. ;)


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